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  1. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT
    Oh i agree with you bro most definately. I was just sayin that some people act because it may be toxic that one usage of this compound or even halodrol-50 for that matter. A 4 week cycle could screw them for life, now i could see if they ran it at an improper dose, no NAC or Milk Thistle or Ala or anything of that sorts then yes maybe, but i beleive if you take the recommended dose, and take ur precautions , 1 cycle wont kill you.
    I agree on that, but if you're the unlucky bastard that has a pre-disposed liver problem, it could mean a **** storm for you later on down the line. So its probably good to asses ones family history of illnesses before doing anything like all of us are .

    Sorry to get OT, screwbol, you are a brave man. Great log so far, look forward to hearing your results.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Sky9
    One guy using, 10 guys analyzing, and 50 people watching. This is going to turn into quite an observational and educational thread. Cant wait to see how this looks in a week.
    Yea, it kind of looks like a state road man digging, all others watching and leaning on theirs.

  3. Actually, it looks like the union workforce we have at work.

    One guy doing the work after it took 3 days to get the paperwork handed down from 17 other people while the other 15 guys sit around waiting for said paperwork to come down.

  4. I am guessing that the liver toxicity will reflect it's receptor binding. If that is the case, it will likely be about 30x less toxic than MT mg/mg. That means don't exceed 6mg/d IMO, at least until we know better.

  5. Yea i agree on everything. So basically its 30x less toxic then methyl-tren or methyl test?

    How toxic do you think this would be then relatively speaking? Like M1t? Worse? SD? I wonder how bad the lethargy and shutdown would be.

  6. Sorry, methyltren is what I'm comparing to in this case. I'll call it MTR from now on. 17-MeO-TR could likely be one of the most toxic supps available today by comparison. Maybe even more than M1T mg/mg, but 3mg/d would probably effect transaminase values to about the same extent as ~60mg/d M4OHN. Don't quote me! I am only speculating here. Until I see some bloodwork, I wouldn't get too greedy with the dose.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    I will start in the morning.
    any new news on a log? id like to see how this pans out with 2 users, i think itll help fan away any of the flies is i start to smell bull****. not to say anything bad bout either party but there is such a thing as placebo and when it comes to testing/test results the more the marrier. either way i hope to see some good results and news from this so we can all join this party before the nights over

  8. side question screwbol did you take the PP and SD congruently or consecutively? if the latter i which order? this supp is looking more and more tempting, back pumps, endurance and starting the "on" feeling this soon is a good sign. im usually an extreme responder to anything i take and it typically hits me faster then most, with PP i gained 12 lbs in the first 2 weeks. now the deciding factor is really gonna be wether or not your liver is trashed and if this lasts long enough for me to get my hands on it in time.
    once againthanks for the log!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    I'm not sure who the **** you are commenting to, but since I was the one who asked about your diet I would assume it is me. You need to chill out. You specifically asked for comments, and I gave them, I also happen to be a weightlifter, not a bb'er, and the suggestions I made still apply to strength athletes regardless what you think. I also train ppl and work with elite athletes, and I still get my meals in. Whatever works for you fine, but don't jump down someones throat for posting their observations. I say we leave it at that before someone gets butthurt.
    LOL. You are a tool. Work with elite athletes? Give me a break, ****tard.

    May as well delete this thread and follow Ryanjism's log (of ****). I am no longer going to make the sacrifices necessary to continue my review on Assaholic Morons.

  10. Well I'm not surprised by this response.

    See ya *******
    Last edited by ryansm; 11-05-2005 at 08:27 PM.

  11. you going to run a log ryan?

  12. I will start one Monday



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