Neurostim caps log

  1. Neurostim caps log

    Thanks to beast/derek for the oppurtunity to test the new neurostim+c caps. I received them via fedex yesterday and used 1 serving both yesterday and today.

    A little background

    Been lifting on and off for a good 5-6 years, yoyo'ing in weight because of military duties and deployment, but am out as of this year.


    5'10, 180lbs, 22 years young

    Currently utilizing ud2 which involves a weekly routine of 2 depletion workouts, 1 medium rep (tension workout), 1 low rep (power workout). I am also doing moderate cardio 3-4x a week.

    Day 1 + 2

    I threw back 6 caps both days 45 minutes prior to hitting the gym, both days I was able to last longer without taking a break in the gym and also noticed an increase in mental clarity which helps when you are doing endless amounts of depletion sets and have no carbs in your system. Today it really helped as I was dead tired when I woke up so I popped in 6 caps and headed to do the other half of my depletion, about 45 minutes to an hour after I noticed a slight increase in energy or rather less tired then I was at first.

  2. Ahh the good old UD2 diet. Just keep thinking about the carb-up

  3. thats all I think about anyway

    On a side note, this being day 4 I am dead tired and brain dead.... went bowling out with friends tonight so I popped in half a serving (3 pills) and it did just the job to get me going, Now I feel like I have to much energy to go to sleep just now which sucks cuz I want to go to bed

  4. Power workout went well, I ended up taking 9 caps 45 minutes prior, I say moreso than anything this product provides more endurance and mental focus, it doesnt really psyche me up or energeize me sort to speak. Anyways I chugged along the workout just fine, and now onto the next grueling week!

  5. Back to day 1 which means depletion, I usually do it in the morning so I popped in the usual 6 pills about 30-45 minutes prior to the depletion, I must say that my focus and energy is a lot better on these days then they previously have been.

    Workout was

    Leg press 6x15
    Leg curl 6x15
    Calf raises 4x15
    Lateral raises 4x15
    Chest press 6x15
    Seated row 6x15
    Pressdowns 4x15
    Cable curls 4x15

  6. Aren't depletion workouts fun!

  7. oh they are the best...

    Neurostim caps still doing there job as far as a little energy boost and mental focus to get me through a workout is going, I tried a serving before cardio and before I knew it I had chugged along for an hour without getting bored out of my mind, I kind of just zoned out and did it.


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