Progen Peptides log of various products

  1. Progen Peptides log of various products

    Hello gents, been awhile since I have been active but the good folks at Progen Peptides have asked me to review some of their more popular products. They have sent me albuterol, letro, and sildenafil. I'll be researching with all three. Mostly this post is to garner the effectiveness of their products so stay tuned, and it's good to see that AM has evolved.

    I have researched with all but albuterol so for the letro and sildanefil I will be able to compare it to script grade. I have already started researching the letro and will be starting the other two in the next day or so.

  2. Update:

    So far it has been going well, the letro and albuterol are legit the sildenafil has yet to be used. So far I am pleased with how things are going and can say that Progen is looking to be reliable, I'll continue with more updates.


  3. Have utilized all three now and can say these guys are gtg from the products given to test so if you guys are looking for ancillary needs then give them a shot

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