Stim-X sample came

  1. Stim-X sample came

    Well I tried my Stimulant-X sample today and have to agree it is pretty amazing stuff. I took one pill about 1.5 hrs before my workout and another 45minutes before. Had awesome energy during my workout and did 20 minutes of inclined walking afterwards. It felt like it increased my heartrate during weights more than my standard Redline but during cardio it was no different, maybe even lower. The crazy part though is that now 6.5 hours later I still feel extremely energized, about 3/4 as much as I was during my workout. Nothing new in this review I know, but just thought I'd comfirm what everyone else has experienced basically.

    Edit: The insane cottonmouth is about the only downside I have felt so far. We will see how it is coming down, whenever that happens.

  2. Mine came in the mail today too! Im eager to try it out, I will post my experiences afterward. Cant wait!

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