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  1. BigV's LipidFX log

    This will be my log for Scivation's Lipid FX. Thanks again Derek for choosing me as a tester, really excited based on what Ive read in other logs!

    Started yesterday at 2 caps 2x per day.

    Im running this solo with my standard 'bare bones' supplement regimen (multi, D-Liver, VitaminC, Calcium, Zinc)

    Will be adding Cissus Q in a week or so to assist in staying anabolic during the cut.

    Diet/training info to follow.

  2. Well I woke up this morning feeling a little off, and ended up calling into work after hugging the toilet for an hour or so. Food poisoning!!! Damn it all, Ill have to pick this log up tomorrow...


  3. Well that sucked...all I had to eat yesterday was a bannana and some chicken soup

    All better now though, delts/bis/tris today. It was a short workout:

    Military Pressjust started doing these again after a year or two away from them due to shoulder dont laugh at those massive poundages!!)
    135 x 12
    135 x 12
    135 x 12

    Dumbell Shrugs:
    100s x 15
    110s x 15
    120s x 12

    Lateral Raises:
    25s x 12
    30s x 12
    30x x 10

    Hammer Curl + Double Bicep Cable Curl
    60s x 10 + 12 reps
    60s x 10 + 10 reps (weight increase)
    60s x 8 + 10 reps (weight increase)

    EZ-Bar Lying Tricep Extension:
    115 x 12
    115 x 10
    115 x 8

    Cardio 12 min

    A pretty weak workout, but I felt like crap after not eating at all the day before and being under the weather. I also kind of 'fell off the wagon' after my nice PowerFull/CET/etc cycle, took a week off then only managed to get to the gym 2-3 days a week for the past 3 weeks, and Ive been skimping on the cardio.

    Stats are about the same as they were at the end of that cycle, BF may be a tad higher but should come right off now that Im back at it.

    I have to get back to measuring things, but at the moment Im just eating 6 meals a day and weighing out my protien portions. Planning on a carb-cycling routine but havent worked out the specifics yet.

    2nd day on LipidFX...


  4. Glad you've surpassed the porcelin (sp) God. Good luck.
    My The 1 LOG:

  5. As you go, could you comment on the appettite suppression from the LFX? I'm interested in this aspect of it.


  6. Give us some pics!!!!

  7. Give us some pics!!!!
    I just put the link to last month's log in my sig...there's some pics in there. Crappy cell phones pics, Ill try to get some better ones up soon.


  8. Definitely starting to feel some appetite suppression...

  9. Man, I have been busy as hell..been so hard to focus on diet and training!! After I finish with this cut, Im strongly considering hiring Bobo to get me started on a lean bulker. I know how to do it myself, but Im sure Ill get a lot more focused knowledge from him, not to mention the motivation.


    After being sick tuesday, and only getting 4 hours of sleep wednesday and thursday night, I had to legs on Friday. I was completely dragging ass by the time I got out of work, so when I got home I took two C2 caps, and by my 3rd set I was tearing it up. Best leg day Ive had in a while AND I still had the energy to hit up 30 min of cardio with an HR ~145Bpm! Just a testament to how good that product is...

    I do believe I am starting to look leaner, and as mentioned above the LipidFX is definitely suppressing appetite. I had a mobile recording session yesterday with a local band - ended up there a good 7 hours later than I anticipated and barely felt hungry at all, with only some snacks here and there. I was still silently freaking out because I knew I needed to get protien in.

    Usually Im ravenous every 3 hours like clockwork.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Definitely starting to feel some appetite suppression...

  11. I am definitly losing fat. Woke up this morning, Im 1lb lighter and my belt went down a hole. I also see slightly more definition in my abs and arms.

    Cool thing is - due to how busy Ive been I only went to the gym twice last week, and only hit up cardio on leg day. Diet has been really clean..

    Time to start hitting it up proper...looks like LipidFX ain't no joke!


  12. Great Back workout today! Im trying to get to the gym a bit early each day in order to get in a full 90 minutes (usually Im there for about an hour - but I really need the extra 30 for cardio)


    Bent Over Barbell Row
    225 x 12
    225 x 9
    235 x 7
    205 x 12

    Weighted Chins
    35 x 9
    25 x 11
    BodyWeight x 15

    High Bench Rows
    70 x 12 (2 sec hold)
    80 x 12 (2 sec hold)
    90 x 10 (2 sec hold)

    Close Grip Seated Rows

    Bent Over Lateral Raises + Cross Body Hammer Curls
    25 x 12 + 40 x 12
    25 x 10 + 40 x 10
    30 x 10 + 40 x 10

    Hanging JackKnife + Cable Crunches
    15 + 15
    15 + 12
    12 + 10

    I blasted right through it and got in 20 minutes of cardio - felt great! I took pics, if you compare them to the pics from my previous log, you can see a small but definitely noticable drop in bodyfat.

    Im trying to up the reps a bit, and really focus on form and the contraction.
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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  13. Legs yesterday, got to the gym a little late but still managed to get in a good workout and 20 minutes of cardio.

    I also started incorporating 'one legged smith machine squats' into my routine, and I really like them. A lot of stress at the top of the thigh and a great 'finisher' after the heavier stuff.

    Appetite down a bit, fat loss seems to be progressing nicely. I really need to get at LEAST 4 days at 20-30 min a day of cardio if Im really going to meet my goals.


  14. Keep it up Big V!

  15. Keep it up Big V!
    Thanks brutha

    Workouts are really starting to pick up steam...finally getting up the motivation to kick it into high gear and loose this last bit-o-chunk. Im not so concerned with the heaviest of weights right now...Im really focusing on feeling the movement and increasing the intensity of the muscular contraction, etc. I think that's why Ive been stagnating for so long...kept doing the same workout and expecting different results.

    Anyway, nice chest workout last night:

    Flat Barbell Bench Press:
    135 x 15 (warmup)
    245 x 12
    255 x 10
    265 x 7

    Incline DB Press + Flye Superset, decending angle
    95s x 12 + 45s x 12
    95s x 8 + 45s x 10
    95s x 6 + 45s x 8

    Weighted Dips
    Bodyweight x 20 (warmup)
    BW + 90lbs x 12
    BW + 95lbs x 8
    BW + 45lbs x 12

    Cable Cross-Overs + Tricep Pressdown
    Sets of 12, 12, 10

    Cardio - 15min

    Great chest workout, and my pecs are nice and sore from the top by my clavicle right through the lower chest.

    Today is a low-carb day diet-wise...Ill have to get to the gym a little earlier to get that full 30 min of cardio in too.

    I am not experiencing any cramping, although Im more thirsty than usual.


  16. Great back workout on Wednesday, ended up pulling 405 x 13 and I had a couple more left in there Endurance is defintely up. Seem, to be slightly leaner in the midsection, although by the end of the day it looks like Im holding onto some water.
    Arms/delts tonight, legs tomorrow.

    Appetite suppression seems to be the same. Im not that hungry in the morning although by noon Im starving. I would say my appetite seems slightly suppressed, but it does seem that my normal hunger patterns have returned this week.

    Starting next week Ill be hitting up the cardio 5 days a week rather than 4...
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  17. Good arm workout tonight. Bicep strength even better than it was when I was 240 Tris about the same.

    I checked bodyfat tonight with my FatTrackII, ~11 or a little above. I was probably back up to 12% by the beginning of the month after slacking at the gym and not being strict about diet.

    Im making it a point to get up half hour earlier and get my cardio in in the morning before breakfast.

    This fat must go!!


  18. After taking a good look at Derek's contest prep diet, I decided to modify my own along those lines. With the 40/40/20 Ive been on, it is going to take way too much cardio to get the fat off. I dont mind doing the cardio, I just dont have the time...90minutes 4 days a week is about all I can fit into my schedule, and I like to hit the weights for about an hour per session.

    The carb cycling approach makes alot of sense, hopefully in a few weeks Ill have some abs to show for it


  19. Good back workout today, strength is holding steady. 2nd day on the new diet, being strict isnt hard. I figure Ill give it a couple weeks to see how it works for me - im a bit concerned over all the liquid meals but I assume with the Casein/Egg protien along with the healthy fats from almonds/peanut butter the digestion is slow enough.

    Now, I have to order some egg and Casein so I can make my own bootleg ultrapeptide

    BF% is slightly lower from when I started, but nothing significant yet. After starting super-loading w/BCAA's again my muscles look a bit fuller, and DOMS have really subsided.

    You forget how effective that stuff is until you stop using it


  20. So Ive taken it upon myself to stop working through my lunch break and hit the gym downstairs for some cardio sessions during the week. Just a brisk 30 minute walk on the treadmill..not much in the name of fat loss but it should help, especially with the carb-cycling. That combined with 4 20-30 minute mid-intensity sessions post workout every week should be pretty effective.

    3 days into the new diet, and I think I already look a bit tighter...maybe its all in my head


  21. Hey BV,

    Awesome log so far! Was curious tho on your diet. I know you said you modified Derek's but could you post up a sample.

    I am trying to figure a low carb for 2-3 weeks after my recomp to kick of my cutter. Just need some more ideas.

    Thanks mate.

  22. Hey JonesersRX7,

    Im basically following Derek's diet, although Ive reduced the cals a bit (Im at ~2900). I think we're both about the same weight, but he's got at least 10lbs more LBM than me, is 2" shorter,7 years younger, and is a genetic super-freak

    So right now it looks like this:

    Meal1: 8am
    4 Eggs
    1 scoop AllTheWhey Blend
    1 Cup Spinach or Broccoli
    1 Bannana

    Meal2: 12pm
    1 scoop AllTheWheyBlend
    1/2 cup NF Cottage Cheese
    30 almonds

    1:30pm 30 min walk

    Meal 3:2pm
    1 scoop AllTheWhey Blend
    1/2 can Tuna
    30 Almonds

    Meal 4: 4pm
    8 Oz Chicken Breast
    1 cup Spinach Or Broccoli
    30 Almonds

    Meal 5: 6:30pm
    1 scoop AllTheWhey Protien
    1/2 Can Tuna
    1/4 cup peanuts

    Meal 6: 8pm
    8 Oz lean meat protien
    1 cup Spinach or Broccoli
    ~20g carbs from oatmeal,brown rice, etc

    (Meal 6 is usually dinner that my fiance cooks, she pretty good about keeping up with my diet plans, but if I make her eat chicken everday she'll beat me)

    9:30 - 11:00pm Workout

    Meal7 (PWO shake): 11pm
    1 scoop AllTheWhey Blend

    Meal8: 1am
    4 Eggs
    1/2 cup NF Cottage Cheese
    1 cup Spinach or Broccoli

    As per Derek's meal plan, every 3rd day Ill make one of the meals (meal 6 in my case) a carb-load with 75-80g of carbs from whole wheat pasta, brown rice, yams, etc.

    I havent worked out the exact totals yet, but its about:

    Calories: 2900 Carbs: ~95g Fat: ~120g Protien: ~370g

    I really needed to change my diet up, the 40/40/20 worked great to get from 230 - 218 but Ive been stuck at my current BF% for a while. I think I needed more cardio under that plan, but I just dont have the time.

    CKD worked really well for me, but I dont really want to go through that ATM...Im going to give this diet a shot and re-evaluate after 4 weeks. If this doesnt work, I think I will be giving Bobo a call

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  23. Thanks alot! I am going to run a similiar plan.. and if I stall or don't continue making progress I am going to use my next bonus to hire Bobo for a cut.

    Good luck and keep it up...

  24. I missed the damn gym tonight, but Ill hit it up Friday and Saturday. I really, really need the sleep anyway. Took a front - pic today and compared to the one from ~2 weeks ago I see some some slight results...

    Abs a bit more defined, love handles a bit smaller. My waist is down 1/4".

    I really can't wait to be lean, Im so sick of the chunk...

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  25. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    I missed the damn gym tonight, but Ill hit it up Friday and Saturday. I really, really need the sleep anyway. Took a front - pic today and compared to the one from ~2 weeks ago I see some some slight results...

    Abs a bit more defined, love handles a bit smaller. My waist is down 1/4".

    I really can't wait to be lean, Im so sick of the chunk...

    Looking Good Big, you'll get there soon. Sometimes life gets in the way of being spot on with everything but the effort in trying to do so makes the man!


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