Aminovol by NxCare

  1. Aminovol by NxCare

    Remember those old-school amino horsepills? I think I still have a bottle around somewhere.. Well, the day has come where a company decided to forgo the usual amino blend, and use a precise array of aminos and specialty blends to enhance protein synthesis.. Aminovol is probably 3 weeks old or so (just got it in my store last week), and of course the never-ending "Beter Than.." slogan gets slung around abit..

    Here's my opinion, and only because they sent me a sample 240 caplet bottle..

    1. Dose: 6 tabs twice daily.. These tabs are not small, nor are they huge like NO2 tabs.. So 12 tabs a day on an empty stomach.. Quite similar to alot of the NO boosters, double the dose to get the effect.. I do feel a good build-up of a pump after taking these in the morning, however..

    2. Supplement Facts: It's a blend of EAA's, BCAA's, cortisol blockers, and of course, NO-boosters..

    The blend makes sense, gives you more of the aminos you'll use instead of other filler aminos (carnitine comes to mind).. It's a no-bull**** amino supp that shows what its got..

    3. My Results: So far, I've gone down another 2% and I'm still holding on to 200lbs leaner than ever.. Is it the Aminovol? No, but it helped out I believe.. I do feel more pumped, I even stopped taking my CEE to see if it had any effect.. Off the CEE, I noticed I still had the solid pump.. CEE actually prolonged the pump for me, needless to say I worked lats this past Wednesday and I still feel it..

    I'm still using the bottle they sent me, and I plan to write them and give them my opinion on the product.. They asked me to last I talked to them..

    In conclusion: I like this product.. Basically, if dieting it can maintain your pumps while on low-carbs.. Might have to try it while bulking, that's the real test right there.. Seeing that I'm a big fan of BCAA's, this product gives me another 2g on top of the 10g I take daily.. I would reccomend stacking this with CEE or any creatine product, but in my experience CEE enhances the pump bigtime..

    Next product will be the CEE I'm using, don't be pissed at me about the product itself, I got it free also..

  2. How about the strength effects?


  3. Strength is up, can't say it's all the Aminovol.. I'm also using CEE, but th epumps are prolonged after stopping the CEE for awhile..

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