PumpJuice 2.0 Log and Review

  1. PumpJuice 2.0 Log and Review

    When I heard prometabolix was coming out with a pre-workout product I was intrigued. I have used a number of their products and was always satisfied with the quality and especially the price. At the same time, I am generally not a fan of commercial cell volumizer formulas or packaged pre-work mixes. I generally tend to make my own. With that said, I want to thank Eddie and prometabolix for letting me test out their product.
    Some Stats:
    Age: 22
    Weight: 196
    Height: 5'8-9.
    Bodyfat: don't trust calipers too much but ~8%
    Lifting Benchmarks:
    Inc. BB 275x5 ATF Squats 295x12 weighted pullups 85x5
    close grip 270x10-12. elev. SLDL 370x5.

    Here is my current situation. I have just recently entered PCT after a very succesful lean bulking 10 week cycle. I have added good strength and size gains, and want to retain as much as possible. Enter PumpJuice and my thorough PCT regimen. I am primarily testing PumpJuice's psychological effects for providing good stamina, energy, and focus as compared to muscle gains etc. I will comment on both, but as I am entering PCT there are a number of variables that effect whether I retain/add/lose muscle and I acknowledge this. On the other hand, this is an almost identical cycle as I ran about 9 months ago, and the PCT regimen is the same. (I can post details if anyone is interested).

    Day 1 (Sun Dec 4th)
    Weight: same
    I usually workout around noon, a few hours after getting up and eating breakfast. I will use a whey/dextrose/taurine shake with a little tri-creatine malate mixed in 15 minutes or so before and then finish it during my workout. I have decided to push this a little closer to my workout and take the PumpJuice2.0 30-40min pre-workout.
    Today, I took 1 heaping scoop of the pumpjuice in 6oz of water in a shaker. There was some slight clumping but a spoon took care of that easily. As for taste, I am not a fan of orange flavored things but it tasted pleasant nonetheless. Some chemical/supp taste, comparable to Leptigen Mass.

    The PJ kicked in about 5-10 minutes after I hit the gym. It was definetly a pleasant stimulation. Focused but not scattered or jittery. The stimulation was much more subtle than regular caff, ECA, or even custom's Power Jolt. As far as my workout, every lift continued to go up...which is very nice considering I am transitioning into PCT mode. After I had completed my workout I felt like I still had energy to spare and this gradually diminished throughout the day. no crash.
    While I did not notice significant pump/volumization during the workout, I did notice that my biceps and forearms (I did a leg/bicep volume day) were still pumped 5-6 hours after my workout, noticeably so. First day's experience was positive.

  2. Day 2 (Monday December 5th)
    Today I had an upper body volume day. Again, I took the PJ about 30-40 minutes preworkout, although this time I used 1.5 scoops and used a spoon instead of shaker. It seemed to mix very easily with the spoon, but I will continue to mix it up between the two. My energy today was solid, but not as strong as yesterday. This happens at times when I push myself real hard on a leg volume day and then have to do upper body the next day. Still, focus and endurance were strong in the gym, especially during my auxilary excercises...which often falter. My primary ex. all increased: incline DB I did 3 solids sets at 110x10-12 as opposed to one from last week (had dropped down to 105 for other sets). Also, on t-bar row I increased my poundage by 5lbs as well.
    The one thing I am noticing and liking is that the caffeine does in fact appear to be sustained. The first night I had some slight sleeping issues but nothing major. The only negative I have noticed so far is that it seems to make me hit the bathroom more than regular caff/green tea/coffee etc.

  3. Wednesday December 7th

    Well, last night I had a late night and knew I would be dragging today. I did my usual morning routine and took the PJ about 40 minutes prior to my leg strength/power workout. Lately, I have been alternating between SLDL/leg press and Front squat/cleans for 5x5's. (again..I do ATF squats on sunday so I like to change it up a bit). Today I did SLDL and leg press, and even when I was finishing my warmup jog I started feeling pretty energized. I got into my warmup sets and was just cruising through the beginning of my workout. Even during work sets I had to willingly slow myself down and take longer breaks. Its not so much that I was all would up with energy like I get from too much ephedrine/caffeine, it was more the feeling that I just felt rested. This continiued as I switched to biceps and then finished with my usual 100 adn 200m sprints. On biceps, I started to feel my arms get the characterisitc pump but it didnt effect my workout negatively like sometimes NO products do...in fact stamina was definetly up as were my reps and lifts across the board. Finally, again there was little to no crash. Ended up coming back to my apartment and cranking out about 12 pages of a paper.
    Right now, Im pretty damn impressed. there are two negative things however I am trying to figure out whether they are simply coincidental or caused by PJ2.0. Nothing significant but I will report on this if it happens again friday.

  4. Friday December 9th

    Ok, first thing I wanted to address were the two negative things I had noticed from PumpJuice. The first is that PJ definetly cleans the bowels out. Nothing really that immediate or powerful, but its more noticeable than coffee or even a caffeine pill. at least for me. the second negative feeling I had noticed was an increased itchy feeling in the gym after taking it. Either my body has adjusted to this, or something else was causing this and it was just coincidence. Either way, I only noticed it the first two days.

    Ok, onto Friday's workout. Upper body power. I wasn't expecting any real pump as I aim more for strength and lower rep training. Neverless, even during my incline bb sets (5x3-5) I could feel my chest filling out. Then, during my triceps sets later there was definetly that characteristic NO feeling, although it was not as potent as I have had with other combinations. Stamina again was good....even many many hours later when i went out for a department christmas party. Sunday should be a real good test, back to lower body volume.

  5. Sunday December 11th
    Weight: 195-6

    I knew today was going to be a good test. Even though I am in PCT and therefore volume remains at a reasonable level, I always get the biggest pump on sunday's leg/biceps day. Also, its the day I can really feel how my stamina is. Once again PumpJuice performed admirably (although the usual need to go to the bathroom persists). Here's a sample of Sunday's workout:
    5 min cardio warmup and then stretching
    8x2 235 speed box squats. (30 sec rest in between)
    A1) ATF squats 295 x 12, 12, 11. 225x12, 135 x10
    B1) Leg Curl 240 x 13, 12, 12. 180 x 15 (slow.)
    A2) standing Barbell Curl 120x 12, 10. 115x12, 12. 95 rep out
    B2) High platform SLDL 245 x 6, 9, 8.
    C) Calves on leg press 320 x 15, 15 (slow)
    D). Walking lunges 24 each leg x 45 lbs.

    By the time I had hit about halfway through my squats/curls my legs were burning...yet it didnt hurt my endurance at all. As I noted earlier, the volumization stays with me...especially in the arms all day long. While its not the tren "i feel it when I brush my teeth" it is a nice feeling at times especially during PCT.
    As my weight shows, the remaining water is starting to come out of me. Still my strength remains solid. Every lift either matched or surpassed last week....which is definetly all I am looking for. Monday its upper body volume fun.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Scottyo
    PJ definetly cleans the bowels out
    How long after taking it does this happen?

    Good log btw

  7. Quote Originally Posted by McBurly
    How long after taking it does this happen?

    Good log btw
    I don't have time right now to update the log..but to answer your question, its usually about 10-15 minutes tops. Its not like you would be in real trouble if you were driving in your car etc..but within usually about 10 minutes you get the feeling that you're ready to go.

  8. Monday December 12th
    Weight: 194

    As you can see from my weight, the androgens are continuing to clear and the water weight is going as well. Id assume my weight will become steady within a couple of lbs at the most. On to Monday's workout. Upper body volume. Here was the workout I performed:
    8x3 190 speed bench
    A1) incline DB 110x11, 110x11, 100x12, 90x14 real slow/deep
    B1) T-bar row: 245x12, 245x12, 245x12, 190x15
    A2) skull crushers/three-ways 155x7, 135x9, 135x9, 115x10
    B2) weighted pullup 45x12, 12, bw repped out
    C) rear raises on incline bar 25x12 x2
    D) flyes supersetted with rope pulldown (machines...weights meaningless to you guys)

    Overall, I had great stamina and energy for the first half of the workout...although I noticed a hit when I did triceps (three-ways...ie skulls, close grip, and pullovers with bar all setted together). My strength also definetly peaked, which is to be expected. I was surprised it didnt hit earlier. The bathroom urge has declined a bit but did not dissapear soon after taking the PJ. Im growing to like the taste a bit more, although its started to clump just a bit at the bottom. Wednesday is legs power day....should be fun.

  9. Wednesday December 14th
    Weight: stable

    Well, todays workout was good and bad. I hit the same reps/weight on SLDL which I am happy about. Also, I started throwing a heavy set or two of regular deads in replacement of SLDL at the end of my sets and was able to up my triple by 5lbs. However, on leg press I noticed my legs were feeling a bit weaker than usual. No significant poundage changes, but I did drop the weight a bit on the last set. My energy was real strong regardless...which made the strength drop more frustrating. As far as subjective feeling.....I definetly feel more in my biceps during and after my sets. That feeling has not changed. No other real changes.

  10. Friday Dec. 16 and Sunday Dec. 18th

    I did not do a separate log for friday, mainly because things remained generally the same. My strength is down a touch, which is to be expected for me coming off cycle. The other annoying thing is I tweaked my shoulder doing heavy weighted pullups friday, so I had to switch up a few exercises. I felt great in the gym....intense focus and energy throughout, as well as some mad tricep pumps, but I had to be careful not to hurt my shoulder too much.

    Sunday was legs...so i didnt have to worry about my shoulder much. I ended up having a messed up schedule sunday, with meals changed up and lifting later due to certain circumstances. Also, since I was a bit tired and low on carbs for the day, I took 1.75 scoops of PJ.....and loved it. I thought I would be stimmed out too much. Nope, no real increase in stimulation although I felt really focused in the gym...moving between sets and during sets. I did have some drymouth which was not normal, but it was still less than I get from AMP. As for the workout....just what I was looking for. Body felt good, lifts were good. It was a productive day. the one negative....I had some trouble sleeping. But I am not sure how much of that is because of the PJ, and how much because of my general problems with imsomnia and nighttime anxiety.

  11. Monday Dec 19th
    Weight: 193
    Well, Im hoping all the water weight is out of my system. I can tell my body is normalizing, altough PCT is doing a number to my joints. Which leads me to Monday's review: Because of whatever I did to my shoulder on friday, I decided to take today easy on anything that really aggravated the hell out of it. Therefore, I dropped my beloved weighted pullups and forced myself to do pulldowns....and actually got a really good pump out of it. Also, on Incline DB's I could feel my shoulder yelling a bit, so I lowered my weight a bit after the first set to not aggravate it anymore.
    All in all, the pump juice worked up to par. I was actually frustrated because I could feel the energy and was ready to hit it hard but I had to tone things down so I don't really mess up my shoulder. Still, I tried making up for things by slowing my rep tempo down and really focusing on isolating the muscles. The result: increased soreness the next day on top of some lingering muscle-body voluminization. One other thing, my stomach is definetly getting used to the PJ2.0.

  12. Wednesday and Thursday Dec 21-22nd.
    Weight: 193

    Well, this is going to end my current log of PJ2.0 although I plan on resuming the log on the 15th of january. Until the time, I am doing my usual PCT routine, taking 7-10 days off to decondition, and then slowly build back up ala HST style. It will also give me a chance to de-caffeinate, which is something I need to do anyways.

    But back to the last two days of the log. Wednesday I did a lower body POWER day and today a upper body POWER. Both days I felt better than I have in a while, both energy and strength. My forearms gave out a bit on heavy SLDL's, but I still managed to get 375x5 for 3 sets. Leg press was good, and my knees actually felt better than usual. Today, I thought I would really feel it doing back to back power days, but instead I felt GREAT in the gym. It was quite unexpected and I really hit my last workout hard.....still, when the end of the workout came around I still had some energy remaining. It was a pleasant feeling. Overall, I have been very happy with PJ2.0. For an all-in-one pre-workout product, it seems both affordable and fairly comprehensive. The one thing I would add on the side would be some citrulline malate, but that is just me. the taste grows on you, if anything... I never got sick of the orange flavor. Well, Ill be happy to answer any questions circa the 5th of january when i return to internet-land (taking a trip for the next 10 days).

  13. Sunday January 22nd

    I would like to renew or continue this log for a few reasons. 1) I told Prometabolix I would do so.... 2) I really like PJ2.0 and after using it steadily for a few weeks, was curious how it would work again after time off. 3) I was curious as to things it would stack well with.

    With that said, I have experimented using Pj2.0 with a few other preworkout cocktails, and found that using a 1-1.5g green tea, and some chocamine with breakfast, followed by Pj2.0 about 1.5hrs later (and 30 min preworkout) has left me feeling energized all day long. Take yesterday for example. I performed a volume/metabolic full body workout between 1230-2 and felt wide awake and alert at 11 PM. In fact, I actually had to tell my self to relax and stop reading some papers I had to look over. Yet when I went to bed around 1, I slept great.
    Ive also dropped using citrulline malate (ran out) and have noticed almost no drop in endurance. Ill continue to add updates as I use Pj2.0 sporadically for the next couple weeks until my bottle runs out.

  14. Well, Ive been using the PJ2.0 off and on now for the last couple weeks. Usually once or twice a week (and then stopped when I did albuterol for a week and a half or so). I must say, that for a pre-workout all in one its damn good. At first I didn't notice the "lower" body effects, but it seems that for me its much more apparent when I only use it occasionally....and thats for someone who normally who does very bad down there with stimulants.
    As for the NO type effect, I found it minimal at 1 scoop a day, but the strength and stamina were allmost just as good at that dose.
    And after taking time off, you get a much better feel for what type of product you are using. The long lasting/no crash aspect to PJ2.0 really is pronounced after using EC, or just C for a workout here or there.
    I plan on doing one more post, in about a week or two when I can look at this from a more removed position, and compare it to both some general stims in use and creatine/NO2 products.

  15. nice.
    what are AM members waiting for?
    for the price to go up and be available at online retailers?
    take advantage now.


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