my first experience with biotest Spike

  1. my first experience with biotest Spike

    Finals are here and i took my free sample of spike i picked up at the gnc down the street about 2 hours ago. It started kicking in about an hour ago. Its the new "rapid release" kind. Its a up lifting kind of stim. Im able to focus really well. i'll give more feedback after i hit the books for a few hours. I have a Eco. exam tomorrow (saturday...Sucks!) and i'll prob. end up taking something else late tonight. but i'll let you guys know how this go's.

  2. whoa, gnc has samples, i'm gonna pick one up

  3. yup and look in your MD mag, and pull out a coupon that lets you pick some up for free.

  4. well. im taking a break from the books. Humm, its a differnt kind of stim. thats for sure. i have Great focus. kind of like a mild adderall focus. the only thing i dont like is everything is kinda slowed down. maybe good for a test? im not sure how this would work for working out with or anything, but i like it. i prob. wouldnt buy any, i think i'll just go get a few more samples. i want to try stim. X and venom next. i still feel it and its like im glued to one thing and cant really stop doing the one thing till i finish. I only took one of the pills in the 2 pill sample packet. no problems what so ever. no headache or anything like a lot of ppl got with the first batch that was out.

    has anyone taken this and stim. x or venom and can compare??

  5. I've taken venom and the original version (regular release). I'd say they feel similar but the focus on venom is much stronger and a bit more stimulanty (Yeah I know that's not a word). At the upper end doses both have left me with a little headache at the end of the day, but that was never to bad and considering how much caffeine that adds up to plus perhaps a rockstar or redbull, and I wasn't to suprised. I'd have to say I like venom more because it last SOOOO damn long. However, the appetite suppression sucks because I like/need to eat alot (230ish trying to get to 250ish). So alri needs to make a hoodia free version IMO.

  6. I really liked the sample version of the old Spike. It's one of those "take before you go to the bar" supps, plus it's great before WO's.

    400 - I remember those Saturday finals well.
    I had an 8am Organic Chem. 1 final on a Saturday with a 10:30am Chemical Engineering Statistics final right after.

  7. 400 - I remember those Saturday finals well.
    I had an 8am Organic Chem. 1 final on a Saturday with a 10:30am Chemical Engineering Statistics final right after.

    pretty sure i'd just cry...

    heres a little update.:
    humm, well...i dont know. i had pretty good focus for a while and then all of a sudden i just had a amazing amount of energy. I was studying at my gf's apt while she took a nap and she wanted me to wake her up at 5something so i go in there and just jump on the bed and freak her out telling her she over slept and missed her exams.... yes, im a bad person.... anyways, i was just wired to the max. like, it was weird becuase it was hard to control or more like i didnt want to?...much differnt than something like adderall which just chills me out and makes me think....seriously think..... (like now) but, it was a good stim. prob. wont end up taking the other pill i got in the sample pack. i need to get off stims for a while. I need to let my cns system recovery before track season hits in january.

    but, overall.... (good stim)

  8. So, you got your sample from GNC.
    And there is a sample coupon in the Muscular Development?

    Any other places I can get another sample? I'm all about some free ****!

  9. yeah, I got mine out of MD, i think flex "might" have the coupon. not sure...

  10. If you don't have a coupon the sample of two pills are $1.95. Just picked a couple samples myself, haven't tried it yet. I'm dissapointed they added caffeine to the designer vitamin B. Some people(like myself) are looking for another stimulant without caffeine and it's negative side effects(high blood pressure for one). If I need caffeine I would just drink a diet mountain dew or coffee. With caffeine in the mix, how do we know it's not just the caffeine giving us the energy from this supplement?

  11. I'm pretty sure I have the original capsules. Got them earlier in the year off the website when free samples were being given out. Two days ago I took one, didn't feel anything really(ephedrine and caffeine really didn't nothing to do me) About a hour or so later I took another cap and worked out. Strong workout with some increased energy. Later that night though, my body temp rose and I got a wicked head ache. Yesterday I was fine and I just took one cap, no sides to report.

  12. Celt - I'm pretty sure this has always had caff. in it.

    As I mentioned above, I had the old style caps (with the 8 cap sampler) and I'm pretty sure it had caff. in it then.

    If you don't want caff, try something like sulbutamine (Custom has it) with HEAT or Brain Drive. (I'm going to try both of those w/ sulb.)

  13. what the hell was in those old spike pills that are no longer in them now. iv heard of many people getting sick off them. anyways....i just got another 8 pills of spike to "sample" so, i'll prob. end up saving them, but i might take one for track practice one day to see how the effect my physical side.

  14. Where'd you get the 8 caps? Is there a link for that?

  15. just go to the main web page and sign up for free samples

  16. I miss the old Spike pills. The new ones are but a mere shadow of the originals. I never got the bad sides, only good focus and long lasting, clean feeling energy. They kept me up at night something awful, even though i dosed them at noon! I have a very heavy stim tolerance too. I think it had something to do with the "nanodispersal technology." (Yeah, biotest gets slammed for their marketing but everyone must admit, it made the stuff last a looooong time in your system. Just read the posts of the peeps who got flu-like symptoms! They thought it'd never end.) Some people have claimed it's the lecithin extending the half life but the new kind has lecithin in it as well. All I know is the effects lasted a hell of a long time and the new pressed tabs don't feel anywhere near the same, even at three times the dose.

  17. Ironic, I tried the old spike many times. Didnt' ever seem to last to long for me (3-4 hours tops). Now the venom on the other hand! I can feel it the day after. I will say the old spike took awhile to kick in, the new spike kicks in like 15 minutes and is nice and smooth.

  18. im still not sure if i should go with venom or stim x...

  19. or maybe just jetfuel


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