Pineapple getting Reborned by CL-WFR Pineapple!!

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  1. I dig it! Seems like the program is well proven.

    I like that you're doing his circuit too.
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  2. Just finished up my tub of WFR on these last two workouts think I had about 26-28 sessions with it. I did go over a full scoop sometimes so thats probably why it wasn't a full 30 servings.

    Saturday 5/3/1

    BB Row

    Standing Mil Press

    Was still feeling a little worn from deads yesterday so I just stuck with my main lifts.

    I wanted to add a 5th lift day for some extra exercises like an Olympic lift and a chest exercises to hit it 2x a week and some others that I didn't get to do cause of time. I wanted to add the 5th day 2-3 weeks ago but getting sick and work picking up have prevented me from that until now.


    (wanted to do these as another way to hit traps,back and shoulders all in one)

    Preacher Curl

    Db hammer curls

    Concentrated curl

    I tried to dips but my left shoulder was acting up...

    Used about a scoop for these session and it provided a decent amount of energy. Could have used more but I was able to work with it.

    I'll post a through review ASAP....

    Thanks again for letting me try this new flavor!!

  3. Hey brother, I really appreciate your time and dedication with the log and review. I'm glad you liked it. Good luck with the solid lifting. You should start a permanent training log on here sometime.
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.


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