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    This will be an ongoing documentation of my usage of Azoth 2.0, nootropic formula. The log is targeted and making me accountable for my use and also to provide a comprehensive account of dosages, combination with other stimulants and generally account of the best way to use Azoth. I will update this original post with a more substantial post regarding my statistics/sporting endeavours.

    For now, I would appreciate some subs and we will get this Azoth show on the road.

    *** For information *** - I blog/manage social media in parts for Azoth so I have an involvement with the company. @Euclides

    A bit about me...
    I am 34 years of age. I have been training for around 13 years in various disciplines. I now concentrate on Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and the strength/conditioning work that goes into that. My lifting can be described as low repetition, high weight work. I do very little outwith Squat, Bench, Deadlift and OHP.

    I use Azoth primarily for BJJ sessions. I have tried a number of different avenues in the past, pre workouts / supplements that bring agitation, itchiness etc are no use for fighting in my opinion. Hopefully this log can assist BJJ fighters make a decision when considering Azoth as a supplement option.
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  2. Looking forward to this brother.
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  3. In on this for sure!
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  4. Today is a bit of a training filled day, with very little relaxation involved before I get to bed tonight. Deadlift session this morning, working in 20kg increments up to max of 190kg. I filled out the rest of the session with some assistance exercises, in particular a row, similar to the row that Cailer Woolam seems to enjoy.

    I am currently utilising a Glucose Disposal Agent in conjunction with my usage of Azoth. Today is the first day, I will be encouraged to see how both interact and what benefit I can gain from it.

    It's 1pm where I am in the world and I can some tasks I need to do today. I have had 2 caps of Azoth with a generous serving of fats. My next training session is at 6.30pm and prior to this I will be dosing 1 other cap of Azoth in conjunction with a large Americano. This approach is what as prompted this Azoth log. I used to love stimulants before training but had to stop due to the lack of sleep I was getting at night after necking a stim packed pre workout. The steady release I have been getting from Azoth has been really positive and I find it does not stop me from sleeping.

    I will update later tonight with how the session went and what I found from this protocol.

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  5. Fantastic dosing yesterday if I do say so myself.

    One cap at 1845 just prior to training with a medium Americano (black coffee). Total focus, total energy. It was carb filled day yesterday, interested to see what reaction I will get with a higher fat approach which is what will next be on the list.

    4L of water throughout the day. Nothing else to report, keeping it simple as I can.

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