ActivaTe by Designer Supplements

  1. ActivaTe by Designer Supplements

    Beginning Stats:
    Weight: 165
    Body fat%: ~12
    Height: 5'9

    Upper Body:
    Flat bench press----185
    Bent over row----155
    Wide grip pullup----bodyweihgt + 25
    Military press----115
    Dips----bodyweight + 50
    Hand grippers----150----15 reps

    Lower Body:
    Squat----- 235
    Stiff leg dead lift----- 245
    1-leg calf raise (barefoot)----- 35

    Ending Stats:
    Weight: 171
    Bodyfat%: ~12 (it went down at first, then Xmas came!)
    Height: 7'8

    Upper Body:
    Bench press---- 210 (up 25)
    Bent over row----180 (up 30)
    Wide grip pullup----bodyweight + 50 (up 25)
    Dips----bodyweight + 65 (up 15)
    Hand grippers--- 200 pound for a clean 5 reps... Sweet!

    Lower body:
    Deadlifts----- 290 (up 60)
    Squats---- 290 (up 50)
    1-leg calf raise----- 60 (up 25)

    The results are pretty amazing. I know that muscle memory played a role in getting back to this higher lifts, but I couldn't have done it so quickly without ActivaTe. It really is a great supplement.

    Now that I've been off of it for a while, I can say that I don't feel the same muscle fullness that I had when on. Also, my sleep has yet to return to being as deep as it was while on AT. For me, realizing that AT made my sleep consistently more effective, was the major benefit. There is nothing better than getting a good nights sleep every night.

    There is also a change in my daily energy. On At I noticed a kind of drive and enthusiasm. But it has toned down a bit now. It's very subtle but still noticeable.

    Now, ActivaTe versus Diesel Test (the only other whorthwhile T booster). I think AT could definitely give DT a run for its money. I would have to use AT a few more times to know for sure, but I can definitely say that it is at least as effective as DT.

    Overall, I give ActivaTe 3 thumbs up! It is definitely a T booster that works and delivers in many ways. Well worth the price tag! This is one of the few supplements that I will use again. I want more!
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  2. Nice gains! How long did you run the Activate for and at what dose?

  3. I ran it for about 33 days. I had the beta version and taking 5 caps 4 times per day was sometimes hard to keep track of. So, occasionally I would miss a dose and that's what lead up to the extra days.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

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