No BS Amp review (although late)...

  1. No BS Amp review (although late)...

    I happened to receive a few samples of Ergopharm’s AMP recently and decided to give it a try before today’s chest workout. I normally don’t get sucked into new unproven supplements but I tried this since it was free. I figured I would give a honest, no BS review for anyone looking for a lil boost before your workout.

    My normal pre-workout supplementation includes a cap of Primaforce Lean Green (green tea extract) and a cap of San Tight. Occasionally if I’m looking for a little more punch I will throw in 10-20mg of ephedrine. I've tried just about everything at least a few times and I'm not easily swayed by marketing hype. I'd also like to think I dont succumb to the placebo effect very easily.

    Today I popped 1 cap of green tea and 2 caps (1 serving) of the AMP. I waited about 20-30min then had a shake and a small serving of oatmeal. At or around that 30 minute mark I was really feeling it. I would compare the intensity to about a 25mg dose of ephedrine HCL along with quite a bit of caffeine. It was very stimulating but a little cleaner than ephedrine. I wasn’t quite as “buzzy” and jittery as with ephedrine. This seemed to last a little longer than ephedrine would and I didn’t notice as much of a crash as ephedrine might yield. I was noticeably less cranky too. Ephedrine often makes me a little cranky and short tempered for a while after it. The appetite suppression was equal to ephedrine I would say - maybe a little less. I really didn’t notice a great deal of appetite suppression. From a mental aspect I felt clear headed and motivated. I don’t attribute any special mental effects to AMP but it definitely doesn’t have any negative ones. I was dripping with sweat after about 30min of lifting which was a bit of a surprise because I really didn’t expect much in the way of a thermogenic effect. I attribute this to just having better intensity and motivation. I seemed to practically be circuit training with short breaks and less noticeable fatigue.

    Overall I would say this is a SOLID pre-workout stimulant/energy supplement. If you are looking for much more than that don’t bother. If that’s all you need then this is quite likely the best on the market. It rivals a healthy dose of ephedrine (for stimulation) but with less sides. Like I said, it’s a cleaner less amphetamine like feel. As for mental aspects and appetite suppression I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary compared to other supplements in the same class. It’s likely further review might show better appetite suppression but I’m writing this within 1 hour of testing. This is all based on a 1 time use. I have no idea how quickly tolerance develops (although I read quickly). I would reserve this for occasional use before a particularly demanding workout such as legs or chest. From an aspect of sheer pre-workout stimulation it definitely rivals ephedrine and is quite possibly a smarter more effective replacement.

    Overall: 9/10
    Pre-Workout Stimulation: 10/10
    Appetite suppression: 6/10
    Mental focus/clarity: 7/10

    Please link me to any other detailed/informative posts regarding AMP or its active that you might have on hand. I’d like to see more info on this product and its safety, tolerance, prolonged use, and general info on the active.

    Update: I'd really like to try the AMP+Heat stack that everyone keeps ranting and raving about. I have a few more samples of AMP but no HEAT. Any word on if Avant will mail out a sample/promo pack per request? I'd be happy to update this w/ an extended review.
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  2. Here's the Mind & Muscle Magazine article on the AMP / HEAT stack.

    If you haven't seen it. They discuss the most likely mechanisms and synergies of the ingredients in AMP and the reasons why HEAT works so well with it.

    I was pretty skeptical (HEAT is Avant Labs own product after all)

    AMP alone was pretty great for me
    but when I did them together.. (I think I overdid it the first time. 4 AMP and 3 HEAT) I was in a state of euphoria for about 30 minutes. Just in a elevated mood. Somoene could have hit me with a bottle. Talk trash and I was in a good enough mood that I could turn the other cheek.

    It felt downright illegal. Stronger than any mood elevation I've had on adderall in the past.

    after the euphoria though it was crazy motivation/energy.

    Only issue I've experienced though is that I have this issue of peaking.. every few hours I'll crash slightly then wake up again... When I combine the stack with adrafinil/modafinil that issue is alleviated.

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