Log for SNS Creatine E2 matrix and Arg. E2

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  1. Log for SNS Creatine E2 matrix and Arg. E2

    Hey guys!
    SNS Log
    I am going be doing a log of SNS CREATINE E2 MATRIX and ARGININE E2 MATRIX. I have taken a few months off of any type of steady creatine intake so I will have a very good idea how this one is working being fresh so to speak. And as far as the arginine goes I used nitrix beginning of December so that is well out of my system by now.
    What I am working with
    Well I am 14 weeks out as of this Saturday the 21st. I am competing in a bodybuilding show. So I am on my contest diet, and a pretty good cardio regime. So my calories are lower and carbs a little lower than the norm, so my recovery time is down also strength is not a factor for me right now because I am done building I am just sculpting now. So my workouts are more focused toward blood volume than power or strength. But donít get me wrong I still throw the weight around!
    What I expect from this stack
    A. I am really hoping for increased recovery time from my workout sessions.
    B. A bit of an increase in strength or just increased reps.
    C. Not to much water retention, which I didnít notice from the last CEE I was on.
    D. Some lean gains in muscle size. Not expecting much considering my diet but a few lean pounds is never bad.
    E. Blood flow will be increased from this product too!
    A. I am really looking forward to my muscles feeling full pretty much all day. On my diet its hard to achieve that feeling all day.
    B. My vascularity is really starting to poke out now. I hope this will blow them out even more!
    C. The pumps of course. I am a sucker for amazing pumps, considering the style of training I am doing right now this should be an awesome compliment to the workouts.
    SO lets get this show on the road!!
    Really quick I am 5í8 ĺ weight now is between 225 and 228 depending on the time of day.
    Feel free to post on here too.

  2. Supplement Facts

    Creatine E2 Matrix
    Serving Size: 4 capsule
    Serving Per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving:
    Creatine Ethyl Ester HCI Ė 2000 mg.
    Proprietary Blend: 1000 mg.
    - 2:1 DiArginine Malate
    - Citrulline Malate
    - Norvaline

    You take 4 caps 2 times a day
    I am taking this as is.

    Arginine E2 Matrix
    Arginine E2 Matrix Blend Ė 2150 mg.
    - Arginine Ethyl Ester HCI
    - Ornithine Ethyl Ester HCI
    - Norvaline
    This one you can take 2 to 3 caps 3 times a day or take 4 caps 2 times a day.
    I am taking 4 caps 2 times a day.

  3. DAY 1:

    Sorry guys a little late on my post classes just started back up and a little busy. But here is my thoughts on the first day!
    Today Monday last workout with my long time training partner and brother from another mother. As we had to part ways and go back to school. So I was pumped up and ready to hit it hard we did shoulders.

    The Pump:
    I took these two products about 20 mins before I hit the gym. By the time I got to the gym my upper body was feeling fuller than when I left the house.
    After my first few warm-up sets on the shoulder press machine I was feeling real nice and full, it was a good feeling! Once we got into our working sets those last 2 heavy sets I could definitely feel a difference. My triceps and shoulders were pumped out. So far so good.

    Well as far a strength goes I was a little stronger than I expected to be, just because I was so sick all the week before. So I went in looking to just get back into it. But being the last day with my bro helped to push me so I can not really tell u about much dramatic strength gains as of yet.

    Good day really nice pumps, loved how full I felt and looked. Surprise in strength but can not be sure if it was from C2 Matrix or not. Also did 15 min hard cardio very intense felt like nothing, I got a good pump in my legs while doing it.

    I will do my up dates about the rest of the day recovery and how I feel with the nest days post.

  4. just from what you posted.. sounds like your friend is a really good guy...might even go as far to saying he is a model citizen and a pleasure to have in your community?
  5. you got that right

    you nailed it on the head tops2heavy he is the reason i am here now. dont know what i would have done with out him.


  6. Day 2

    Day 2:
    Tuesday Jan 17th

    Today was an off day classes started today and I was bull rushed with tons of reading already so I just did an intense cardio session. Which was awesome 35 mins I felt good my legs were pumped because I was using an eliptical so my quads were really tight and full! Other than that the recovery from yesterdays shoulder session was good a little sore but nothing like I thought. Pumps throughout the day are good so far nothing to rant about yet only second day though.

    Tomorrow will be legs!!!!!! Can not wait to see what this stuff is really made of!!
  7. day 3

    Day 3:
    Wednesday Jan 18th
    Today was legs!! I was really pumped up to do them since the are one of my bigger parts.

    The Pump:
    Since I am getting ready for a show I am not really worried about heavy movements or building. I am focusing on bringing out the detail were I need it. So for this workout I decided my first exercise would be drop-set leg presses! I got to my third set and let me tell you my legs felt like I had a waterfall of blood flowing through them. They looked absolutely enormous!! After the leg presses I moved on to leg ext then calves! The pump continued the rest of my work out just as intense as when I started it didnít just kinda die out.
    Pump rating 8.95!!

    Strength was good today I have not done presses in probably 2 months its been all squats, so when I started my presses I was surprised that I didnít lose to much strength in it. So overall I was happy with my strength today.

    Great day with really good pumps not bad strength. I am fully recovered from shoulders feel like I could do them again! Also yesterday I started to notice the effects of the ďall day pumpĒ as most call it my muscle were nice and full pretty much all day. And these are lower carb days so its very noticeable. And I LIKE IT!!

    Stay tuned
    CHEST Tomorrow updates to come!
  8. day 4

    Day 4:
    Thursday Jan, 19th

    Sorry guys I have been really busy lately. But I am back I have everything written down just havenít had time to type it in.

    The Pump:
    Today was chest. I had a great workout the pumps were outstanding. I had a pretty good pump before I hit the gym. I did so DB presses and stretched way down like I always do and man oh man the pump I got in my outer chest was awesome, I never felt a steady pump like this one before. The other kid I had lifting with me told me my chest looked really full. And let me tell you it was Huge!
    Pump Rating: 9!
    Strength was really good today I was feeling real strong. DB flyís were out of control strong today I was even surprised. I definitely can say the strength aspect of the Creatine E2 Matrix is kicking in.

    Today was a great chest workout strength was up from what I had expected it to be. The pumps were amazing. Also I did a few more reps than I usually do which was a huge plus. Also my pumps are pretty much all day long. Recovery from my leg work out was awesome I mean the were sore but nothing like expected them to be, which is so clutch since I really can not miss a cardio session at this stage in my contest prep.

    Heading to meet with my coach tomorrow and going to be able to train big arms with my training buddy!!! This one should be good stay tuned!!
  9. Day 5

    Day 5:
    Today I i had to meet with my coach who is helping me get ready for my show. So right off the bat i was pumped up i took down some Arginine E2 Matrix before i drove out to my training partners school. And by the time i got to his school and hour and 15mins later i was full everything on my body was pumped. i am really starting to like this stuff a lot!!
    Anyways now to the good stuff!!

    The Pump:
    Today was out of thios world! I got to train in one of the best bodybuilding colleges in the nation! Plus i was with my training partner! so you know we rocked out. It was big arms day and we intended it to be that way. The pumps today were better than normal i mean my tri's felt like footballs attached to the back of my arms,it looked that way too.And it was no differnt for bi's. This Arginine E2 is working its way quickly up my list!
    Pump Rating: 9.5!!!

    WOW! that is one word that comes to mind. This workout i was very strong. But i am not saying its all from the Creatine E2 matrix, reason i was in a bodybuilding gym lots of motivtion there and also more motivation coming from my training partner. But strenght was out of control! I rocked out heavy weighted dip machine and skull's. A lot more weight than i expected to be able to do 14 weeks out. Almost bulking weights today!! Very happy with my strength

    Great day awesome pumps, strength was very good. excited to see more results in the next week coming!!
    Recovery to chest was pretty sore legs not to bad at all pretty much back to normal!!

    tomorrow cardio!
  10. Day 6

    Day 6:
    Sat. Jan 21st

    Today was a day off and its a good thing because my Tri's are trashed, my bi's are fine. Also something to note is that i woke up almost fully pumped, it was awesome! just did a cardio session to day thats about it.

    Tomorrow will be another day off with a cardio session.

    Go STEELERS!!!!
  11. Day 7

    Day 7:

    Today tris are still trashed! but its understandable with the weight i was using. but the strange thing is i once again woke up pumped i am not complining but have never had this happen, weird since i am on a pre-contest diet also. if it happens again i will have to drive to SNS AND SHAKE STEVE'S HAND! anyways did some cardio today. which went well. and then watched my boys destroy jake the mistake plunger!! hey its us pitts boys we cant help it!
    Monday i hope to do shoulders!
    Here we go steelers here we go pittsburghs going to the super bowl!!!!
  12. Day 8

    Day 8:
    Mon. Jan,23

    Today was another day off. Yeah i know i am saying the same thing to myself. Well my Tri's still a little sore from my arm day so i didnt want to risk it and took the day off. I did however keep up with my cardio 45min session which is what i will be doing every morning at 6:30 and then eating then heading to class.
    Good points about this day off once again i woke up with a slight pump in my arms and chest even was a littler fuller than normal. so i am now going to say that the Arginine E2 Martix keeps me pumped even till the next morning when i wake up.

    Back tomorrow!!!!! you better check back tomorrow for this one!!
  13. Day 9

    Day 9:
    Tue. Jan,24
    Hey guys back from a long weekend off. and i feel great and ready to hit the weights hard! so lets get it started.
    Today was back day which is a fav of mine.

    The Pump:
    Today is probably the best day i have had so far with this products. My pump was out of this world i looked twice as wide as before i started, and the pump in my arms was also awesome. Best pumps i have had in a long time!
    Pump Rating: 10!!!!!

    Strength was really good today! every working set was strong full reps, also pushed out some more reps with a little bit more weight!

    Today something to note once again i would like to express the pumps! also woke up a little pumped again i love waking up to nice full muscles while on pre-contest!! wasnt sore at all today.

    tomorrow is LEG day BABY!!

  14. just the product I was looking for feedabck on!! (CE2 matrix). Hope all goes well man. I have been on MRI CE2 for a while and have been looking into this as a cheaper alternative. So far what I hear sonds good! Keep posting! Lata

  15. at least someone likes your review... everyone seems to hate mine

  16. Quote Originally Posted by tops2heavy
    at least someone likes your review... everyone seems to hate mine
    I like your review lol. I am appreciative of all reviews on our products and glad that you are having good results.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:
  17. thanks guys

    Hey steve and others who like the review. and methyl-d i think you would like this product a lot more than the ce2. i have used both and creatine e2 matrix works 50x better, thats no joke. i got a free bottle of ce2 the only reason i took it and i stopped because i was not impressed with it.
    more updates comming guys! stay tuned

  18. yea I got mine free as well. Its OK. I do notice it more than reg monohydrate, but Ive read some threads on other CEE products and I dont think im getting the results I could be thats 4 sho. The arginine E2 matrix sounds really intereresting as well, I currently take 9-12g arginine/day. I like how it makes me feel although it took about a week of taking it before i noticed any type of a change. I am curious how the ethyl ester factor would enhance this.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by methyl-D
    yea I got mine free as well. Its OK. I do notice it more than reg monohydrate, but Ive read some threads on other CEE products and I dont think im getting the results I could be thats 4 sho. The arginine E2 matrix sounds really intereresting as well, I currently take 9-12g arginine/day. I like how it makes me feel although it took about a week of taking it before i noticed any type of a change. I am curious how the ethyl ester factor would enhance this.
    Its more than just the esterfication of the Arginine that helps this product stand out. It also includes Ornithine Ethyl Ester as well as Norvaline.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:
  20. Day 10

    Day 10:
    Wed. Jan, 25

    Today was a leg day. And i have a new leg workout made up by my coach to bring out my hams since my quads are really overpowering! so i satrted out with hams and then worked to quads. lets see how it went!

    The Pump:
    Todays pump was extreme!! i started out with seated leg curls then moved to lying leg curls then high leg presses! by the time i was down with these my hams felt like freaking boulders! the were so full, so i stretched them out and began hitting quads. did my leg presses then super setted them with fronts. all i can say is that the pump i had mande me feel like heath kong! my whole leg felt like a big balloon of blood. awesome pump!
    Pump Rating: 10 for sure

    Strength was pretty good today. my leg presses are still way way up and i went up a few reps. also i just felt like a power house there was nothing i couldnt do today.

    This morning i didnt wake up as "pumped" as i normally do but i was still a little full! recovery was a little slower but i expected that because of the way my back workout went.

    day off tomorrow friday chest!

    Day 11:
    Thur. Jan, 24

    Today was an off day still did my cardio and abs. nothing much to report except i am a little sore still from back. but good new is my legs a not as sore as i thought they would be! good news!

    stay tuned tomorrow should be a good one!
  21. Day12

    Day 12
    Fri. Jan,27

    Today was chest day!! and man oh man was it good! lets get to it

    The Pump:
    The pump in my chest was close to the best pump i have ever had. not only my chest but my tri's were crazy pumped. i can really tell now that this stuff is the real deal.

    Strength was good today not excatly a huge increase but a few pounds which i was happy with!

    One of the better chest days that i have had in a while! also once again woke up pumped! also i feel real powerful just like i can throw weigths around at will! i can tell you right now that these will be part of my arsenal from now on!

    tomorrow will be an off day as of now just some cardio!
    till tomorrow lata guys.
  22. Day 13

    Day 13
    Sat. Jan,28

    Today was an off day! much needed rest and recovery day. i did my cardio in the morning. recovery from my chest workout is good a little tight but i expected that. still waking up "pumped" let me clear up the morning pump. its not the same as a gym pump, its more a really nice full feeling like a pump not as intense. other than that nothing to note.
    Tom. will be boulder shoulders!! keep checking back!
  23. Day 14

    Day 14:
    Sun. Jan, 29

    Today i did some shoulders!

    The Pump:
    Today i had a pretty awesome pump! also vascularity was very good today, looked like a spider webb runnning from my traps through to my shoulders! very excited about this.
    Pump Rating: 9!

    Strength was off the chain toady! i am getting stronger day by day! i love it!

    Well i am still getting that morning "pump" i talked about. also i can deff tell the strength kicking in.

    tomorrow is arms stay tuned
  24. Day 15

    Day 15:
    Mon. Jan, 30

    Today was by far the best day. i did big arms today. and well let me jsut get started!

    The Pump:
    I had the most ridiclous! i was an absolute monster in the gym today! the pump in my arms was in my was out of control. my arms looked so huge i think someone might have injected synthol into them when i was not looking. hahaha but all joking aside they were bigger looking than ever.

    not much i can say about this other than stupid! i was so strong it was stupid. i was laughing while i was throwing around the weights! i mean nothing like superdrol strength. but it still notable gains! like 10 lbs with the same number of reps!

    One word
    Mind-boggling pumps and strength!!
    love it love it!

    stay tuned

  25. The more you talk the more I want the stuff lol. Sounds great man....hope it keeps gettin better for you. 15 days and ur seing that kind of strength increase? Im on emax right now, strength gains are just starting to show at a little under 2 weeks. Still nothing like what ur experiencing though. Im not sure if I will ever do another PH cycle. I do like the feeling of being "on", but I dont like the puffy nipples and always worrying about my liver, im doing everything by the book, but I still worry.


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