Nitro T3 by NxCare

  1. Nitro T3 by NxCare

    Another short one from the Free-Supp Lover!

    What's in it: It basically has a bunch of herbal test boosters, NO-boosters, and estrogen blockers.. Gotta take 6 caps at night, so I take them 30mins before I pass out.. 45 mins before that, I have my bedtime shake..

    The test: Been using it since I've stopped the Aminovol.. Kept the pumped feeling from the Aminovol going, and wood is an understatement. I'm not expecting anything dramatic from this alone, truthfully... My workouts have been pretty good, more energy and endurance.. This is another CEE-stackable product..

    Verdict: Minimal enhanced performance on its own.. I'd stack it with Aminovol and CEE-Pro for a good explosive mix.. Truthfully, I'd find similar products for less $$ to stack, but these can be found online (cough *Nutraplanet* cough) for a decent price..

    If I were to get more bottles of these, here's the way I'd run them:

    Aminovol: 12 tabs ED (6tabs am, 6tabs pm)
    CEE-Pro: 4 tabs ED (2tabs 1hr before training, 2 tabs 10-15mins PWO)
    Nitro T3: 6 caps ED (bedtime shake 2hrs prior, then Aminovol 1hr prior, NT3 30mins prior to bedtime)

    Questions? Concerns? Bash me for reviewing a company who employs gay bodybuilders? Let's hear it..

  2. i would never bash you pete...who can bash someone who gets to try all the supplements under the sun for free and then tell us how they work, haha.

    The best part is how we can go to our board sponsors to get indentical products that work twice as good for half the price...god bless our board sponsors!

    i have not heard anything too exciting about that nitro T3 either...


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