Thermolife's Tribosten Test log

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  1. Thermolife's Tribosten Test log

    EDIT: We don't need the advertisement. Thank you.

    And next time when you get the product for free and you're testing it for a company, let everyone know. You wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression.

  2. Pre-test measurements

    Bodyweight, 228lbs
    Left forearm, 14"
    Left bicep, 17"
    Around bellybutton, 37"
    Left thigh, 27"
    Left calf, 18"

    I will go to the gym shortly. I have just begun the Tribosten a few minutes ago but will update the thread with my workout performance for consistency.

  3. Looking forward to your progress with this product.

    I've been looking at getting some of their products.

    Good luck!
  4. Day 1

    I've used dicana in the past with good results although I needed 4 caps. OK here's what happened today:

    Today I did Arms & Traps, a short 14-set workout with lots of supersets. Of course I can't feel anything from the Tribosten yet, but I did take a half-serving of Stizm (1 cap) 45 minutes prior to and I must say I liked it a lot. Increased sweating, focus, no jitters. Usually I don't like how stims make me feel, but in this case, I find no downside to its use. We'll see how sleep goes tonight and then I might try a full dose later on.

    The workout lasted 45 minutes, after which I did 40 minutes of aerobics, 15 minutes on the recumbent bike and 25 minutes incline walking on the treadmill.

    As per my account, total calories are:
    Expended: 3982
    Absorbed: 3241 (201g protein)

    Since I am in the process of recomping, that is using calories that are near maintenance and leaning out while maintaining/growing muscle, these numbers are of interest in my case. As are the measurements, which will only be reported on again at the very end of this log.
  5. Day 2

    First effect I noticed is that upon waking up, my "boys" are larger than normal. I must also report that on a scale of -10 to 0 (baseline) to +10, both my energy and libido seem +1. But it's early so this might be placebo.

    Did arms & Traps, followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

    As per my fitday log, calories were:
    Spent: 3730
    Absorbed: 2957

  6. Day 3

    Yes day 3 was yesterday. I add up my cals & stuff at the very end of the day and, well, I had company last night, so I got sidetracked.

    Was an off day. Had some surprising lethargy during the day, I don't know if it's related to the supplement. Libido seems about +2.

    Expended: 3093
    Absorbed: 2202 (45% fat, 26% carbs, 30% protein)
  7. Day 4

    Day 4 is today, another off day.

    Nothing new to report.

    Expended: 3093 - Well that's what fitday says. I think it's more like 2293...
    Absorbed: 1924 (28% fat, 31% carbs, 41% protein)

  8. I,m interested to see your results, thinking about adding it to my PCT.....
  9. Day 5

    Today I trained back & calves. Right now I'm doing super-short workouts of 30 minutes. The reason for that is that I feel I need a lot of cardio to trim down and I also feel that doing 45-60 minutes of weights followed by 45 minutes of aerobic activity would shoot my cortisol way up, and this would be terribly counterproductive IMO. The last few years have seen me go into deep catabolism whenever I tried adding cardio after my 45-minute weights workout. I am 38 and it is starting to show. On top of the Tribosten, I also had a half-serving of Stizm.

    Nice focus, good energy. I like the Stizm. I'm feeling pretty normal, except perhaps my appetite doesn't get to me so much, allowing me to eat somewhat less. Of course, I still cook for my usual appetite, but I feel I'll be able to cut that down if the appetite regulation is a fact of the Trib and not the Stizm. I don't know yet.

    I am now 225 lbs, this is a nice surprise. Let's see if that holds. I have made some changes in my supplementation, starting yesterday I am dropping milk thistle from my stack of usual supplements. It is somewhat anti-anabolic and my liver is doing just fine.

    Back & Calves: 30 minutes
    Treadmill aerobics: 40 minutes

    Expended: 3892
    Absorbed: 3199 (48% fat , 28% carbs, 24% protein = 185g)
  10. Day 6

    Busy day today. I only got 3 meals, including one at a lady friend's. These gurlz, they all like to cook for me. Pasta with veggies and cream & cheese sauce. Yummy. What is it with these women? Do they know nothing about nutrition or are they purposefully trying to make me fat right when I'm in recomp mode???

    So I trained chest on a whole serving of Stizm. This Stizm stuff is very nice. To me, it's as good as a low dose of meth. I mean, I don't feel stimulated, just wide awake. That, and walking back from the gym, I didn't have my usual feeling of wanting to take it slow coming back. Full steam ahead, it was. Since the gym is about 30 minutes' walk away from my place, I often walk there and back, which gives me an additional 60 minutes of low-intensity aerobics.

    My bodyweight was right at 225lbs again today, so that is very good news. I'm not experiencing any rise in strength or mass, but this weight loss does seem to come a bit easier than usual.

    Today's nutritional misbehaving:
    Expended: 3767
    Absorbed: 3216 (33% fat, 43% carbs, 24% protein=188g)
  11. Day 7 (Yesterday)

    So it was a day off. Had breakfast with a lady friend and dinner with another one, and - did I say it? - These gurlz like to cook in a way that is almost absolutely contrary to the bodybuilding ways. Lots of cheese and pasta. Cookies with the movie!! WTF! Had a good time though.

    Libido is OK, which is all good. OK means it's a bit higher than normal, but I still get to keep control. I like knowing that my actual brain is making the decisions and keeps control of my genitalia and not the other way around, which is way too much trouble. I did try quite a few supplements that have enhanced libido among their side-effects, but this is usually accompanied by an almost total lack of mental control. Crotch decides and brain makes up a reason why it's a good idea. Not so here. I get to keep my cool, but when time comes to act, the power is there.

    Almost forgot. On day 6 I had a whole serving of Stizm around 2PM before going to the gym. I didn't get to sleep until about 2:00 or 2:30 AM... So I think I'll be careful with that from now on.

    Expended: 3141
    Absorbed: 3016 (39% fat, 38% carbs, 23% protein = 169g)
  12. Day 8 (yesterday)

    Trained legs. Lots of willpower, my knees didn't hurt so I lifted with confidence and focus. I feel good overall. Besides that, my sac is fuller than usual.

    Weight steady at 225, good news. I think the fitday numbers are good after all.

    Expended: 3692
    Absorbed: 2114 (36% fat, 44% carbs, 19% protein )
  13. Day 9 (January 27)

    I got sidetracked with my log. I trained arms & traps and found my weights up a little, while keeping the bodyweight at 225. Nice, especially considering the caloric deficit of days 8 and 9. Energy is very good, as is resistance to hunger.

    Expended: 3622
    Absorbed: 2526 (39% Fat, 38% Carbs, 23% protein)
  14. Day 10 (Yesterday)

    Did I say I got sidetracked? Well, I wasn't home so I didn't take my Tribosten. Rest day.

    Expended: 3235
    Absorbed: 3813 (45% fat, 35% carbs, 20% protein = 195g)
  15. Day 11

    Good workout. Delts & abs, good focus

    Expended: 3815
    Absorbed: 2124

  16. stizm IS STRONG, everyone who has bought it from my Vitamin World store has returned saying they were cracked out, hey not the case for me it is strong but i Have a high tolerance, but for the rest outhere be careful...

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    stizm IS STRONG, everyone who has bought it from my Vitamin World store has returned saying they were cracked out, hey not the case for me it is strong but i Have a high tolerance, but for the rest outhere be careful...
    Agreed, I personally love taking 2 caps when i need a kick, but many people report that 1 cap is enough to get them going.

  18. Personally, I got a just perfect stimulation out of one cap. 2 seems not as good !? Except it keeps me up longer... But I'm sweatier with just one cap...
  19. Day 12

    Had a very good workout. Back & Calves. Upped my poundages on two exercises, which is good. Both increases were just 5lbs but I could have added 10lbs instead. I followed that with some treadmill work.

    Bodyweight is still 225, but I feel I am gaining some muscle size even on this crappy diet.

    Expended: 3746
    Absorbed: 2780 (42% fat, 30% carbs, 28% protein = 179g)
  20. Day 13 (yesterday)

    Was an off day. Interestingly, I seem to require much less sleep while on Tribosten. At first I thought it was a fluke but now it's been nearly 2 weeks on it and my natural sleep has gone down from 10 hours to 8.

    Expended: 3066
    Absorbed: 3595 (49% fat, 31% carbs, 21% protein= 177g)

    OK now I really got to lay off the peanut butter and order some more protein powder. This looks like a get-fat diet, doesn't it?

  21. Get more protein, protein is Grunt's Friend !!!

  22. Trust me on this bro, I KNOW. Thing is, I'm trying to keep this as healthy as possible and any protein powder I can get at retail is filled with artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, all that crap. I'm allergic to some of it, I get rashes.

    So it's a REAL PAIN to find some protein without all that ****. I usually order, but right now the funds are kinda tight so I've been trying only whole foods for a bit. Obviously that doesn't work for me.

    And I don't get what's wrong with this city, retail protein is like 400% the price of mail-order. You'd think there'd be some kind of way to make decent money without charging 4 *TIMES* the bloody price!!!! So I got some (expensive) not-so-artificial protein powder at the store today. Simple whey & egg, but it'll do for now.

    And I also don't get what the bloody hell is wrong with those protein manufacturers! WTF is wrong with simple whey & egg protein without adding flavours, sweeteners, colours, kitchen sinks, yada, yada, yada... Can't seem to get that anymore? It use to be the best thing ever: perfectly bland, mix it with f'in ANYTHING and it's good. WTF you want me to do with f'in watermelon flavoured powder???? Grrrrrrrr

    OK I'm done now.

  23. Bro you are just the opposite, I have to have flavors in my protein, I cant just drink down bland crappy tasting protein. ON has natural protein...and its kinda cheap... But i understand your plight, keep on keepin on Bro...

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    ON has natural protein...
    I was glad to read this. Until I found out that ON protein isn't available in Canada... [Sniffles...]
  25. Day 14

    Had a good chest workout. I broke down today and got some semi-crappy retail store protein. Better than keeping that diet. I kinda get the feeling that the lack of protein was doing something to me, keeping me feeling sub-par... Overall feeling kinda pumped, solid. Good feeling. Maybe the lack of protein prevented me from getting the "feel good" of likely enhanced testosterone production. We'll see.

    Expended: 3905
    Absorbed: 3435 (36% fat, 35% carbs, 29% protein = 248g )


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