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  1. BSN True-Mass

    Ok guys, I just came off of a methyldrol/4AD cycle and am cruising through pct real nicely. Lean Extreme in case anyone is wondering is an AWESOME addition to pct.

    Anyway, I recently got hired at a national supplement store, no not the 3-letter one, another one....and I saw some True-Mass stacked in the corner. The manager said no one has bought any yet as it just came out. Sure enough I shelled out the cash and have been on it for a couple days now. I can't neccessarily comment on any superior gains so far, however, today I woke up and felt great.

    Let's be honest though, calories, protein and carbs are obviously going to work if you want them to work. So I am not going to comment on that aspect of the product, but I wanted to pass along to you guys that this is hands down the quickest mixing mass gainer I've ever used. 16 oz. of non fat milk in a shaker cup, and within seconds its fully in solution.

    The taste is absolutely phenomenal. It goes down easier than most protein shakes (let alone mass gainers). No clumping whatsover, just totally smooth. I also think this product is going to help because its loaded with Glutamine AKG, so thats one less product I have to buy. The chocolate taste is not fake at all. I took 3 scoops (almost 900 calories in milk) and pounded it instantly. I was not even phased by any bad textures, etc that some people may be used to with other similar products.

    So basically if anyone was skeptical, dont be, this really seems to be a solid product.

  2. what about the sugar content for us endo's who are concerned about that...

  3. Good point - its says 3 scoops is 13.5g.

    2 scoops of muscle milk for example has 6g of sugar. So it's your call, but I just wanted to point out that it seems to be a great product from what I have used of it, etc.

  4. Yeah i thought about it I got some at my store, just decided to go with the tried and true cytogainer for my preworkout shake...
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  5. yeah cytogainer is very comprable. in fact when i bought true mass i had a bottle of cytogainer right next to it. i skipped the cytogainer because it was so dense with creatine and i already am taking CEE stacked with no-xplode, so i figured overkill on that one. not to mention the chromium is in the cytosport products - the last thing an ecto like me needs is an appetite suppresser.

    what flavor did you get? we only carry rocky road and cookies-n-cream.

  6. At least you have Cytogainer in your stores.. I need a new protein for my in-between meals, this has just enough cals when I can't eat another burrito..

  7. I guess I didnt tell the whole story. I did also break down and buy some Muscle Milk. I got the choc mint chip flavor. It tastes like liquid Andes mints. Its good, but sometimes its a bit much.

    BigPete - I was reading your SuperPump log, and thats the one product that we carry from gaspari that I cant seem to sell at all. No one even looks at it. Any ideas on how to sell an expensive creatine??

  8. You mean SizeOn..

    Usually when someone asks if I've used a product, I show 'em a bicep..

    Seriously, my DM saw me do it and said "Whatever gets them to buy, Pete!"

  9. I believe it was Size-On, not Superpump. Tell them you get what you pay for, I have been on SO for two weeks while in a calorie defecit and it blows bulk cee out of the freakin water in terms of strength and fullness in muscle bellies. You could always point potential customers to message boards such as these for product reviews.

  10. Yeah i meant to say SizeOn...i think i am losing my mind

    anyway, right now i am trying out NO-xplode (got it at 50% of retail so i figured why not) and honestly i can't say i like it at all. pumps are average...strength is ok...i am also stacking it with CEE caps

    Would it be safe to say I should ditch the noxplode and get some SizeOn?

    Another thing about True-Mass...I am starting to wake up every morning feeling fuller. I mean granted I am taking a lot of supps and eating, etc but today I felt awesome. When I weigh-in tomorrow we'll see what the scale has to say.

  11. Yeah sizeon is freakin expensive, but from waht BP is saying it is working. I got the rocky road flavor... I am a chocaholic, i love chocalate, but Rocky road is CHOCALATEY !!!a lil too much, so i am going to finish it, but i think i will buy cookie's and cream and add them together. I also have muscle milk too, i have went to vitamin shoppe for root beer float, because my store carries the banana, strawberry banana, chocalate, mint and thats it!!! Hey bp I might be joining the Shoppe team... I know I know no store loyalty, but the shoppe will pay a lil more until i get a better full time. will keep you posted...

    Hey B. some people do not respond well to No, I love it, its like crack I gotta have it. But i am itchin to try size on, but dont know if that would be wise on a comp run, and water retention... How is it bloat BP?

  12. I didn't bloat at all, just felt pumped in whatever I worked.. Mixed with Vitargo, this stuff is explosive!!

  13. Alright guys get ready for this one....

    Rather than posting this as its own thread, I figured I'd say this little gem for this thread since we already had brought up NO-Xplode.

    So I am coming home from work the other night and my girlfriend asked me what was in the bag, and I pulled it out and she read the label out loud. She said, "NO Xplode" (instead of N,O,Xplode).

    She proceeded to ask me if that was to help guys not 'climax' as quick during sex!!!!!!! She honestly thought it meant that there would not be an explosion of any type by taking it.

    Someone else feel free to chime in and see if they can beat that one.

  14. Uh, that's all yours brother!

    I got a tub of True Mass to keep as an at-work shake, it really fills you, eh? No gas either, and it tastes better than Lean Dessert Protein does.. If they make a banana or peanut butter chocolate, I'll use this even while cutting!

  15. Ok about a week into True Mass, doing 2-3 scoops everynight before bed....this stuff is great.

    Pete youre right, no gas, no bloat, goes down almost too smooth. I am still in PCT and this is going a long way right now. I stablized at 195 after starting at 188. (Peak was 200)

    We got like 5 more tubs in at work, so hopefully more people start catching on to this stuff.

  16. I don't care what all the gainerhaters think, this one is well worth it, and if anyone gets fat off them, they should eat cleaner..

    I purposely don't eat clean (well, 2 cheats a day) so I'm not worried about getting abit chubby.. Only takes me 6-8wks to dial it in, tops!

  17. i just bought some meself so im glad here good comments.

  18. just baught the stuff for christmas happy for the reviews im a small guy state boxer 125lbs for 2 years ha quick metabolisim but yeah i usally bulk up in the winter so i was orignaly going to get mass xxx heard this guy gained 8lbs from it and it was overall good product just lil faty.. but yeah i hear this was better i need to bulk up to small got up to 140 in 2 months on muscle 6% body fat btw

  19. I have no idea why, but True Mass makes me gain even faster than CytoGainer, regardless of the fact that it contains no Creatine Monohydrate. I just keep gaining and gaining with it. It's strange. And effective. Yeah, it will get you fat, too. Regardless of your diet, genetics will play a large factor in whether or not this happens easily.


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