sample of AX StimulantX

  1. sample of AX StimulantX

    got the new stimulantx this friday. Saturday morning around 11am I took 2 capsules. Saturday = no workouts, but a bit of driving and walking around a large mall in knoxville and watching a movie. Recommended to start at 1, but I've taken AMP on and off for a while just for workouts (not cutting), if I use amp more than 2 or 3 times a week it loses much of its effect. I had taken AMP thursday, so I expected, at 2 days later, 2 capsules of StimulantX to be a fair trial dose. basic review of the day...

    ---~11am - ingest 2 caps
    ---12pm very small amount of stimulation, similar to that of 200mg for me (i have a high caffeine tolerance)
    ---1pm - effects starting to hit, no shakiness, but a an "up" feeling in the brain starts. similar to "coming up" on psilocybin mushrooms. At this point i am driving on the highway, rocking some music in the trooper, and am way more into the music (drums and whatnot) than usual, a good bit of a hyped up feeling, but not a shaky ephedrine feeling at all.
    ---2pm-5pm - "up" cerebral feeling increases. This feeling, along with some "body buzz" feeling, seems to increase in waves, if that makes any sense. Never during this time (what I would consider the peak effects) did I get shakes. During this time period I ate lunch (around 2pm), the effects of the stimulantx were not hampered by the food. As with AMP, I became a little bit sleepy during the peak of effectiveness, activity is fine, but if i lay down to rest during these points, (i'm guessing this is the "geranium extract") i can drift off very easily into a sort of sleep, but the whole time pictures are going through my head, but it is not unsettling as insomnia would be. Whoa... off track. Back on...
    ---7pm... home from the movie theatre and mall... nephew playing video games, I recline on my couch and read, all effects from earlier are still pretty much there, maybe a small decrease in the physical "body buzz" stimulation department. still can feel a very peculiar drug effect in the brain, as if i can feel certain parts of my brain "lit up". read for about an hour.
    ---8.30 pm eat dinner, go back to reading some more, doze off several times on the couch again... at this point most of the body buzz feeling is gone, but the lit up brain feeling is still very much present, its a little unsettling at this point simply because it reminds me of highschool and college days of the day after taking LSD, where your brain just feels fried and you are kind of worried why your head is still buzzing some (though the stimulantx feeling is not actually that bad, I was just very aware of something "chemical" in my brain). Could this be the b-1 analogue? I haven't so far gotten a good idea of how its effects are supposed to be felt. Same with the methyl-caffeine/xanthines from the green coffee bean extract.
    ----10.30 Much sleepier than usual at this hour, stayed up playing games with nephew til 11.30.
    ---11.45. Hit the sack. THe only feeling really left over at this point is the lit up cerebral feeling, this feeling did not really dwindle much over the later part of the afternoon. Trying to sleep was a bit problematic, mind was having difficulty "shutting off", I can usually do breathing exercises and other meditation type techniques to help get to sleep, but they were mildly effective, there were still like racing thoughts or pictures going through my head. Last time I looked at the clock was 1.27 am, fell asleep very quickly thereafter... that whole time (~12-130), I felt like i was getting rest, but just could completely slide into sleeping. Sleep was great. Slept 8 hours, got up completely rested, with no aftereffects felt.

    overall impressions: "clean" energy feeling much like AMP, felt a small bit more powerfull. unique cerebral buzz similar to AMP, but once again, stronger. The effects of this stuff were VERY long lived. I liked the no jitter aspect a lot. mood elevation was nice as well. Like AMP, I think this would be good occasionally for workouts (usually makes me feel incredible endurance in the gym), but spacing use out to 1 to 3 times a week maximum would probably keep the full effects felt, which I must say are pretty enjoyable.

  2. also wanted to add that this was excellent for appetite supression.

  3. Thumbs up

    nice report!

  4. I would really like to see someone chime in here. I wanted to wait a while to give a follow up. I used the product the following day after the initial post. day 2 was same dose - 2 caps around 11am this time. Effects, as I expected after using a bottle of amp over the last 3 or so months (at 4 pills per dose), were less pronounced on this second consecutive day in all respects. Definately will want to keep the use of this stuff infrequent, and though this may sound bad, until the reports come back on how good this stuff is for fat burning, and if felt effects have any correlation to fat burning effects, etc, i will keep use infrequent for an occasional workout or just when I feel like buzzing and being euphoric all day.
    This is the afternoon after the 2 consecutive days of use, i can still feel a little bit of a very mild but noticeable cerebral buzz, its not painful, nor enjoyable, just there.

    Anybody else experiencing such long lived effects from this stuff?

    My old favs for killing appetite (synephrine or ephedrine) just got totally owned, this stuff murders appetite unlike anything i've ever seen, but i can still eat just fine if i sit down to some good food (unlike ephedra, where i would eat like a bird and just not want anything to do with food).

  5. have you tried venom?

  6. I just woke up (haha, noontime) the odd buzz feeling in the top of my head is gone.

    I have not tried venom... I reviewed the ingredients a month or so ago and was not very interested in the ingredients... let me look back and see what is in it again.

  7. Hmm okay, read the ingredients, the "cocoamine" looks like it would be worth trying, but chocamine seems fine at the moments (I have about 200g of it, actually really like it). the thiamine trisulfide, hmm.
    Why, have you tried it 400? Opinions?


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