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  1. Thunder & Lightning Log

    Hey everybody, I got my bottles today after I worked out so I will be starting the log tommorow. Here is a bit about me. Please bear with me guys this is my first log. Any and all comments are welcome. I also would like to thank Matt for allowing me this opportunity.

    6 years constant (Consisting of hypertrophy, strength and power routines) During my hypertrophy phase I rest only a minute between each set. Strength two minutes and power three minutes. Each phase lasts about a month. I rotate. Currently on hypertrophy.

    squats 4x12-9
    leg press 4x12-9
    leg curls 4x12-9
    leg lifts 4x10
    platform lunges 4x10
    calve raises 4x exhaustion

    Inc bench 4x12-9
    flat dumbell 4x12-9
    inc flies 4x12-9
    flat flies 4x 12-9
    abs 3x10

    Wed Cardio 20 mins

    deads 4x12-9
    pullups 4x12-9
    bent rows 4x12-9
    seated rows 4x12-9
    pulldowns 3x10
    trap shrugs on hack squat 4x exhuastion
    upright rows 3x10
    abs 3x10
    hyperextensions 3x10

    Fri- bi tri and shoulders
    standing dumbell shoulder press 4x12-9
    side raises 4x12-9
    21's 3 sets
    reverse curl 4x12-9
    close grip bench 4x12-9
    tricep extensions 4x12-9
    shoulder press machine 1x10
    flat bench press 1x10
    standing curl 1x10

    Sat- 10 min cardio
    Sun- off

    SUPPS- Kroger multi, vit A, AlA, milk thistle, fish oil, flax oil, vit e, vit c, potassium, policosanol, b6, inj b12, zinc, magnisium oxide, 5-htp valerian root. Cnw brand: di arg, cee taurine ALCAR Whey protein

    I have used Legal gears Cold fusion and Cold fusion PM. I have also used NO2. I seem to respond well to these type of products. I also have ran a 3 week sd cycle in June 05.

    No other substances go in my body.

    No current medical treatment, Have had a bit of hypertension in the past though.

    I have been on a 14 month bulk started at 167 and am currently 215. Trying to reach 250 and then will begin my cut to 225 and will then proceed to maintain this for as long as possible .

    Diet- Breakfast
    6 eggs 1 yolk, ww bagel with natty pb and a bannana, 1 cup oats and shake

    Mid meal- shake

    Lunch- organic pasta with tuna

    Mid meal- shake

    Dinner- 1 pd 92% lean beef, asparagus peas and 2 slices of ww bread.
    This diet varies but this is typically it. I shoot for 4000 calories and about 200-220 grams of protein.

    Water intake- Easily gallon and half (All I drink save for oj in morning and shakes)

  2. OK I want to start by saying I will be update this log every Mon. Wed. Thur. and Friday. With documentation of all days in between.


    Woke up ate breakfast (see to my above for what b-fast consists of this never changes) after approxiamately 2 hours I dosed 8 Lightning and 8 Thunder. I consumed them with 36 oz of water and followed that with 16 oz of O.J./3gms of ALCAR & 5 gms of Taurine.
    Approx. 50 mins later went to gym to begin training. I follow the same schedule as mentioned above only I am doing 8x4. I began to feel the effects after my 3rd set of incline press. I felt a bit more endurance. Ordinarily I begin to get winded in the middle of my second set but I felt good almost as if I should be repping out 10 instead of 8. However I didnt start to get much of a pump till midway through my workout. Roughly 80mins after dosing but when it kicked in it was nice. My chest felt full. (Almost wanted to stop working and start posing ) I am anxious to see what this does for my bi's.

    After working out I came home and enjoyed a oat and whey shake. Here is where I ran into a bit of what I would call sides. After ingesting my shake (40 mins) I started to get the rumbleys, now this isnt out of the ordinary but they felt a bit more pronounced. So I went ahead with the flatulence, but to my dismay I had gambled and lost. I then headed immediately to the bathroom and let nature take its course. This wasn't that bad. I just need to get use to the product. On the plus side my pump remained well into the night.

    If anyone has any questions about anything specific like diet, weight lifted or whatever just post and ask. I will answer them to my best abilities.

  3. LOL Gambling and losing to the rumblies is not good.

  4. 02/08/06

    Today was a rest day but I dosed accordingly. Felt good, during my cardio session. I seemed to get a bit of a pump in my quads. There is really not much to report. However today there was no rumblies, I think this is in part due to either the ALCAR or Taurine. I say this because I dont take them on my rest days and low and behold no digestion problems....we will see tommorow.


    Woke up ate breakfast,after approxiamately 2 hours I dosed 8 Lightning and 8 Thunder. I consumed them with 36 oz of water and followed that with 16 oz of O.J./3gms of ALCAR & 5 gms of Taurine. So today I should be able to notice if there is any correlation between the ALCAR/Taurine and my sharting. Today I worked my back and I must say this stack compliments deadlifts nicely. As with my chest days I felt the increased endurance. It seemed that instead of going 8x4, I could go into the 10 rep range. This is really something for me, because deads really kick my ass. It seems that the effects are cummlative e.g. It seems better after 3 days on rater than my 1st day. Got home and enjoyed a bit of posing. And then it happened yup thats right the rumbles. So today I am only going to take some alcar no Taurine and see what that does and I'll report back on Mon.
    If anyone has any suggestions comments or questions feel free to post.

  5. 02/10/06

    I figured out that Taurine was the culprit behind me rumblies. If adding this to the stack one should probably be a bit careful in the dosing.
    Today was shoulder bi's and tri's. This was the day that I was looking foward to the most while on this stack. As I anticipated this was what I was looking for. Began with standing shoulder press and as with my prior workouts I felt like I should be going for 10 reps instead of 8. Side raises were next by the time I was on my 2nd set I really started to get a good pump going and felt my endurance starting to increase. Next I went to my bi's 21's and then reverse curls. On my 2nd set of 21's I had to take a bit of a rest, I started to get a bit of a painful pump. This is fairly common for me. One thig out of the ordinary was the forearm pump I got from the reverse curls. Next was my tris, close grip and then pull downs. Today has been the best day so far for my pump and endurance.


    Today was a rest day, but dosed accordingly. I felt really good today. It seems that this stack helps to maintain your pump. I still have a good pump from yesterday. Cant wait to see what happens in a week from now.


    Today I had to move mine and my mothers furniture. If the was a great test for the stack today would have been it. Among some the fun things moved was a oak couch with a queen size bed in it, and a donald duck mechanical horsey type thing. This was fun. I moved for about 5 hours and at the end of the night I had a wonderful pump but was very worn out.


    All little worn out from yesterday, so I only did squats and leg press to day. The stack seemed to help me with my endurance today. I thought that I would be to worn to really get a good workout in today stack or no stack, but I was wrong. but I didnt get much of a pump in my quads today don't know if it was due to being tired from yesterday or what. As always question or comments are welcome.

  6. I hate moving things! But people only use me as a last resort becase I tend to drop and break alomst everything.

  7. 02/14/06 (Valentines Day)

    Had the usual bfast. Then about 2 hours later I dosed along with 16 0z of O.J. and 3 gms of ALCAR. Today was chest and I was able to rep out 10 instead of the usual 8. This is definitely attributed to the stack. Today the pump seemed to come on sooner in the workout than normal. (I hope this is an accumlative effect ) I am now also starting to see a prolonged pump. Today also marked my seventh day on. Thus far am I really enjoying this.


    Today was cardio 20 mins . I didnt get the pump in my quads like I did the first day however I still held a pretty good chest pump from the other day. This seems to be a very nice little stack for endurance and pumps.

  8. Great job so far!

  9. Bump for Witty.

  10. 02/16/06

    Sorry for all the delays. I have been dealing with moving, taxes, and fincial aid. Anyway today was my back day and by far this has to be one of my favorite days for the stack. The endurance I get from the T&L really comes through on deads. The pumps are still there, but nothing overbearing. Since excluding the Taurine from my preworkout I have yet to have any digestive problem .


    Today is my other favorite day for testing the capabilities of T&L. It is tri's bi's and shoulders day. For me this seems to be the ultimate test of its pump inducing properties. While working my bi's I begin to see why I like this product so much. I get a pump that reminds me of my sd cycle. The kind where it feels like your bi's are gonna push through your skin and flex their bi's. Needless to say the stack continues to satisfy.

    2/18 & 2/19

    I took the weekend off, but dosed accordingly on both days. The stack definitely helps to maintain the weeks pump. Hope this isnt T.M.I. but my GF told me that I was feeling a bit more rigid. If you follow me.


    Today is leg day. I am feeling a bit stronger on my squats and leg press. Not so much endurance but just a bit more power. Towards the end of my workout I noticed that my calves were starting to get fuller. I then finished with calf raises and I have to say that was the most pumped that my calves had been in a long time. This was good and bad. Good because hey I got my pump on but, bad because I had to walk down 2 flights of stairs. Nothing quite like the post leg workout hobble.


    Today was chest. I was able to bump up in weight. Here, I am noticing increases in both strength and endurance. Pump now is coming on nice. Not bad for being halfway through with my log. Again if anyone wants to make any questions or comments please do.


    Cardio....yehaw (I guess). anyway dosed accordingly. After running for about 10 mins I started to notice the calf pump coming on. Felt good and full. After I got finish I had to do some calf flexing. Wow I never thought I would see the day.

  11. 02/23/06

    Today was back but I really didnt get to hit it as hard as I wanted, (GF issues). I was only able to get in some deads. I am noticing more gains in endurance and strength. With a side order of PUMP. If anyone would like any more details regarding macro breakdowns or training schemes please just post and tell me don't be shy.


    Today was tri's bi's and delts. Every week that I have been on this stack I always look forward to this day. Dosed and went to workout 30 mins later. I got the usual strong pump but it seemed as though my strength and endurance levels weren't as high as I normally expected. At the end of my workout I tried for a PR (just for the hay-hoe) and oddly enough was able to beat it by one rep. Next week I am going to try to wait a little bit longer after dosing before I hit the gym.

    02/25 & 02/26

    Dosed accordingly both days and I must say this has really done a great job for making me feel fuller on the weekends. Also have noticed fullness and increased rigidity in other areas. This is GREAT.


    I decided that today I would take the usual 16 caps but this time I waited for an hour before I went to workout. One thing I noticed was that the stack really does kick in after about 45-50 mins. You feel a sort of energy flush. Anyway went to workout and felt more of the pump than on my days where I didn't wait as long. Squats are really coming along nicely. After finishing my squats and leg pres I squatted down to tie my shoes and almost started cramping but it was that good kind of cramp ya know.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by WittyName

    I decided that today I would take the usual 16 caps but this time I waited for an hour before I went to workout. One thing I noticed was that the stack really does kick in after about 45-50 mins. You feel a sort of energy flush. Anyway went to workout and felt more of the pump than on my days where I didn't wait as long. Squats are really coming along nicely. After finishing my squats and leg pres I squatted down to tie my shoes and almost started cramping but it was that good kind of cramp ya know.
    I agree Witty, taking the 8 caps 45-1hr before workout is optimal. Taking them 30-45 min before I notice that I feel it "kick in" later in my workout. The energy from this supplement is nice.

  13. Witty, how are you doing in regards to adding weight to your lifts?

  14. 02/28/06

    Today was chest. I dosed accordingly, and I must say this was my best workout so far. It seemed as if nothing was heavy. Seriously. I started off with incline and did my normal 8x4 but I breezed through them, so I upped the weight by 10 and got another 8. I was VERY satisfied with yesterday's workout it was probably my best one so far. So to answer your question Custom, for today I averaged about a 5-7 pd strength increase. Looking foward to Thursday's deads.


    Today was cardio not much to mention but continued with same dosage and time. I really enjoy this on my off days. It helps to maintain the prior days workout. Also I don't think I noted this but, I haven't really felt any soreness. Tommorow is deads and my journey to the Arnold.

  15. 03/02/06

    Today I worked my back. I began with my deads. Strength gains here seem like they came in on today. Normally when I dead I get real bad pumps in my forearms but since starting the stack I still get the pump but I also get a strength boost which helps it subside. I am really liking the endurance from this stack also. After I finish deading I immediately go into pull-ups. Normally this really gets me but the endurance helped me to rep out 2 more on my first set and an extra 1 on my last set. I really feel more energetic. So far I haven't gotten the slightest bit of soreness.
    Well I am on my way to the ARNOLD baby wahoooooo.


    Today is shoulders,tri's,bi's (and EXPO ) Began with dumbell shoulder press nothing spectacular here. However it never cease to amaze me at how fast my pump comes on with this stack. Biceps were strong was able to up weight by 5 pounds and succesfully complete my sets of curls. Here is the good part I was able to break a PR today Thats right by like 4 reps I am sooo happy. It was a plateau I was stuck at for like 3 months. I can only atrribute it to the stack. I will be sure to include this when I talk to folks at the Expo this weekend.

    03/04 & 03/05

    Here I am in Columbus . Same dosage same time. Now I can feel good and pumped at the expo. I have gotta say I am getting very sad that my test is coming to an end. I have been compiling other results that I wil post in my summary.


    Today is legs and I will begin and new lifting scheme: 5x4. This is my power phase of my routine. I am glad that I still have a few days left of my stack. Very interested in seeing how this works in this type of routine. I started of with squats and to my suprise there really wasn't much of a problem felt good. Instaed of resting for a full 3 mins. I wnet back after only 2:30. after this I went to leg press and here is where I noticed my greatest gains. I had to increase my load by 50 pounds, after that it felt like I was really getting a workout. I will be anxious to see how I feel in the morning. Ordinarily when I switch up schemes I am bit sore on my first week.

  16. if you could, please post your end of cycle maxes and total weight gained when you run out of product

  17. 03/07/08

    Today was chest. I really wish that I would have been in this phase of my workout when beggining this stack. I normally rest for 3 minutes in between sets during this part of my training. However on my last set of incline I felt like I was wasting my time resting for the full 3 minutes, so I went back at 2:00 and it was like I had rested for the full 3 minutes I can definitely attribute this to the stack. Before when I would reach this part in my training I would usually have to rest for the full 3 sometimes a little bit more, but now I was actually getting a bit restless waiting for the full 3 mins. I still kept the load heavy and was able to rep out 5 presses. Next was dumbell press ran into a bit of a problem here....the weight i was using just wasn't heavy enough I even used T.U.T with it. I will have the full summaries of the product once I am finished. Also there was no soreness from my leg day only a good solid pump.


    Today is a very sad day it is the end of my stack. I hate that it had to end on a cardio day but thats how it goes. There was still no soreness in my chest or legs just pump. I will be putting together my summary and final results tonight and will post them tommorow. I will say this right now. This is an effective product and I was very fortunate to get to test it. Thanks Matt. I hope I did ok with the log.
    Last edited by WittyName; 03-09-2006 at 11:21 AM.

  18. Summary

    Starting weight- 215
    Ending weight- 210

    I am very happy with my results here. I am firmly convinced that the loss was fat. I can tell that my LBM went up. 5 out of 5 regarding lbm especially compared to NO2.

    Starting Maxes

    (Squats) 255 x 12-9
    (Incline press Bar) 210 x 12-9
    (Deads) 275 x 12-9
    (Shoulder press DB) 50 x 12-9
    (21's) 30
    (Close grip) 210 x 12-9
    (Flat bench) 275 x 7

    Finishing Maxes

    (Squats) 275 x 12-9
    (Incline press Bar) 230 x 12-9
    (Deads) 300 x 10
    (Shoulder press DB) 60 x12-9
    (21's) 40
    (Close grip) 225 x 12-9
    (Flat bench) 275 x 11

    That's a total of 100 pound increase.
    Here I have to give Thunder and Lightning a 10 out of 5. It blew NO2 and CF right out of the water on strength and endurance. Very Impressed indeed. I really wish that I would have gotten to use it more while on my Strength/power phase.


    I have to say that I suffered virtually no soreness while on this stack. As mentioned earlier in my log, I normally experience some kind of soreness when I switch phases. So far I have noticed nothing. You can definitely tell its recovery abilities. In reagrds to the pump, the stack delivers a nice solid but not painfull pump. There were a few days that I felt like my b's were gona explode but this is kinda common with me. The pump also seemed to last. Sure did beat the hell out of NO2's supposed "perpetual pump".

    Final Thoughts

    I am very grateful that I got a chance to be apart of the testing group on this stack. You have a really good product on your hands. This is definitely something I will recomend to anyone shopping for a No2 product. Do I plan on using this product again?

  19. NIce job Witty! Very good progress on those maxes!!


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