14 Servings of Pump Igniter - Mini Log

  1. 14 Servings of Pump Igniter - Mini Log

    So this is all going to be postmortem since there was never any official direction on how or where we were supposed to review the 14 serving tubs that we received to trial... Thanks goes out to topsecret and the guys at Top Secret nutrition for the chance to give this a try. I have 14 servings and broke them up as such:
    Workout 1 - 1 srv (pm workout)
    Workout 2 - 1.5 srv (pm workout)
    Workout 3 - 2 srv (pm workout)
    Workout 4 - 2 srv (early afternoon workout)
    Workout 5 - 2 srv (early afternoon workout)
    Workout 6 - 2 srv (pm workout)
    Workout 7 - 2 srv(pm workout)
    Workout 8 - 1.5 srv (whatever was left) (pm workout)

    I'll breakdown each workout in a separate post for ease of quoting/questions below. Any questions/comments/thoughts/etc. are more then welcome!

  2. Workout 1: Pull-Strength

    Rack Pulls (5x5) / Wide Grip Pullups (5x5) / Underhand BB Row (5x5) / EZ Bar Curls (5x5) / Rear Delt Destroyer (x60x30x10) / Machine Pullover (FST-7)

    Took 1 scoop of PI about 35min before I left work. I hadn't eaten in about 2hrs but had a protein shake shortly after taking this.

    Initial thoughts: Flavor was decent. Nothing spectacular but not medicinal either so very tolerable. Could even be enjoyable. Began to feel the effects starting about 30 min after taking it. Very slight "euphoric" feel and I found myself unusually generous during my drive to the gym ha. By the time I got there I could feel a bit of energy but nothing to crazy. Overall workout was good, but I was not impressed with any of the pump factor. 5x5 isn't exactly good for this either though so I'll have to judge again on a higher rep day.

  3. Workout 2: Push-Strength

    OHP (5x5) / Skull Crushers (5x5) / DB Incline Press (5x5) / Lateral Raise (5x5) + run the rack (25lb-5lbx10ea) / Low Cable Cross (FST-7)

    Took 1.5sc of PI 45min before leaving work. Same meal layout as above.

    Thoughts: Taking this 45 min before heading to the gym was definitely too soon. I felt pretty amped up and was just ADD city for the last 20 min or so of my work day. Will try 20min tomorrow. Workout went well again. Energy is very good. Clean, no jitters, lasted throughout the workout. Again, minimal to no pumps, even on the Run-the-rack set (big disappointment here). Euphoric feeling did last quite awhile post workout so that was nice.

  4. Workout 3: Legs-Strength

    Squat (5x5) / SLDL (5x5) / Leg Extension (5x5) / Hamstring Curl (5x5) / Narrow Hack Squat (FST-7)

    Bumped up to 2 full scoops today and took them about 25 min before heading to the gym. Timing was perfect as I really was getting amped the last little bit of my drive (~10 min so the last 2-3 were great).

    Thoughts: Workout was AMAZING. Energy was high throughout, stamina felt higher, weights felt light, and overall just a great workout. Im going to have to say 2sc is my sweet spot as this was the best workout I had. The negatives from this were that I had a pretty heavy crash about 2 hrs post workout (which meant that at about 7pm I was ready for bed...) and still no dice on the pumps.

  5. Workout 4: Pull-Hypertrophy

    Deadlift (5x5) / Lat Pulldown (4x8-12) / Hammer Curls (4x8-12) / Seated Row (4x8-12) / Rear Delt Fly (4x8-12) + Run the rack (25lb-5lb x10ea)

    Took 2 scoops of PI 25 min before leaving my house. No meal or shake before it as this was early in the day so this was on an empty stomach. Seemed to hit me a bit faster this way (~15 min til I started feeling effects)

    Thoughts: Had an awesome workout again. PR on deadlifts was a hell of a way to start. Overall good mood and focus throughout with solid energy. My major issue with this after today's workout was the lack of extra pump... nothing more then is normal for me with no supps. I get a much better pump from just agamatine. Energy crash didn't seem as bad today (could be due to timing and meals post workout).

  6. Workout 5: Push-Hypertrophy

    OHP (5x5) / Triceps OHP (4x8-12) / DB Decline Press (4x8-12) / Lateral Raise (4x8-12) + run the rack (25lb-5lbx10ea) / Rope Pressdowns (FST-7)

    2 scoops, same style as day 4. Effect was nearly identical in that it hit me a bit earlier then if I had eaten.

    Thoughts: Pump today seemed a little bit better, but still nothing to really get excited over. Focus and mood are certainly great with 2 scoops and that's where I plan to keep the dose at until I run out. One thing to not is that although there is beta alanine in this, I don't get any tingles (which I like so this is sad for me). The purity of the BA HCL must allow it to be more readily absorbed (as it's supposed to) and thus doesn't give that tingle.

  7. Workout 6: Legs-Hypertrophy

    Squat (5x5) / Hamstring Curl (4x8-12) superset Standing Calf Raise (4x8-12) / Leg Extension (4x8-12) superset Seated Calf Raise (4x8-12) / Leg Press (FST-7)

    Back to the afternoon workout here so the dosing was back to days 1-3. Definitely takes a few min longer to hit you with food in you.

    Thoughts: Another great workout. Solid focus and mental energy as well as overall stamina and strength energy. Still no luck on a great pump so I'm throwing in the towel on this one. Endurance seemed to be a factor today as I didn't feel nearly as tired during my FST-7 sets towards the end.

  8. Workout 7: Pull-Strength

    Rack Pulls (5x5) / Wide Grip Pullups (5x5) / Underhand BB Row (5x5) / EZ Bar Curls (5x5) / Rear Delt Destroyer (x60x30x10) / Machine Pullover (FST-7)

    Same dosing schedule as day 1, only difference was 2 scoops vs 1.

    Thoughts: Now that I have another identical day to compare to, I can honestly say that 2 scoops is far superior to 1 for me. While there were some benefits at 1 scoop, 2 was much better in terms of actual workout focus, motivation, energy, and overall drive. Not to mention the endurance factor that comes into play late i the workout. Nothing stands out from this workout besides the fact that it was far superior to day 1.

  9. Workout 8: Push-Strength

    OHP (5x5) / Skull Crushers (5x5) / DB Incline Press (5x5) / Lateral Raise (5x5) + run the rack (25lb-5lbx10ea) / Low Cable Cross (FST-7)

    Last day so i took what was left about 25min before heading to the gym. (this amounted to about 1.5+ scoops)

    Thoughts: Theres not a huge difference in the way the energy hits you between 1.5-2 scoops, but you can really tell once youve been in the gym and are a few sets in that the extra bit really adds some extra focus and mental clarity to your workout. Overall good workout and solid mood from start to finish.


    Mixability: 9/10 - as with just about any pre-workout, there was a bit of sediment in the bottom of my cup, but nothing big or too gritty. Consistent with others and pretty much exactly what you expect.

    Taste: 7/10 - I prefer to mix my pre's with a lot of water but that was a mistake here. 8oz/scoop is about the most you would want to do unless you like really dull flavors. The raspberry flavor was nothing to rave about, but also not bad enough to hate on it. I don't take pre's for flavor so this makes very little difference to me.

    Energy: 9/10 - 2 scoops. That was the key for me to really feel this. Solid, clean, jitter-free energy throughout and even a good while after. Only issue that kept this from a 10 was that i did experience a bit of a crash later.

    Endurance: 9/10 - I didn't try this on just a cardio day so I can't comment on that but on higher rep lifting days it was great. Cant say perfect, but definitely top notch.

    Focus: 10/10- This was one of the areas where this product shined for me. Not "tunnel-vision" per say but definitely a real mental lock on each lift, weight, and even a very solid mind-muscle connection.

    Mood: 10/10- The other area that shined for me. The "euphoric" feeling begins about 15-20 min after taking and lasts 2-3hrs. This is very beneficial especially if you have a long ride to the gym to prevent road rage ha. No aggression increase with this product but the energy and focus more then make up for this. You'll be a gentle giant (that lifts like an angry beast).

    Pumps: 1/10- When a product has "pump" in the name, I really expect something special here. I can't say i saw any real benefit while taking this as far as pumps go. Huge disappointment here.

    Overall: 6.5/10- The major factor in my low rating here is that this is claimed to be a pump product and that was the one area that I thought it truly lacked. As far as the rest of the profile goes, it was top notch and definitely provided all of the other beneifts that were stated. I would reccommend this as a pre workout, but not as a pump product. If you're looking for pumps, try agmatine; or maybe even mix this with some and see how that goes.

    Thanks again to the guys at Top Secret Nutrition for the chance to log this.


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