White Blood/ Cee Log

  1. White Blood/ Cee Log

    I've been working out for around 4 years now, past two have payed a lot more attention to the diet and nutrition side of things. After hearing some mixed reviews about white blood, i decide i'd find out for myself. I was going to stack with the their Green Bulge, but i opted to save money and just buy plain CEE. I'll be updating almost daily, just finished football season so hoping to gain back some lost weight and strength from an injury hampered season. Swim season just began, but its not a serious sport of mine, so i only practice 2-3 times a week for an hour.
    Weight: 179 (176 before beginning CEE 3 days prior)
    Height: 5'8.5
    Bodyfat: best guess just below 10%
    Past NO supplements used ( in order of most recent): Dymatize Xpand, No-Xplode (samples), Hyper Growth, Satur8, MRI No2

    Already on day 4 of White Blood and CEE, first three days haven't felt much of an increase in pump except some extreme forearms pumps when i was working out back/biceps today. Strength has been up on most lifts, by 1 or 2 reps, most likely from CEE.

  2. Day 6
    Saturday was on off day, so there was nothing to report for day 5. Today I decided to throw in a session of Olympic lifting in at around 8:30 sunday night. About 1.5 hours after supper i took 3 caps of white blood along with 4 grams of Cee. Half an hour later I hit the weights.
    I was just doing power cleans and hang cleans tonight, and had an easy time meeting rep criteria. Overall good workout, strength seems to be going up slightly.
    Current weight 179.5

  3. Day 7
    Chest today, workout was cut short due to time restrictions but good workout nonetheless. Strength is up from last week, and pumps were fairly good, but didn't last too long. Only downfall was strength did fall off fairly quickly when doing 5x5 on bench, but i'm going too attribute that to lack of calories before the workout.

  4. Day 8
    Forgot to update yesterday- Back and Biceps day. Best Back workout in a long time, had excellent endurance on wide grip chinups, and carried throughout the workout, was able to lift heavy even after exhausting my back on each exercise. Biceps didn't go quite as well strength and endurance wise, but pump was very noticeable, more pronounced than usual

    Day 9
    Legs in the morning- Felt a little bit sick, stomach was turning after doing squats and leg press, but was able to finish workout. THe pump in my quads very pronounced, but the veins were not as noticeable. At night I went to a new gym by my house for the first time, and decided to do chest followed by powers cleans. Decent strength, haven't done heavy dumbells in a while so it was hard to gauge.

  5. Have'nt updated in a while, because of time, but worked out thursday and friday. I was at a different gym on thursday so I decided to go with dumbells instead of bench, I thought strength was going to be a little off since i haven't done any medium rep ranges with dumbells for quite some time, but i was surprised with what i was able to put up. Fridays workout was back and biceps, was a good overall workout, pumps lasted only a short time after the workout, and strength was fairly decent throughout the workout. Once again I was on mostly new machines so it was hard to gauge on certain exercises if i had gotten stronger or not. My weight on friday was 181. Going to weight myself again probably tomorrow or tuesday, weight seems to be going up steadily with no noticeable fat gain.



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