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  1. MAN OROTINE/ by Max Von

    Hi Guys. This is the first review of a supplement that I have done on this board. I have done
    several post on here and the last supplement that I did a test an posted on here was Activia for Matt at designer supplements.

    I was asked by Joey( J-Rod) from MAN if I would test his new product OROTINE. I decided that I would like to do a post on here
    in ref: to this product. I hope that you will find this information helpful. If you have any feed back either good or bad feel free to
    let me know.

    First I must gave out a big thank you out to Joey Rodrigues the CEO/President of MAN Sport Products Inc for allowing me to do this test for him. I sent Joey (J-Rod) and email on thursday of last week asking him if I could do a test. He sent me an email back that day telling me that he would send it out on monday. So I got the product on friday and here we are.


    OROTINE™ contains the patented CreaTate™ Tricreatine Orotate (creatine + orotic acid) complex; an exclusive Creatine and Orotic Acid infusion. Remember Orotic Acid!

    One of the reasons that I wanted to try this product is as you know I have in the past talked about the fact that I have considered myself a creatine non-responded per say. I have tried mono and CEE with little sucess. But from what I have read and the talks that I had with Joey I am very excited to start this product as I think this one is going to be different. So you ask why this one over the others ones max? well here are some of the highlight that I took of of the MAN website
    Contains 2 scientifically proven performance enhancing ingredients in one compound; Creatine and Orotic Acid!

    Higher energy complex providing greater endurance and contractile force.

    Contains Patented CreaTate™ (Tricreatine Orotate ) US Patent No. 6,838,562 B

    Boosts muscle phosphocreatine more effectively by providing creatine as well as Orotic Acid which increases muscle Uridine levels. Elevation of intramuscular Uridine levels increase muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels 38% and 3%, respectively.

    The only form of creatine that can boost muscle carnosine concentrations.

    Great for sprinting.
    Stacks well with BODYOCTANE™
    The KING of CREATINES! ™


    I hope to finally hit that 190 mark, this ia a weight that I have struggled to get to. The closest that I have gotten to this is 187 when I did my first cycle of superdrol.

    I hope to increase my stength and stamina also, I am also looking to recharge my workouts as they have kinda gone a little stale lately.


    As you all know I am a police officer so when I say mon-fri workouts that is based off of my monday- fridays that change every week because I work a 5-2 5-3 work scheduale. I will be working out on work days and take off on my days off.

    I will do
    MON - Bi's Tri's
    TUES - Off
    WED - Chest
    THUR - Off
    FRI - Back Shoulders
    SAT/SUN Off

    Know I now what you are saying what about legs. Well I will add that in cause as you know or dont I have tore both of my acl's so I dont go heavy at all on legs.

    On my workout days I will post my results as far as how I feel and if weights went up and how strength felt. I wont post the weights that I lift as I have never been one to do that but I will give you plenty info to know how things are going.


    I will be taking 1 tsp in the morning and the second in the pm. I will do this both on workout days and off.

    I will also be taking no-xplode on workout day.

    And last will be protien and a multi-vitamin.


    5'08 180

    ARMS 16 1/4 inches
    CHEST 46 inches
    WAIST 32 inches

    BODYFAT 9% (done on Friday)

    thanks for listen

  2. Quote Originally Posted by max von
    I will also be taking no-xplode on workout day.
    I wish you wouldn't.

    Dropping this will legitimize your claims from a strength and stamina point of view.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad
    I wish you wouldn't.

    Dropping this will legitimize your claims from a strength and stamina point of view.
    You think that I should not use this, You have more experience then I do with these products I can hold off
    of taking it.

    I will stop using this during the test

  4. That's a good can also do several weeks of Orotine solo then stack No-xplode later. Just be sure to indicate when you're on each.

    Sounds like an interesting compound so keep the reviews coming!

  5. To maintain the intregrity of your trial, then you need to only use the Orotine

  6. Okay I stopped the no-xplode today. Iappreciate all of the feedback

  7. Well today was the first day that I lifted since I started.

    Did back and shoulders today. Not much to reports weights are pretty much the same as last week when I lifted.

    One thing of note, that I do have to report so far is that luckliy when the bottle says unflavored they were right cause I just had to try it by itself. I did notice that I takes a little bit extra to get the powder to disslove in water. It seems like it clumps up right away and does not dissolve like I noticed CEE does.

    Mon and tues days are off days and, I know what your going to say, Max why the heck did you start it now and not wait till a full week, well I thought the same thing but I called Joey and he said that i should start it right away to begin the load.

    Well thats all I have for now

    thanks for listening
  8. Thumbs up

    Cool log bro. I'm thinking of tryin this supplement as my next creatine. Right now I am loving Green Bulge, though. I'll be following.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by 40-yard dash_2
    Cool log bro. I'm thinking of tryin this supplement as my next creatine. Right now I am loving Green Bulge, though. I'll be following.
    Green buldge is a very solid product. Im going to try that next with the white blood. Are you doing a log on the green buldge

  10. Well as you know today is my off day and also a free day for me. Can we all say pizza 2 monday night games in HD is this heaven or what.

    Well after speaking with some people I have decided to stop using the no-xplode. The reason for this is that the Orotine is supposed to increase stamina and strength during workouts and I dont want to mix up the results on that end with the no-xplode.

    Well thanks for listening

  11. Well back to the workout tonights.

    First off I weight myself this morning at 182. thats up 2 lbs Im pumped about that.

    Thing that I have noticed so far. My muscles are much more swollen then they have been in a long time. I noticed it for the first time this morning when I got up. I noticed that I had keep some of the pumps and not that flat look from not eating for 8 hours.

    Tonight was Bi's and Tri's. strength was very good today. I noticed that I did not get tired quite as quick when I was lifting.

    I also was able to increase dumbell curls by 5lbs side and did 7 reps.

    Barbell curls were up 10lbs and that was for 8 reps.

    Tri's were also up but the most impressive was skull crushers were up 15 lbs and I was able to do 6 good reps, along with good form.

    No size increase yet but I am sure it is coming. For a non-responder I must say that so for I am impressed.

    Time will tell

    Thanks for listening

  12. Well today I have to report that my bi's are really sore, it is that good sore and I like it. Its has been

    awhile since I delt it like this so I am pumped

    thanks for listening

  13. Quote Originally Posted by max von
    Well today I have to report that my bi's are really sore, it is that good sore and I like it. Its has been

    awhile since I delt it like this so I am pumped

    thanks for listening
    Hey sup max

    so you are trying out the new MAN supp. I am definetly going to keep an eye out on this one. Goodluck bro

  14. Quote Originally Posted by diplomats
    Hey sup max

    so you are trying out the new MAN supp. I am definetly going to keep an eye out on this one. Goodluck bro
    Thanks man I appreciate the feed back and support. By the way nice back in the photo.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by max von
    Thanks man I appreciate the feed back and support. By the way nice back in the photo.
    Anytime bud. Thanks for the comment bro.

  16. Well today 9/23/05 is day number 6 of my stack. I got called into work early today, we had an armed subject in a building, so I was unable to do chest today, I will catch up wit that tommorow. Just an update on the Orotine so far:

    I have never had much sucess with creatine in the past, mono just bloated the hell out of me. With Orotine tho I have gained 3 lbs as of tonight. My waist is still the same side but I will say that my muscles are much fuller. My wife said th me this morning you are really getting some size, she loves the chest the best.

    I must say that when I get up in the my muscles are still really full, now mot like right after a workout, but not like after you have slept for 8 hours and they are kinda flat. I took some measurments last night and then again this morning and my size and apperance was the same. I must say that is one hell of an added benifit.

    I have also seem to be much more vascular as my veins in my fore arms in paticular are much more visible. I spoke with J-Rod on the phone this morning to see if I was missing anything. I must add that I started flax seed yesterday, I had ran out and had time to get some more tonight.

    I must say so far I am very happy.

    given the fact that I have been very disappointed in creatine in the past.

    thanks for listening and I will be back tomorrow with the chest exercises

  17. Day 7 09/23/2005

    Chest Day( and I love it)

    Well first thing that I did today was my morning weigh in and what did I see but 184lbs, yea that is not a mistype, no my fat fingers did not hit the wrong key, but I did try again to make sure that I was right 184lbs it is.

    That means since last Saturday I am up 4lbs in one week. Now I know what you are all saying cause I said it to, comon Max there is no way must be water weight, well I dont have a scientific answer, but I will say this and it works for me. When I got to work I reached in my locker and pulled out the wonderfull thing call a BULLET PROOF VEST. When I put it on I had to go a little tighter in the stomach and let a little bit out on top. (that strap goes right below pec's) So I think that is goo enough for me.

    I KNOW I KNOW get to the workout so here I go.

    My chest out was great stamina was the big diffenence. I was able to raise bench by 20 lbs tonight and I did that for 7 reps, man I am getting closer to that 300 mark, not there yet tho.

    Inclines tonigh went up 5lbs but I think that had some to do with the increase and the fact that I destoryed my pecs on the bench.

    Declines no change tonight but flies I went up 5 lbs on each dumbell.

    As I wrote yesterday so far I am very happy especially with the weight increase cause remember 190 is our goal here.

    I did have kinda a rush feeling today I took my dose 45 minutes before workout and had just a little tingle feeling. The pump that I got for my chest was great and most of it is still there and it is 1205 am here 12 hours after my work out.

    thanks for listening

  18. DAY 9 9/25/05


    Well after a nice day off from the workout on 9/24/05 it was back to the grind. I must admit that my back workout is not my strongest. With that said How can you not work that back out especially with that great look of a really strong and wide back.

    Well first things first and that is the shoulder workout.

    I have to say that I have been kinda bored with the military press but after taking a couple of week off from doing that exercise it was time to hit it again.

    I was pretty impressed wit the fact that with the dumbbells I was able to grab the ones with 5 more lbs. After that it was off to the front and side lateral raises. The side raises I love to do cause that burn is awesome. I was quite impressed with the side raises which is done with cables, weight went up by 5lbs a side.

    Last for the shoulders is the shrugs which I love cause I am hoping for that look of that no neck LOL, well you know I can always dream. My shrugs I was able to add 30 total pounds to the smith machine, and man they were sore at the end of workout.

    Next Its time for the back, as I have said it is not my best exercise, the reason being that my back is not in very good shape right now, I have a problem with it that doctors have not been able to fine. Unfortunatly I have seen 2 specialist now and no answer other the a consent dose of pain meds every day or I could not function.

    I know come on Max we dont need your doctors report, just tell us what the heck did you did this time.

    Well I must say that my weights on average went up by 15-20lbs on most of the exercises. Now I know that might sund really good but remember I have been keeping weights low cause I am kinda touchy with the back.

    I will say that one of the positives that I have seen is the next day my muscles are pretty sore. Biceps for one a very sore the next day. It has been a long time since I have felt that.

    I am still really full looking and I am so happy with the way that I look even when I first wake up and do the pose in the mirror

    Well thanks for listening

    9/26 and 9/27 are days off

  19. Day 12 09/29/05

    Biceps and triceps
    ARE YOU READY Standing 5'08 and weighting in at an incerdible weight of 185lbs MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXX VVVVVVVOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN
    I think I heared a couple of you saying it out loud. Ok Ok enough about this.
    Yes you did read that right above, weight as of 0900 cst on 09/28/05 on day number 12 I weighted in at 185lbs. That is a 1 lbs increase and makes it only 5 more to reach the magic number of 190 lbs. Keep in mind that the highest weight that I have achieved is 187 on x-factor, 186 on superdrol and now 12 days into OROTINE 185lbs, I think we are going to break a record.

    This morning I also took measurement. Biceps cold were 16 1/2 that is up 1/4 inch, chest 47 1/4 that is a 1 1/4 inch gain. I must say that after I did biceps today, which by the way was another great workout, I took measurments. I will tell you this the difference in size cold and after workout was less then a 1/4 inch. That is increadible cause that means I am keeping my pumps all the time and remember I just took 2 days off.

    My chest I have noticed Is full all the time, like I said before I am so impressed with the way it looks in the morning with no drop off. Now I know what some might be saying, Well Max that is just the creatine and you are retaining water. Well my friends you are wrong. Remember from above that when I used creatine in the past that I got quite water loged.

    This is not like that this is an overall fullness and it is not the smooth look. I still have the cuts seperating the muscles.

    Now the workouts on Biceps. my curls when up by 10lbs on barbells which is a new high for me, straight bar curls were up 5lbs. The big thing that I have to report is that when I did hammer curls I raised the weight by 5lbs per dumbell, when I got to the higher number 8-10 on the last set the pumps were so strong that it hurt.

    Triceps which are my second favorite exercise were great weights did not go up but reps did.

    My stamina has definatly improved. I did not have to take as long off in between set as before. My muscles were ready to life and when they were done they had nothing left to give.

    12 days into this and I am up 5 lbs chest is up 1 1/4 inches and biceps 1/4 inch. If I had to stop this now I would all ready call it a sucess. But I dont so the next 16 days should be pretty AWESOME.

    Thanks for listening

  20. Max, have you tried Clout yet?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad
    Max, have you tried Clout yet?
    No I have not yet. I have a bottle of clout and body octane at the house that I am
    going to use as soon as I am done with the Orotine. From what I have read on Joeys board
    I am really excited to try it.

    Do you think that I will see better results with that stack?
    Last edited by max von; 09-29-2005 at 08:46 AM. Reason: miss spelling

  22. Quote Originally Posted by max von
    No I have not yet. I have a bottle of clout and body octane at the house that I am
    going to use as soon as I am done with the Orotine. From what I have read on Joeys board
    I am really excited to try it.

    Do you think that I will see better results with that stack?

    Oh my... Clout+BO vs. Orotine?

    It's Night and Day

  23. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad
    Oh my... Clout+BO vs. Orotine?

    It's Night and Day

    Really that much better now I am ready to try it

  24. DAY 14 10/02/2005

    Chest Day

    Well I am sorry that I have been off for a couple of days now. We have had 7 robberies in 7 days now so we are all having to work 12 hours shift. We work our 8 hrs the we are undercover in different gas stations around the city. So I have not had alot of time to workout.

    Yesterday I was able to do chest before I went to work. My workout stayed the same as last week as far as weight went. This has a large part due to the fact that I have been very tired after 3 12 hours days in a row. By the time you are done with reports and paperwork it is usually 0400 before you get out.

    So anyways like I said my weights that I lifted stayed the same, I am sore as hell today in my chest. The thing that I thought was really great Is that I was really not into working out yesterday but when I got to the gym stamina was good and mental focus was strong. I also felt that my muscles recovered quite fast when I was done.

    Weight has stayed at 185 which I am very happy with as I thought for sure it would drop off.

    My muscles still look really full and today when I put my uniform pants on I had to pull them one notch tighter, which is great considering that I am up 5 lbs.

    Well I dont have to do a 12 hour shift tonight so I am going to get shoulders and back done tonight. I will give you an update when I am done.

    Thank you for listening

  25. Day 15 10/03/05

    Back and Shoulders

    Well it was nice that I had to work only 8 hours last night, but with that said of course someone always has to do something stupid at 1030p when I want to go home. Next thing you know someone going to Jail.

    I know guys quit talking about your job and give us the info that we want.

    Just one last thing I am very glad that I stay in shape cause sometimes your partner does not and when the fight is on yor have to be strong. Okay I can hear you yelling at your computer get on with it.

    Well I did workout my shoulders and back today. Dumbell press which is not my favorite went really well. I was able to grab, for the last set, 5lbs more weight in the dumbells. I was able to do 7 reps with that.

    I have to tell you that my favorite part of shoulder work out is doing the front, side and back laterals. I just love the burn that you get. I change it up a little and did side then fronts. I was able to up both of them by 10 pound each for the last set. I kinda pushed it cause the first 5 reps I did were good then I kinda cheated. Oh well I still was able to do 5 good ones.

    Back, my back has not been feeling very well lately. As my doctor has told me I am not going to hurt it any more it is just a matter of trying to manage the pain untill SURGERY. Thank God for good pain meds.

    I was very suprised in how much I was able to increase overall weight by 15lbs per exercise.

    My weight as of this morning is still 185, but know that I am off for 3 days I am going to try and up the calories to get this going up again.

    I must say that I am so impressed with OROTINE, cause I have never had much sucess with creatine, I can see why people have given so much praise. The best thing that I like so far is, the stamina effect that I get. My muscles do not feel weak until the very last rep and then I feel good, cause I know that I have given everything that I can. I also notice that I have cut down the time in-between reps by 30seconds and exercises down time by 1 minute. My muscles are ready to go much fast.

    I cant believe the soreness that I have been getting, ever body part is very sore the next day. My chest I still very sore and that was worked out on Sat.

    I know that I have been saying this over and over, but as of this day I could not be more happy with the results that I have gotten so far

    Thanks for listening


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