Renew Life CleanseSmart (Colon Cleanse)

  1. Renew Life CleanseSmart (Colon Cleanse)

    I have taken this supplement as directed and with all the proper additional supps that their company pimps. I had very high hopes for this supplement as the company provided me with a wealth of info and seemed well put together
    However, if I had to compare it to my first colon cleanse supplement I would give it a thumbs down.
    First off the it is recommended to do a colon cleanse every six months and I do believe it is healthy. Within a few days of taking this supplement I began to have loose stool, and mild stomach cramps, and also not feeling very relieved when I went to the bathroom. It was a 30 day program and I stuck on a very strick diet by eliminating all white bread, flour, pasta, and potatoes, also I had very little dairy products and ate only lean meats, fish and chicken.

    I was comparing this experience with my first colon cleanse supp 7 months ago. I tried Enzymatic Therapy Simple Cleanse. This I felt worked great. Now this may sound disgusting, but for the majority of the time when I went to the bathroom my stool would be one solid peice that wrapped the toilet 1 and half times, no lie. I used the same diet that I mentioned before but eliminated all dairy, and meat products, but I don't know if that made the difference.

    So if anyone is trying a colon cleanse supplement I found Enzymatic Therapy gentler and more complete, plus it was cheaper. Or maybe that Renew Life's was just too much me.

  2. I've been considering doing this. Thanks for posting! Good info.


  3. I have been looking int this for my brother. Have any of the rest of you used any of the colon cleanse products? Any thoughts to share?

  4. I do them once per year....can't recall the brand, but they have an AM and PM forumula. You gradually increase the dosage to the point where you know you should not go any higher

    I usually stop after about a week....I tend to drop about 5 pounds or so during the process and use the bathroom VERY often. Make sure that you always have access to a bathroom within a couple hours of taking the pills.

    I generally feel much better after doing this......must be all the toxins that are removed.


  5. I'm in the process of using super colon cleanse right now (can't name the company off the top of my head), but it is really working. After the first day I was getting mean stomach cramps about every three hours and taking monster hershey squirt ****s 3-5 times a day. It's been about three weeks now and I feel a lot better. I still get the squirts, but without the cramps and only hit the toilet about 3 times a day. I will be finishing next week and will probably do it again in six months. It's definitley worht a try. You feel rejuvinated and your stomach gets a little flatter from excreting all the impacted wastes you carry.

  6. It is very common for many people to eliminate large amounts of waste when they do a colon cleanse.

    Many companies that sell these colon cleansing products tend to lie and offer information that just makes no sense. I have found that the only way to find the best company is to test all the products myself so I created my website where I did a little research and tested colon cleansing products and wrote a review for the top 3.

    The sad part is that some people think colon cleansing is a scam in general which is not true. Many people overeat which is not good because that overworks the colon and causes the body to overproduce waste products during the absorption and digestion period.

    What do you guys think?



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