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Durablast is marketed as improving energy and endurance. I didn't notice any real energy boosts with the Durablast and moderate improvement in endurance. I noticed an increased ability to concentrate and focus which I am sure is due to the p-l-car. I have tested both NeuroStim and NeuroStim+C and I frankly feel that they are better products for improving focus than the Durablast. Also I have tried other enrgy boosters that worked better.

In retrospect I wish I had tried the GXR a little earlier in the experiment to give it more time to see how it would have worked. Also the Durablast may have worked better stacked with another energy booster.

I really like Marc and the Scivation/Primaforce products a lot and I wish I could give Durablast my seal of approval, but I was not real impressed with it. I won't be buying it, but fear not Marc, I will still be buying a lot of your other products.
Thank you for the HONEST review.