wayne from c&p was good enough to send me a sample of ferox/genius/swole.

    i would really like to try ferox/swole together in morning pre-workout, but since i have never used them before i will go with ferox...been hearing good things about ferox, hope it gives the kick in the arse that i've been hearing about.

  2. sorry, had to go to indy yesterday thought our daughter in law was going into labor-false call..

    got up a little later today, so i was good and rested. got dressed mixed ferox in 4oz water and took a swig-yuck...need more water. 8oz was just right for my taste, ferox has a potent taste so more water than usual was needed. got in the old taurus and headed for gym. didn't take long was wide awake and alert within 15 minutes...

    i usually workout in my basement, but i wanted to see what ferox could do so i did my full body routine.

    energy-fast hitting, long lasting. smooth for the amount of caffeine/stims. powered thru my close to an hour workout and walked out drained from a hard workout but still mentally focused.

    focus-usually i don't comment on focus with preworkouts, but increased focus was so noticeable i had to mention it.

    pump-really didn't notice any more pump than usual, but with the stack i have been running a good pump is the norm, today was no exception.


    endurance-yes, the increased energy and focus without a doubt added more reps/intensity.

    really enjoyed ferox, top notch ingredients in a non-prop formula!!!

  3. taking an off day from working out today....getting caught up on paperwork and whatnot. took 2 cannibus genius about an hour ago.

  4. really enjoyed the genius, wasn't expecting that much punch from it. i actually noticed more mental clarity and doing paperwork wasn't as bad as it usually is.

    pretty impressed to get results from just 1 dose.

  5. sorry that review got delayed, i came down with a horrible head and chest cold..fortunately it was short lived and i felt well enough to workout in my basement gym.

    drank my sample of swole[tasted better than ferox]. waited 20 minutes then did arms, arms and more arms. in my review of ferox i mentioned that the stack i am on gives me a great pump and that no increased pump was noticed on ferox...this was not the case with pump i have had in a long time!!!

  6. thoughts on samples...would really like to see effects of ferox/swole together, but solo each is a effective quality product with top notch ingredients and no prop blend-you know what you are getting...

    of the 3 what really peaked my interest was genius, incredible that i was able to get those kind of nootropic effects from just a 2 cap dose!!! this was my 1st time using 'noopept' i am curious if effects increase over time or if this is like phenibut where you only use occassionaly and tollerance builds quickly, going to do some research!!!

  7. i see nutraplanet is running a sale on the entire line of chaos and pain products....decided i am going to buy a bottle of genius!!!


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