Scivation LipidFX log by rusty319

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  1. Re: Day 30, Friday 1/27/06

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    Today is the final day of my LipidFX test. I don't workout on Fridays. I took two capsules with my breakfast and dinner, as I did yesterday. I still am feeling a lot of appetite suppression. I went out with some of my buddys after work. I ordered a turkey burger and steamed broccoli (yeah, I'm a real party animal). I could only eat three quarters of the burger and half the broccoli. I was very uncomfortably full after that. Normally after eating a whole burger and all of the broccoli I would have been eyeballing my buddys' plates, so I have really been cutting back on what I can eat. That's the really neat part. It's not that I am forcing myslef to eat less, I just can't possibly eat as much as I used to. LipidFX is that good.

    I will give my final stats and thoughts in my next post.

  2. Finals results?

  3. man this log is kind of a bummer... Is it just me of did rusty not post his final results? I read thru this whole log to find out nuttin'!!!


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