PowerFULL and C2 log

  1. PowerFULL and C2 log

    Thanks to Poobah and USPLabs, I got some PowerFULL and C2 to run for a few weeks to keep a log. I am actually tracking this on another BB4U.com, but thought I would copy all my entries here also.

    Current stats:
    33yo male
    6'2" 254lbs
    Current fitness condition:
    I have been back in the gym for 2 weeks now after a 5 weeks layoff because of knee surgery. I am still not able to do heavy legs at this time and probably won't change by the time I run out of doses. I am doing light legs though, no squats yet.
    Workout schedule:
    I have classes Mon, Wed, Fri nights so my workout schedule consists of:
    Tue: chest, shoulders, calves, cardio
    Thurs: back, forearms, abs
    Fri: legs, calves, cardio
    Sat: bi's, tri's, abs
    Other Current Supps:
    fish oil @ 2000mg split 2x a day
    Cissus RX 9 caps split 3x a day
    PowerFULL: I will be taking the labelled 9 caps 3x a day
    C2: I will be taking 2 in the AM and 3 45min before workout, as suggested on label if you are not taking Camph.
    Today is Monday so no working out for me.
    I took 3 caps of PF this AM and 2 caps of C2. I got to work about 30 min later and about 30 min after getting to work I started to feel more alert and "happier" than I usually do at this time. C2? Placebo? Guess that is what I am finding out.
    Please ask any questions so I can get as much detail into this as possible.

  2. You ain't the SeanTay we all know and love at The U.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    You ain't the SeanTay we all know and love at The U.
    LOL...nah, he sucks azz

  4. OK, second day on and went to gym today for chest,shoulders, calves and cardio.
    Woke up this AM and took 2 C2 and 3 PowerFull. Took breakfast to work so the pills could get settled in. The C2 does a good job waking me up in the AM. Odd kinda "aware" feeling.
    Took second dose of PowerFull at noon.
    About 30 min before my workout, I took 3 more C2 and headed to the gym. After about 30 min there I got a great "in the zone" feeling from the C2. Next thing I know it is and hour and fifteen mins later and I am still pumped up. Wrapped it up and jumped on the treadmill. Set it for incline of 3 at about 3.5 and did 30mins of cardio (best I can right now with my knee). I had energy for days. Even now I still good and energetic and aware.
    I am loving the C2. I wonder if you can build up a tolerance to it?
    The workout, as far as weight I pushed was the same. Just had more intensity to it. Can't wait for the PowerFull to kick in.
    Took my 3rd dose just a bit ago.

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