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  1. powerFull log/review

    I started powerfull and cissus rx on 1/9/06. I'm about 3 months off cycle (20 week cycle of test, tren,drol, dbol, npp). My initial pct which consisted of about 1 month of nolva, atd, fenugreek, igf-1, creatine ethyl thunder, and alphamale went pretty well. In that time I was closely following USP labs product logs and to say the least I'm both impressed with what I've seen from both the owner of the company and what other have to say.

    I'll run the powerFull for about 40-50 days. I'll probably run 6 on the days I don't lift and 9 on the days I do just to stretch things out a bit. I'll run the cissus at 4 caps the entire time as is reccomended. The only other supplement I'm taking right now is Size On, which I've been on for about 12 days now. I won't be adding anthing else, except perhaps USP labs new trib type product in the last 2 weeks or so (if it's available). Could be interesting to see if it enhances my gains or performance at the end of a powerfull cycle when things should probably have slowed down.

    1/11/06 was my first workout. I'm in week 8 of a 12 week arm specialization program. Some weeks require two training sessions for arms, which results in me cutting back the volume on the rest of my body parts. So I generally stick to 5x5 and use only compound movements, plus a set or two of higher rep sets with very strict deliberate form and emphasize stretching.

    I did 5x5 on the hammer strength rows with 360, decent pump but nothing unusual. Much to soon to really comment though.

    Breathing lat pull overs 1x20 with 225. Nice stretch and felt comfortable with really going through a full range of motion.

    Low cable pulley curls superset with Tri-pushdowns 10x10. It's volume week and that's alot more then I'm used to! Wicked pump though.

    1/12/06 So far nothing to truly report in the gym.LOL it's only been 4 days. However, I will say that I've been getting a deeper night sleep then I can remember in a long time. In fact I took a little nap today and ended up completely passing out for 2 hours AND I slept through my cell phone ringing while it was less then a foot from my head! Which for me is extremely rare as a mouse fart in the furthest corner of my house wakes me up.

    My stats are as follows;

    Been training for close to 10 years. Started very seriously about 6 years ago and ran my first cycle 3 years ago. I generally eat 300-400 grams of protein a day, moderate fat including fish oils, complex carbs and protien or protein and fat are what most of my meals consist of. Simple carbs after lifting with protein. Target calories per day around 5,000.

    Height 6'2
    Weight 225lbs
    Bodyfat; 11%

    As far as my goals I'd really like to drop a few % bodyfat and gain 5lbs of muscle.

    I'm also going to give some cissus to my girl who was in a car accident many years ago and has chronic back aches. So I'll keep you all posted on that.

  2. Interesting, I'll be following this one. I'm currently using Cissus RX and it has been fantastic and I really want to try powerFULL out.
    Best of luck.


  3. Had a very "off" week last week and only got to lift 2 times. My second workout was mainly deadlifts and to be quite honest it was a big dissapointment. I've alway struggled with small bone structure in my hands and wrists so I have difficulty holding much over 325 for very long. Hence, like a fool I began using straps. The last deadlift workout I did with straps I pulled 505 and was pretty happy as it was a new PR, and I'm not even on any gear. However, without them (I lost them and didn't have time to get a new pair) I'm worthless. Soo that kinda shot things in the ass for that workout. I also became aware of what might be an imbalance (some slight pain during the range of motion) in my right leg at my knee. So like I said it was a real crappy workout.

    The rest of the week I ate well but had ALOT of work to do, finishing building a new house. About to start my last semester of school. And spending time with my grandmother who has alzhiemer's (what a F-cking terrible disease!).

    Drama aside, my sleep and dreams are awesome. Plus the sexual enhancing effects are very prominent. Wood for little to no reason (is there ever really no reason? LOL) And not to get too graphic but my girl commented that it felt alot thicker and full, and I have to agree.

    As for the the main damn reason I'm taking it! I startted a total body routine today, Quattro Dynamo program by Chad Waterburry. I've used it in the past and always liked it, plus if you miss a workout it's not like the entire body part is neglected since you train your whole body 4 times a week.

    Got to the gym a little late today, my girl slipped in the snow and ended up SOAKING WET so she had to change ect ect. So I ended up with like 45 minutes to lift. IT DIDN'T MATTER.

    335 for 5 sets of 3
    Unilateral leg curls 5 sets of 3 with 110

    Flat bench 240-235 5 sets of 3
    Cable row 240 5 sets of 3

    Hammer curls 60 5 sets of 3
    supersetted with
    Reverse grip tricep cable pushdowns 110 5 sets of 3

    The on the last two supersets I basically did 2 giant sets. I was running out of time so I litteraly just took the amount of time it took to walk from one side of the gym to the other as my break. The drive, stamina, and concentration I had was UNREAL. I never felt like I couldn't hit a rep, and strangely I wasn't very winded. I say that because normally I get winded kinda easily (been working on that and my grip).

    I'd almost compare the drive I had on during this workout to how I feel on test. HOwever, I did only work out 2 times last week so perhaps my CNS just needed a break and I was fresh so I had a good workout. OR not. I will be lifting 4 times a week so that should give me an indicator of whether of not the "deep sleep" powerFull seems to be giving me is really helping speed my recovery.

    I would also like to add that like I mentioned I have a nagging feeling in my right knee and I felt it again today while squatting. Kinda like a feeling of pressure, surely not a good thing. My cissus dose has been upped to 6 caps a day to try and get more of the performance enhancing effects along with it's healing effects. SO that should be taken into notice.

    I should be more on point this week as class starts and that brings more routine back into my life

  4. I'm just started a full bodypart 4x's a week program on monday, I'm leaving for the gym in 5-10 minutes and couldn't be looking more forward to it :-)

    I've been sleeping like a champ every night. My libido is always on the high side (I'm 26 so why the hell wouldn't it be except after cycle). All my workouts have been great, and I'll be able to truly comment next week on how my weights increase. No bull**** though, I'd say right now this will be one of staple pct products and I'm not even through my first bottle yet. I've also noticed that I feel groggy in the morning, it's not terrible but I just don't wanna leave my bed. Probably on account of all the AWESOME dreams I keep having.

    I've gotta go now. But I'll try to keep things more frequent on here. Like I said though so far so good. Once again, I'd have to say that USP is one of the nicer guys I've come across on the boards in the last 4-5 years I've been on here. Real down to earth guy.

  5. Well I've been getting back into the school mode for the last week, and of course with this warm whether and my line of work I've been busy as hell.

    So far things seems to remain the same. Sadly my scale weight hasn't really gone up. HOWEVER it isn't going down either and I'm steady holding or 2-3 lbs close to what I was on cycle. On top of that while the mirror could have told me this anyway (and my girl) it appears that my bodyfat as gone down a bit. Back in the summer when I was around 230 I had 12.5% bodyfat and was definitely bloated read on drol, 750 mg test E. I'm at 225-228 and yesterday got tested again and was around 9.5% to maybe 11% (assuming the pinch was a little off).

    Anyway, my knee is just about feeling 100% and to be honest I can attribute some of that to the cissus. In the last few workouts I've been feeling a little cocky and done some very light, rehab/prehab type work for it which left it feeling a little tweaked both times. Took some cissus afterwards and felt completely fine. Moreso when I woke up in the morning I felt completely fine, definite analagesic effects. Like I've mentioned before I'm somewhat optomistic to take a little break from the cissus and see how I feel. I will give i another solid month or so as that seems to be what's reccomended AND even something like GH isn't going to heal tendons/ligaments that quickly.

    As for the powerFul, I and the other three guys I hooked up, are all having crazy dreams every night. Does this definitely mean I'm getting a better night sleep? IMO yes. In the past, especially on cycle, I'd wake up 2-4 times a night to piss. I lift late which means lots of water while in the gym and a post workout shake after, a protein fat meal (usually cottage cheese), then it's generally off to bed= getting up to pee often. NOT anymore, I'm dreaming once my head hits the pillow (not exagerratting) and I wake up like once a night if that.

    Sex drive has remained the same, always a randy boy. ALthough I still get an occasional "wild wood", wood for no reason in an innapropriate place.

    The main thing I'd have to say is it's increase in my drive.

  6. My strength is still steadily rising and my body comp is slightly better. Then it was before I took powerful. It might sound bizzare but this is the easiest way to put it. In the past around this time I'd be REALLY wanting to do another cycle. Especially in the gym, my workouts just wouldn't feel all that great. On the other hand with powerful and cissus I seem to ALWAYS have a pretty decent workout.

    It's hard to describe unless you've been at it for a long time. When I leave the gym I just feel good. SOLID, pumped, strong and HAPPY!

    Aside from that I'd say simply for powerFul's affect on my sleep it's worth the price. AMAZING sleep, everynight!

    HEre's what I'm wondering. I notice the second I go to sleep it seems I'm dreaming right away. So could it be that powerful puts you into a deeper state of sleep quicker, hence letting your body recover better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wideguy
    HEre's what I'm wondering. I notice the second I go to sleep it seems I'm dreaming right away. So could it be that powerful puts you into a deeper state of sleep quicker, hence letting your body recover better?
    REM sleep or dream sleep is deep recovery sleep and without a doudt sleep is one of the most important factors to recovery next to nutrition.


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