1. Question Moomiyo?

    Has anyone tried Russian Black Moomiyo Extract (Mumie)? Is it any good?

  2. Mumie

    Years ago (1990-1994), I tried it from a company called, Atletika. I think it worked pretty well as an adaptogen, helping me recover from being underslept, overtrained, etc.

    They were out of Pleasant Hill, CA and marketed "soviet" supplements. Rangicrin was their product that had the most notable effect on libido, aggressiveness. Mumie is supposed to work like ginseing and other adaptogens. My guess is it all depends on the bioavailability and processing of the supplement. So, one brand might work well while another might suck - similar to what people experience with tribulus, tongkat ali, forsolkin, cissus quadrangulus, etc.

    I havent tried any of the newer products claiming to have mumie in it. Havent seen it sold isolated by itself either - which is what I'd recommend checking out.

  3. good

    i used it with success during track meets in high school. it really helped with my endurance and my oxygen capacity

  4. I've tried it too, back in the late eighties from Atletika. Most of their supplements were pretty good, for that time period anyway. If your on a limited budget I can think of many other supplements that work far better. For what purpose are you thinking about taking mumie may I ask?

  5. I got to this Forum by searching for new info Moomiyo. I'm 70 year old and still work out two hours daily and working a six day week 10-12 hours without sitting around to much. Have been taking supplements for 40 some years and I think it has paid off. Never seen a Dr in 30 years, so if I'm sick, I do not know it. Never got a cold in 5-6 years. Have been taking Moomiyo Mummie daily, comes in the original Russian box on E-Bay or at My young Russian wife got me on it five years ago. I do get a little short of breath carrying her upstairs to the bedroom every nigh. I'm looking for a bungalow.
    This stuff gave me a boost of energy I never dreamed of possible.
    One pill per day.Tastes like ashes from the campfire!

  6. Looks like lifepharma has a nice markup on it.... this place sells the same for 60% less.

    PS, while we're on it... Anyone had experience with Shilajit? I got one bottle from BAC awhile back. Havent tried other sources... from descriptions and some of the actives, looks like it's the same category. I am a big fan of adaptogens.. Probably not used enough by folks, considering how much stimulants are a staple....

    Anyways, hope more folks chime in

  7. Hi ! You say you used oxygen ?? I can see more O more energy but only for a short term ??? How do you administer O while doing reps ??? sy

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Syemaat
    Hi ! You say you used oxygen ?? I can see more O more energy but only for a short term ??? How do you administer O while doing reps ??? sy
    Hi Sy,
    Who are you directing the question to?
    I dont see anyone saying they took oxygen.

  9. Just purchased some in the mail. Will post a summary on my using it eventually.


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