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  1. Omega Lightning Log

    As promised, I will keep up with this log everyday. I spend waaaaaaay to much time on this site, but I love it so you won't see me miss days. Here is some info, so lets get started.

    Age : 23
    Gender : Male
    Height : 5'9 1/2"
    Weight : 191lbs
    BF% - Eyeballin a 12-13%, abs visible, lovehandles too
    Bodytype : Ecto/Meso

    Training : Been weight training for about 2 years solid, I did as a teen but got way off track with drinking and smoking in college and never lifted at all. Got to 155lbs, looked like Bobo's before pic. Been very serious for a year and two months now. My diet has been where it should be for about 7 months and I think it constantly improves. I have went from 155-160 to 190 in the past year and wear the same jeans (although the crotch and legs are getting way to tight i.e. nuthuggers).

    Training Schedule : I train one on one off. Looks similar to this. I use TUT training, a higher rep scheme. I have used Max OT and DC training before and responded fairly well to both, especially DC. Right now I feel like I am eating enough for my workouts.

    Monday : Back/Chest/Biceps
    Wed : Legs/Shoulders/Tri's
    Fri : Back/Chest/Bi's (different exercises than Monday, but same bodyparts, think DC training)
    Sunday: Legs/Shoulders/Tri's
    Tues : so on and so on

    Current Supplements : Cre-Ethyl Extreme (notice this is not Thunder, it is CEE and Glycerol Mono from CNW), K-R-ALA PWO, Cissus, Kreatine Ultra, Mega Dosed Leucine, lots of ATW, Mega Dosed BCAA (30g day), 6g-10g Fish Oil, 14g Flax Oil and 2 Multi's a day w/ 3g Vitamin C.

    Comparable Supplements : NO product history goes as follows: Prometabolix Endure (favorite), CEE and CM stack (bulk powders), Iron Mag labs Maximum Pump (it was on sale), Universal Storm. I have used quite a few Arginine based products in the past, nothing really to raise an eyebrow at but I did notice better pumps in the gym.

    No recs/prescriptions

    Goals : Gain as much LBM as possible. My immediate goal is 205lbs at the same bodyfat that I am at right now.

    Water - 1.5-2 gallons or more

    First log.

    Diet is attatched.

    I can take photos before and after but might not be the best quality (camera phone)

    Thank you Matt for letting me test your Lightning, I hope it will be a real winner for you.
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  2. Looks good, man! Remember to take the full 8 caps every day.

  3. 02/07/08
    Last night I took my first dose of Lightning w/ my Cre-Ethyl Extreme. It suprised me as it was alot cleaner feeling than alot of the other NO products that I have tried in the past. Sometimes the pump is almost too much and it actually HINDERS my workouts. I feel tired and I am always sucking for air. My energy was very good and I really didn't want to leave the gym. Trained = Leg Press, Smythe Militaries, Dumbell Laterals, Rear Delt machine (so front shoulder, delt head and rear delt were all trained), Tricep extention w/ straight bar and reverse tricep extention. 2 sets of 10 were performed on the tricep machine (similar to a skullcrusher). Very good workout, am stoked for the next one. Today is an off day, so I will take the full 8 caps around 6pm. Will keep you updated tonight.
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  4. 02/08 - Off day, dosed around 7pm. Could see the veins very well last night after "cardio"

    02/09 - Bodyparts trained: Back, Chest, Bi's

    Exercises Performed


    Wide Grip Pulldowns
    Reverse Grip Bar Rows (Flex Wheeler style)

    90 Degree Chest Press Machine
    Pec Deck

    Incline Curls
    Cable Curls

    Another very focused workout. Pump was good, not overbearing and strength felt good. Exercises were more stable than usual, not as much "wobbling" getting the lifts up. Sitting here about 1.5 hours after my workout and I can feel my a mild burning in my chest and arms, coupled with a throbbing of my muscles/blood. Good stuff! Can't wait for the next workout.

  5. Just waiting for 2/12/06.

    Coming off two off days here, ready to get in the gym. I have been feeling warm in my hands and I have had a stuffy head and ears today.

  6. Had a great workout today. Really didn't want to leave the gym. Sorry to be brief, sick now with stomach bug. Will update tomorrow

  7. Ah well spent 8 hours throwing up Sunday night through Monday morning and still sick. I've lost about 5/6 lbs in the process, but I am sure that will come back quick especially after some classic triples with cheese . Will train WED or THURS. Looks like I am going to miss 2 days of Lightning, so my log will be extended by 2 days.

  8. 2/16/08

    Back in the saddle again. Trying to eat as normal as possible, this bug seems to be real slow at going away. Perhaps my stomach shrunk up thats the only real thing I can think of. Heneways

    Bodyparts Trained


    V-Bar Rows (Cable) 190 x 12/10/9 (TUT 3:1) (Felt really good, strong)
    Yates Rows (Smythe) 185 x 10/8/7


    90 degree chest press - 150lbs 10/9/6 (TUT 3:2)
    Cable Crossovers - 100 12/9/8 (TUT)


    Close Grip EZ Curl bar (on cables) 120 - 12/10/10 (TUT 3:2) my fav
    Sitting 1 Arm Preacher - 40lbs 9/7/6

    Great workout today, especially coming off the sickness and layoff. I think I actually needed the break even though I lost alot of nutrients, it gave me time to rest. Vascularity was up tonight, and I figured that I would look alot smaller but suprisingly, I didn't. Will weight myself tomorrow, I would imagine it didn't take long to gain those 6-7 lbs back.

  9. Hope you're back in the groove soon.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Hope you're back in the groove soon.
    Thanks bud. I think you have a very good product here. My focus and energy during my workouts are up quite a bit. I have never taken any energy supp for workouts, so maybe its a new thing for me but my endurance is great.

  11. 2/19/06

    Great news. Joined my new gym today, so no more gay workouts w/ only plate loaded machines w/ pulleys. I have noticed that I have lost ALOT of strength by not having to stabalize my muscles using free weights. Either way, I love my new gym, its old school. Old plates and equipment. Some of you may notice that I rarely train my legs, for some reason all my good genetics went to the legs, I really never have to train them. Hard trying to find a pair of pants in 32 waist without hugging your nuts, so I really don't do much in the way of leg workouts and adding to that, my old gym I bottomed out on all the leg equipment. I will incorporate more into these.

    Bodyparts Trained


    Hammer Iso - Shoulder - 90lbs per side (2x 45lb) 8 reps, 6 reps (did 3 warmup sets)
    Dumbell Shoulder Press - 50 9x5 (2 warmup sets w/ 35, 40)
    Side Laterals - 25lb for 2 sets, then dropset the last


    Skullcrushers - 60 + EZ curl bar 6x4 (failure, gonna be super sore tomorrow)
    Tricep Press Downs w/ straight bar - 100 warmup --> 140 warmup for 8 then 2 sets of 160 for 11 reps and 8 really slow reps.


    Hammer Strength Calf - 135 (3 45lb) - 10x9x7

    Oh can't wait for chest and back day! Strength was fairly good considering the layoff from good workout equipment that I have had. Pump wasn't as good as the higher reps that I have been using, but muscle fullness is good. Diet is back up in check since the illness, so all is back to normal. Goodstuff.

  12. Sorry if this has already been asekd or whatever, but is this product available yet? I looked on the site and could not find it to look at the ingredients, thx.

  13. It should be available at and NP today and Isalnd maybe tomorrow. I'll have it on my site after they do.

  14. 2/22/06 (Performed at 6:30 on 2/21)

    Bodyparts Trained


    - Hammer Back - 90lbs 12/10/10

    Only back exercise performed today


    - Incline Dumbell Press - (Not including warmup sets) 65lbs 7x4 (kinda dissapointed at this, however it has been a year since I did this exercise)

    - Hammer Strength Incline - 90lbs 12/8/6 slow reps at the end


    Hammer Strength Biceps - 45lbs 15reps , 70lbs 11reps, 95lbs 7/5 reps


    Pretty good workout. I am teetering on whether I should stick with higher volume or go with DC training philosophy. I am making good gains now, so I don't really want to stop the volume training esp. since I am taking the Lightning, the pumps are great. However I want to get stronger so I might try a P/RR/S workout style so I can do Power one week and Rep Range another week. Nothing gives me strength like DC training though. The most pronounced effect from Lightning thus far, workouts DO NOT WANT TO END. Stamina and Energy are way up, love the stuff.

  15. Honestly, I am really suprised in the energy and drive from this...2 of the guys on are seeing this as well...a nice suprise, no doubt.

    On the workout, I find that if I switch everything every so often, it provides a nice kick in the pants.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Honestly, I am really suprised in the energy and drive from this...2 of the guys on are seeing this as well...a nice suprise, no doubt.

    On the workout, I find that if I switch everything every so often, it provides a nice kick in the pants.
    I agree. Thats why the P/RR/S intrigues me so much.

    Week 1 is Power, so lower reps
    Week 2 is Rep Range (higher reps, volume)
    Week 3 is Shock so its higher reps supersetted

  17. 2/23/06 6:30PM (8 caps Lightning, 5 caps CNW CEE)

    Bodyparts Trained


    - Dumbell Shrugs - Warmed up on barbell shrugs w/ 225 then worked my way over to dumbell shrugs

    70lbs 12x10x10 (seemed really easy, need to focus on TUT and slowing my movements down, even though they are still controlled, just 3 second eccentric)

    - EZ Curl bar to chin (lol don't know the name of the exercise) I use a wide grip after watching Flex Wheelers movie, it really targets the shoulders moreso than the traps, did 60lbs + ez curl bar 12x10x11 EDIT: Called upright rows


    - Hammer Strength dip machine - 90lbs per side 13x10x7 stoked about this

    - Behind the back dumbell press - 75lbs 15x12x8 slow reps at the end, going deep


    175lbs + Bodyweight on the calf machine, 8x8x6


    Awesome workout tonight. My strength felt really good, I wish I wouldve went heavier but I don't want to stress things. 1 hour after, I already feel soreness setting in, but damn it was a good workout. I was pretty stoked about the hammer strength machine for dips/triceps, I wasn't expecting to do that well on it for a 1st time attempt, but I loved it.
    Last edited by Grassroots082; 02-25-2006 at 03:14 PM.

  18. 2/25/06 1:05PM (8 caps Lightning, 5 caps CNW CEE)

    Bodyparts Trained


    Pec Deck - 120 13x10 Slow and diliberate, pretty easy which was my focus today

    Cable Crossovers - 60lbs 15x13


    - Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns - 130lbs 13x11

    - Seated cable rows - 140lbs 15x12 reps, pretty light, making sure to squeeze and make full range of motion (stretch)


    Standing Alternating Curls - 35lbs 15x13


    Did not feel that great today, however I left the gym feeling better than I did when I entered so thats a plus. I can't really notice the pump that much anymore, I do believe that I keep one pretty much all day. I can see veins in my shoulders that I haven't seen before I do believe that I am overtraining just a bit, my diet is great but I feel alittle tired all the time. So I decided today to go back to what I had been doing for 6 months prior to the TUT training, Doggcrapp. Pretty excited, already have my exercises lined out for me for the next 2 weeks. Time to gain some size and strength, no more isolation exercises

    Will be starting DC on monday.

  19. 2/27/06 9:00AM(8 caps Lightning, 5 caps CNW CEE)

    Bodyparts Trained

    Incline Hammer Strength - 90lbs 9x3x1 (RP)

    Shoulder Dumbell Press - 50lbs (7x2x1) DEAD from IHS

    Skullcrushers - 85lbs 6x3x2 (RP)

    Lat Pulldown - 170lbs - 9x4x2 (RP)

    Rack Deadlifts - 285lbs 5x3

    Good workout, but I won't be doing it in the morning again, my energy sucked major ass, the lightning couldn't even help . Workouts will continue at night. This was also my first attempt at rack deadlifts, thanks to my new gym

  20. Did you just do this one in the morning for the heck of it?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Did you just do this one in the morning for the heck of it?
    Pretty much, I mean I am trying to stay on M/W/F schedule as much as possible, but my job hours vary. I work 11-8pm 2 days a week, and it just so happens that this week it falls on a Monday and Friday, so Im left with no option. Kinda sucks, need new hours! But after that fiasco, I will just wait one more day and go at night (6-7pm) usual time.

  22. 3/01/06 5:30PM (8 caps Lightning)

    Bodyparts Trained

    Standing Barbell Curls - 70lbs+EZ Curl Bar 8x3x2 (Rest Paused)

    Reverse Curls - 60lbs (warmup) 90lbs - 13reps

    Hammer Calf Machine - 140lbs 15reps, 200lbs (4x45lbs/2x10lb) 5reps pausing for 3 seconds at the bottom for stretch DAAAAAAAMN this hurt

    Squat - 135 - 12 warmup, 225x8, 135x21

    Thoughts: Ran out of my CNW CEE I finally feel recovered for once, a great workout. Its really a blessing to be healthy and have a good workout. Starting to notice my bottle of Lightning getting LightER, but this is a great supp for endurance. I never, NEVER want to quit my workout. Hopefully strength will start shooting up now that I am back on DC training and recovery will be superb. I really feel this is where the best gains (strength for sure) come from.
    Last edited by Grassroots082; 03-10-2006 at 05:43 PM.

  23. Hopefully going to workout today, work is owning me lately Gonna take my lunch hour and breaks to go lift.

  24. 3/04/06 3:00PM (8 caps Lightning)

    Bodyparts Trained

    Incline Dumbell Press- 65lbs 7x1(failed too soon/oops)x4x2 (RP)

    HS Shoulder Press- 90lbs warmup, 120lbs 9x4x3 (RP)

    HS Dip Machine - Warmup 90lbs, 180lbs 9x5x4 (RP)

    Seated Cable Rows - Warmup 150lbs, 180lbs 8x3x4

    Good workout, I feel my strength growing each week. After taking a year off of Hammer Strength and Free Weights, they are ALOT heavier than I once thought they were. Overall I felt good, energy was up. Sittin here still pumped.

  25. 3/6/06 (5:45PM) (8 Caps Lightning/2 Scoops Kreatine Ultra)

    Bodyparts Trained

    Incline Dumbell Curls - 35lbs 9x5x4
    (rest paused)

    Hammer Curls - 35lbs x 12 reps (straight set)

    Standing Calf Machine - 200lbs x 12x9 reps (straight setted/super stretch at bottom)

    Leg Press - 5 Plates per side 8 reps, 3 plates per side - 17 (straight setted, TUT 3:2)

    Awesome workout. I was pretty damn excited. My energy was great, pumps were awesome, everything felt light too. My incline curls was the best it has ever been, will be moving to 40lbs next week, heaviest I have ever been. My muscles have looked much fuller over the past few days, vascularity still decent even though I am bulking. Can't wait until Wed.


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