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    I decided to stack these together as I have read a lot of positive reviews on all of the above (well retain is limited). I have been stacking those for 3 weeks now. My diet has been the same for about the last 6 weeks. Since starting the stack 3 weeks ago....I am now 2 pounds heavier, yet my jeans all fit looser. I have visually slimmed down. It is evident as I could see my upper row of abs well, then second row somewhat. Now after three weeks it is the upper two rows and now 3rd row poking in. Strength has been great. Set some new PR lately and muscles feel very full and hard throughout the day.

    Spraknotes version:
    -Gained muscle
    -Lost fat
    -Strength and endurance up

    two thumbs up for a great alternative to PH's.

  2. edit: I would love to add in some Sesamin next time around!

  3. How much cardio have you been doing and what are your dosages on the activate/RXT/Retain ?

  4. No cardio.

    4- act. evenly spread through the day
    2- rebound spread out
    4- (500mg) fenugreek evenly spread through the day
    3- retain spread out
    4- (1g) taurine spread out

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