Nicksox Losing Weight With Veinquish

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  1. Got a good workout in today before softball here in an hour, hopefully will get lots of cardio in running the bases if all goes well!
    B.B. bench 10, 8, 6, 6
    Incline 4x10
    Db shoulder press 4x8
    Side lateral raises 3x10
    Skull crushers 4x8
    Triceps press down 4x10 double dropset last two
    Ten mins fast bike
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  2. And we're the champs! Came down to the bottom of the last inning, but we swept and won the league. Was a hell of a lot of fun and I certainly got my cardio in last night, on a hot and humid night. Been dosing like normal, still hanging out at 200. Did 5 miles at a pretty high resistance and fast speed on the bike today.

  3. Crazy week here, worked 15 hours Thursday and back at it all day Friday. Did some yard work today in 90 degree heat, fall my ass! Got up early today for a good back workout and cardio as well, veinquish still treating me great, been hanging at 200 for awhile now, even with diet off on some days so I know the long term effects are really helping keep weight off. Tomorrow is my daughters 4th birthday and birthday party, canít believe it
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  4. Had a great birthday party yesterday for my lil girl. Didn't eat the best but I swear this Veinquish doesn't allow me to gain weight! Still at 200 and feeling good. Tomorrow is our last night of softball so I'm gonna start hitting it a bit harder here and really focus on my workouts more, especially with the kiddo back in school and the business of summer slowing down. I started Shortcut to Size this week and am going to follow that for awhile here, I've always enjoyed running that so I'll stick with what I know so far.

    BB bench 4x12
    incline bench 3x12
    inclind db fly 3x12
    cable crossover 3x12
    Cable tricep extension 4x12
    overhead rope extensions 4x12
    calf raises 4xexhaustion
    all sets done with rest pause for last set. Felt really good after! Back tomorrow morning before softball. Going to be getting back into the morning workouts again, have been slacking on that and working out on lunch break, no more!

  5. Had a really good workout yesterday, and we won the tournament so we won both league and tourney, was a great season! Feeling great here and gonna kick the workouts up a notch. Did 20 mins of cardio today, below is yesterdays workout.
    bent over db rows 4x12
    wide grip pulldown 3x12
    face pulls 3x12
    standing pulldown 3x12
    bbcurl 4x12
    db incline curl 3x12
    all with rest pauses on last sets.

  6. Working hard my man! How do you feel?
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  7. Very good sir. Really feeling just all around good. Veinquish has really helped keep my weight down even while slacking in diet, so super pumped to really dial in here for the finish. 195 here I come
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  8. Another good workout here this morning, no cardio today but feeling good!
    Shoulder press 4x12
    lateral raises 3x12
    front cable raise 3x12
    reverse cable fly 3x12
    shrugs 4x12
    rest pause on each last set.

  9. Another fun filled weekend here, got some golf in Friday (after a good leg workout) wedding saturday and enjoyed some family time yesterday. Back at it hard again here this morning and feeling good! Still right at 200lbs, and that's a big win here.
    BB bench 4x9
    incline bench 3x9
    flyes 3x9
    underhand cable crossovers 3x9
    tricep pushdowns 4x9
    overhead cable tricep 3x9
    calf raises til failure
    Everything with a rest pause last set. 10 mins fast bike.

  10. Another good workout today, starting to do more actual running as of today as well, hoping to do a 5k in Nov.
    bent over db rows 4x9
    wide grip pulldown 3x9
    face pulls 3x9
    straight arm pulldown 3x9
    bb curl 4x9
    incline db curl 3x9
    cable one arm curls 3x9
    all rest pause last set
    1 mile run at a decent pace.

  11. Thanks for keeping up with this marathon logging op. We know it's a long one, but appreciate any and all feedback to the mechanisms involved in the supplement. What you like and am uncertain of, as well as any tangible or intangible results based on feeling.
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  12. For sure! Sorry for the lack of updates here, this guy got a bad case of the flu after that last update so I've been pretty out of commission. Still taking Veinquish as per usual though. Weight still at 200 and today was my first day back exercising again, ran for 1.5 miles on the treadmill and felt good finally. Back to the weights tomorrow!

  13. Back at it today! Started with a couple miles on the bike and finished with a good chest/tri workout.

    BB Bench 4x6
    incline bench 4x6
    flys 4x6
    underhand crossover 4x6
    tricep pushdown 4x6
    overhead cable tricep 4x6
    calf raises til failure x2
    all with rest pauses last set.

  14. Another good workout today, and down at 198.5 this morning! Definitely feeling good about that.

    Bent over bb row 4x6
    wide grip pulldown 3x6
    face pulls 3x6
    straight arm pulldown 3x6
    BB curls 4x6
    incline db curls 3x6
    all with rest pause last set.
    Another fast paced bike ride for cardio, more weights and running on the track tomorrow morning.

  15. Still at 198! Had a good shoulder workout yesterday, and ran 1.5 miles. Hit up 18 holes of golf today for my ďworkoutĒ gonna hit up some cardio tomorrow, hopefully running outside if not raining
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  16. Had a good weekend, pretty chill but ran 2 miles on the track saturday, and did 25 mins on the elliptical saturday. 197 this morning so down 5 lbs since starting, very nice. Today did a chest tri workout followed by a mile run at a quick pace as I was pressed for time
    Bench 4x4
    incline bench 3x4
    flys 3x4
    underhand cable crossover
    chest machine 21's x2
    wide grip tricep pushdown 4x5
    single arm reverse pushdown 3x5
    single arm regular pushdosn 21's x2
    all non 21's had dropsets last set.

  17. Looking good. Nicksox.

    You taking fish oil with this? I can really tell a difference with appetite suppressant when I take it and don't take it with fish oil.

  18. No fish oil at the moment, Iíll typically take those in the winter as my joints get creaky, but pretty good until then
    Black Lion Research Rep

  19. Woke up early for a good back workout today. Feeling very motivated right now and loving it. Gonna take a half day tomorrow for some golf and a 311 concert.
    Bent over rows 4x5
    wide grip pulldowns 3x5
    face pulls 3x5
    straight arm pulldowns 3x5
    cable curls 4x5
    incline db curls 3x5
    dropsets on all last sets
    1 mile fast run on track
    6 mins rowing fast pace.

  20. Almost hit a hole in one Weds, missed it by an inch!! WIll prolly never get that close again, haha. 311 concert was amazing as well, hell of a show. Took Thursday off as I was spent from a busy Weds. Today did shoulders/traps and some cardio, will be hitting up cardio all weekend as well.

  21. Rolling right along, did cardio both days this weekend and spent some good quality time with the fam. Hit up chest/tris today with some cardio. on the last bottle and things are going great. My appetite has consistently been under control, and just feeling good.
    Bench 4x12
    incline bench 3x12
    flys 3x12
    incline cable cross over 3x12
    tricep pushdown 4x12
    overhead rope tricep 3x12
    skull crushers 2x12
    Rest pauses on all last set (killer)
    15 mins treadmill one minute fast walk, one minute fast full incline splits

  22. Got a good workout in this morning, but been dealing with some more tough news. Grandma passed away earlier this log, and now it looks like Grandpa isn't going to make it much longer as he took a turn on Monday. Hard to see him like this, but I will always remember the good times, not what the cancer has done to him. I'm glad I can be there for him, no matter how hard it is on me and the family.

  23. Sorry for the lack of updates, my grandpa did end up passing away so itís been a whirlwind of stuff the past few days. Funeral is today, then Iíll be back at it. I have been taking veinquish throughout
    Black Lion Research Rep

  24. So nearing the end here and really enjoying my run! I can't post my workouts anymore, as I'm logging a three month run with Team Juggernaut to really kick stuff up a notch. I have nothing but good thing so say about veinquish, I have had a lot happen to me this three months yet I've kept an even head, and actually lost weight! Will keep updating here and post a final review when closer to finish. Had a great back/bi workout today.

  25. Another good workout here today, back down to 198 as well so losing the post funeral bloat.


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