Neurostim Caps log

  1. Neurostim Caps log

    It'll be alittle diff. log at least till the end of next week. I had to run semi track from Minneapolis to Boston, I left yesterday morning and won't be back home till next thursday, but I took bottle with me and used it twice today 3 caps each time. Felt pretty good so far, drove for 11 hours with few little stops and don't feel tired at all. I could've kept going for few more hours but not suppose to drive more than 10 hrs a day.
    I'm hoping to get my fat ass to gym next thursday, but for now I'll test it as I drive.

  2. I drink a lot of coffe when I'm on the road and I have pretty high tolerance to it, but still when I drinkl way too much I get this weird feeling, you know what I'm talking about. I've been taking neurostim every day up to 12 caps a day, I still drink some coffe but not as much and I feel great, I have easier time driving and don't get tired at all.

    P.S. They just don't let me go home, I don't think I'll be back till friday night and hope I'll have some neurostim left to try it in the gym

  3. Sorry, I didn't post sooner, been busy/tired lately. I got home last night ( finally). I've been taking neurostim every day and kept me going very well, I get sick of drinking tons of coffe and neurostim was very nice replacement for it.
    also I went to gym today, took 8 caps about 20 min before, was a little tired and had to force myself to go, but once I started lifting I felt great and could've kept going and going.

  4. Went to gym on sunday again, took 8 caps before workout. With all **** been going on and having a lot on my mind I had very great workout, I'm sore today as I ever been, also my lift were all up, which is quite a surprise for me with ****ty diet and incosistent training.

  5. It is tough trying to juggle life's anxieties while living a fitness oriented lifestyle. The fact that you are still making it to the gym and putting your all into your workouts tells about about you and your character.

  6. Thanks, Derek, for the kind words and thank you for letting me test your product, I know it's not the best log I could run, but I'm trying my best.
    I'm on the road today again and keep taking neurostim to help me going. So far so good. I'm lost but I'm making good time LOL

  7. Took 10 caps 30 min before workout today, I was thinking i was building tolerance to neurostim, boy, I was wrong! 10 caps is too much even for me. LOL but still had great workout, didn't want to leave gym, which is not usual for me lately.


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