xCEEd anyone?

  1. xCEEd anyone?

    Sound off if you've tried it.

  2. Best tasting CEE product I've ever had.

  3. How about the results in comparison to other CEE products if you've tried any?

  4. I can't make a true comparison now because I am not taking Xceed by itself. I am in my 3rd week of PCT (MaxLMG/Prostanozol cycle). Taking Xceed, NHA stack, Fuze and Retain. And I must say my strength gains are as good if not better than when I was on cycle. I ended my cycle at 183lbs and now I'm 185.5lbs. Plus like I said before the taste is amazing. Kinda like Minute Maid Light Lemonade. I use to buy bulk cee and various other bulk powders and mix them together, but it gets annoying doing that every morning. IMHO this is a solid product and I will be purchasing it again.

  5. First off, dido on the taste. Instant Noticeable increase in energy. Been on it for almost 2 weeks and love it. Also, I am looking more vascular than ever which I would credit to the arginine and other ingredients. Great product!

  6. We have a new Black Cherry flavour due out in the new year.
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