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  1. Did you experience any sides on the SD? i am going to take it in a few months. I have ben doing research and reading logs.. Any info would be helpful. Since both items you used the SD and the 1-TU are both discontinued its harder to find.

  2. Well March is when most would want to cut up so go with the Methoxy-TRN or the H-50.

  3. got mild gyno, but went away after 4 days of nolva. still have the puffiness, though. hoping that'll go away when I cut. And I think i may go the methoxy-trn route when cutting.
    Finished PCT 2 days ago. Kept 14 lbs. and all my strength, although recovery took a hit (obviously). But my strength at the beginning of the workout stayed the same.

  4. Is it still possible to get 1-TU. It was great.

  5. No.
    My The 1 LOG:

  6. it was this friend of mine at a nutrition store that hooked me up. supposedly a friend of his (a distributor) found a box full of all kinds of stuff. i was lucky enough to pick up some 1-tu, gaspari m1t, and some vpx monster test.


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