NO2 by MRI

  1. NO2 by MRI

    I know its expensive, but I have been on MRI's NO2 for about 2 weeks now and this stuff is great. Before this, I was on muscletechs Pump Tech for a little over a month. There is no comparison. Jesus I feel like im going to explode when I work out. I start my workout 3 hours after my second dose of NO2. They are not lying when they say the pumps last for hours. This can be kind of uncomfortable at times though, like when I just want to relax. Also, I have been on CE2 by MRI which im sure plays a part in it. This was all given to me to test by a buddy who runs a couple GNCs (30 day supply of each). What I dont know is this. I will soon be starting a cycle of mdien/4AD. Is it safe to continue taking these products? I dont really know if these will place any added stress on my liver. Anyone? Sorry if this has been discussed already, if it has please post a link to the thread. I did a search and cannot find it. Thanks!

  2. no NO2 can be taken with anything.

  3. Must be the CE2 helping ALOT,because I took a few bottles of the NO2 and got very little results if any....

  4. really? so did you switch to a different hemodilator? I cant believe the difference. I get to the point where I have ROM issues during some lifts

  5. i got nothing from it also. plus you could get the same stuff for 15 bucks from NOW.

  6. The only NO product I take now is no-xplode, mainly for the energy and focus, the pumps are a little better than training without it....

  7. I'm a pretty big fan of Nitrox Infusion from Sci-Fit. I've been using it for alittle over a month now and my pumps and vascularity have been great. I've got veins on my arms that I never knew exsisted before

  8. when I first got the NO2 I called MRI and asked how they recommended to take it. The answer I got contradicted the instructions on the bottle. You need to work backwards from your workout. If you work out at 3:30, your second dose should be at 11:30 and your first dose should be at 7:30. So maybe its just that I have been strictly following that schedule, but I swear my pumps are getting even better and lasting longer. Also, with any hemodilator, you need to seperate any synthetic protien intake by at least 2 hours from your hemodilator to avoid competition for absorbtion.

  9. sorry what I meant by synthetic is any protein source other than food...shakes,bars,MRPs. Theres a word that im trying to think of but im drawing a blank


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