1. Gorilla-Grips

    I got two pairs of these for christmas. One of the natural leather and one brown. I've never used gloves cause I always thought they looked pretty lame. But these have been really awesome so far. They don't look bad at all and you can easily just slip them off between sets.
    They cover up just the right part of your hands and have taken away my callouses. They've helped the most on pulling exercises but I also like to use them for benching, curls, lateral raises. I prefer the brown pair to the natural one because they are softer and more pliable... I can feel the bar a lot better with them.
    Overall I'd definately reccomend them. A bunch of guys in the gym have also been pretty impressed and have asked me where to get them. I give them a

  2. Simple yet effect gotta love that!

  3. there are two more threads on here about them. I have them myself and rarely use them. they are wierd feeling to me. To thick. Overall they get 2 stars out of 5 from me.

  4. I use those cheap 99cent car wash sponges when I need to grip something. They work great and get as thin/thick as you need. They work great for shrugs and other heavy movements.

  5. Anybody have any experience with these? They look kind of awkward



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