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  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Ok got back into town. Went to the doctor and I officially have the flu . Gotta love plane rides and all the germs.

    Alright well I was weighed both at school and at the doctors office. Both of which said I was 199 . Of course I will lose this due to the flu (sigh). Anyway measurements are as follows:

    Weight: 199
    BF: 10.7%
    Arms: 15.9"
    Chest: 37.4”
    Waist: 32” (YAY)

    Weight increases

    Chest (up 25 pounds all the way through)
    Flat BB, Incline BB, Decline BB, DB Flies, Dips

    Triceps (up 30 pounds through)
    Skullcrushers, Pushdowns, Dips

    Pull Ups (increased by 7 reps per set), Deads (increased 40 pounds), WG Pulls (up 20 pounds), T-bar Rows (20 pounds), Lower Back Ext (20 pounds)

    DB curl (up 10 pounds), Preacher curl (up 10 pounds) , BB curl (up 20 pounds)

    Squats (up 100 pounds... aww yea), lunges (up 30 pounds), calf raises (up 40 pounds), front and back Hamstring curls, (up 40 pounds)

    BB press (up 20 pounds), Arnold press (up 20 pounds), upright rows (up 20 pounds), DB raises (with focus on back mids and front, shrugs (up 25 pounds).

    Picture Updated


  3. Freakin right!

    Not too bad for being sick, eh?

    Great work!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Freakin right!

    Not too bad for being sick, eh?

    Great work!

    Thanks again Custom. Like I said, I was extremely pleased with the products. So much so that I may have to splurge and buy another batch soon. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make this log.


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