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    So today was cardio. I drank 2 scoops of Condense this morning and although I never look forward to cardio I really got into it today. Again, I feel the oxygentaing effects of Condense. Definitely felt the endurance aspect like I could run for days or as long as my headphones lasted.
    Ran .5 mile
    Push Ups till failure (around 40)
    Sit Ups till failure (around 40)
    Ran 1 mile
    Air push ups (15 or so)
    Ran 1 mile
    Wide grip pull ups till failure (around 12)
    Plank 2 minutes

    Drank a MetRx 42 whey isolate zero carb drink afterward from the gym, was thinking a bun-less burger for lunch

    Planning a first low/zero carb day to try out on cardio days, but someone brought a variety homemade pies to the office today.. it's killing me, especially after cardio.. what's one slice :/
    Not worht it!!

    What gets lost in the pumps and the vasodilation aspects of nitrates is it's performance and atheltic enhancement properties. The others are really just side effects to the product letting you go longer and harder in the gym, The increase in 02 capacity just gets better and better.
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  2. Agreed!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Facetoface View Post
    Yeah, I rarely do zero carb days. This diet I am on is the first time I have actually followed zero carbs. But I make sure to slam carbs post workout. I feel surprisingly well, I thought I would hate this CBL diet. I have tons of energy, good sense of well being, and staying moderately lean and eating crap I do t normally eat. Not bad. As long as strength and size come I will be happy. If not back to my norm.
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  4. Totally, I have been following your log and am very interested in the results you get off of CBL!

    I agree with Grambo that the vasodilation effect of Condense does definitely seem to affect my 02 capacity when doing cardio/ + in anaerobic endurance and the pump is just a great side product.

    I think that is what a lot of pwo's are missing because although they may add arginine or other N0 boosting compounds, any of that effect is drowned out by the huge vasoconstriction of the stimulants. With Condense it is the opposite, you get great vasodilation from the nitrates while still getting awesome energy from the stims.

  5. Hit shoulders and tris today, felt good! My chest is still sore from Tuesday so I tried not to use it too much today but did do close grip bench and dips. I was wearing a tank today and thought to myself that delts are developing nicely. Funnu how sometimes my fisrt few exercises I always feel kind of weak or small and by the end I'm feeling more beastly lol. Again, I felt great endurance and was pushing out an extra rep or two on everything. I had 35 minutes between morning clients to get a usual hour workout in so I was super-setting delt exercises with tricep exercises. Sometimes i want to take another scoop of Dpol later in the day too, because it seems give me a short 30 minute boost right after I take it... it's kind of hard to explain. I feel it's definitely been revving up my hormone levels to some degree.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Facetoface View Post
    Pumps were great on tricep day. Sometimes I grab the tape at the gym after arms and measure my arm for fun. I know I have an awesome pump when Im pushing 17 (normally 16 flexed) which I was. Ive felt more vascular all around even a few hours afterward. I've had veins in my shoulders and even in my quads. The lactic acid buffering of Condense is very noticeable. I could definitely crank out a few more reps. Tomorrow AM will be back! Stoked to test pumps from that. The crisp apple is refreshing. Will be doing deads, meadow rows, pulldowns, cable rows ad back hyperextensions which pumps are always crazy from as is...
    Solid back routine.

    I enjoyed arms too while using condense. I ve actually had an opportunity to crank up the intensity with a few new peeps lately.
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  7. Nice! Yes I've been stepping up intensity as well..

    although today was legs and was feeling a little tired. I think Condense is the only thing that got me through the workout. I think I do legs better in the afternoon than AM because I'm well fed and full of glycogen whereas in the morning it just seems to take sooo much energy and drains me especially compound lifts. I think BCAAS, carbs an d2 hefty scoops Condense are needed before leg day for sure moving forward.

    Squats 135x6, 185x6, 185x8, 205x5, 95x15
    Leg Press 360x8, 360x6, 360x4, 360x2 drop to 270x8 to 180x9 to 90x12
    Leg Extension 205x10, 205x5 drop to 175x5, 70x20 with 3 sec holds at top
    Laying leg curl 140x8, 140x8, 140x8, 140x6
    Seated Leg curl 150x15 with 10 partials for each set x 4 sets

    Weighed in at 175 on an empty stomach this morning. 7 point pinch test: 10.5% BF, Arms 15.5 inches, chest 43 inches, waist 33 inches, hips 37.5 inches, quads 22 inches, calves 15 inches. I usually weigh a little more and measure a little more all around except for waist which usually teeters at 33 so I think, as suspected, my glycogen is low. Trying to hit 180+ in thsi month so I'm going to up the cals a bit.

    Food today plan:
    8:15 2 cups skim milk, 2 scoops Muscle Milk
    10:45 1 cups oats, 2 scoops whey protein
    1:15 flank steak 8oz, brown rice
    3:45 1.5 cups greek yogurt with honey
    5:30 Dinner- Fajitas
    8:00 big bowl multigrain cereal, protein shake

  8. Been a fun weekend, didnt quite eat (or drink) as well as I should have. Tomorrow morning back day will be purification
    Lovin the d-pol. Don't want it to run out!

  9. Weighed in at 177.5 this morning. Up 2.5 pounds! It was my son's birthday this weekend so I think the "decompression" did me good, haha.

    Back on the saddle. Drank 2 scoops Condense this morning and 1 scoop D-Pol along with an animal pak, 1 erase, and 3 fish oils. Hit back today

    Deadlifts: Still crazy sore from leg day Friday, so I skipped and will do some serious deads on Wednesday instead. I don't know what my legs always get sore yet it's almost hard for me to get sore in any other part of my body.

    Bent over rows: 100x8 for 4 sets
    Pull ups: Did 3 at a time with a 15 second rest pause until I got to 30 reps... just trying something new..
    Cable row: 1 arm at a time 60x8, 60x8, 45x20
    Hyper extension: 3 sets of 12
    DB shrugs: 80x15 with 3 second holds at top for 3 sets
    Abs in between sets

    9:00 am: 2 scoops MM
    11:30: 1 cup oats, protein shake
    2:00: 8 oz ground beef, green beans
    4:30: 1.5 cups 0% plain greek yogurt with fruit
    7:00: Dinner (undecided)
    9:30: 2 scoops MM

  10. I could feel the Beta-Alanine this morning as well, very tingly and a solid focus . Pump was awesome. Felt really good overall. Chest and Biceps.. my favorite day

    BB Bench Press 215/5x5's
    DB Incline Press 100/8, 100x8, 100x8, r/p 100x3, 60x15
    DB Incline Flye 80x12 for 3 sets
    Cable Flyes (high) 80x15 with 3 sec holds for 3 sets
    Decline Bench (machine) 270x6, 250x8, 250x8, 180x12

    DB Curls 100x10, 100x8, 90x8, 60x15
    Incline Hammer Curls 80x8 3 sets
    Preacher Curls 45x12 for 3 sets
    Standing BB Curls 50x15 for 3 sets

  11. I've had a 6:30 client 5x/week for the past 2 months and yesterday was our last day. Thank god. I've been feeling really sleep deprived lately.. I'm not a morning person lol. This morning I slept until 7! And I was pumped for shoulders/tris today, took 2 scoops condense, 1 scoop D, my multi and 5 g's of Arginine for an extra kick.

    Hit the gym, got done with my first couple of sets and..... in walks my 8:00 am client I forgot I had this morning. doh. Of course I'm stoked to have clients, I was just excited for a workout before work. Oh well, maybe I'll take 1 more condense scoop this evening and hit it again after my afternoon clients.. I'm excited to see what getting 8 hours sleep does for my training levels moving forward

  12. Delts/Tris last night

    DB Military press: 100x8 for 4 sets
    Lat Raises: 50x10 3 sets
    Reverse cable flye: 40x15 3 sets
    Front DB raises 50x10 3 sets

    Close Grip Bench 185x8, 185x6, 185x6 r/p 185x3
    Incline skullcrushers 80x10 3 sets
    Cable Pressdown 140x10 3 sets
    Dips (machine) 135x15 3 sets

    Bicycle 20 minutes, AB work

    Been taking D-Pol when I take my fish oil because Vit D Is fat soluble so seems logical

    I am feeling the D-Pol and Condense is still working strong which is good. I still feel the nitrates all day. Going to do Legs tonight and then headed to a cabin in teh mountains for the weekend where I'' be hiking, running, biking and relaxing.. see ya'll on the other side

  13. Went to a cabin in the mountains for the long weekend. Took 2 scoops of condense before hiking a 14'er. 7 miles up and 7 miles down. Oxygen is much more scarce at 14,231 feet above sea level so the oxygenating effects of condense were beneficial. Hit back today. Up to 180.5!

  14. Chest and Bis this morning... last 2 scoops of Condense I still have a good week's worth of D-Pol I will be continuing. I'll be switching back to my PWO I was using before the Condense arrived which is Flash Over.

    Final thoughts on Condense:
    -Very concentrated and very effective PWO.
    -The only PWO I've taken that I feel actually directly boosted Nitric Acid and Oxygen.
    -Increased endurance.
    -Did not cause any vasoconstriction like many PWO's do (especially those with DMAA). In fact it norticabely increased visodilation.
    -Energy was strong! Good dose of caffeine and beteine was perfect. did not gain tolerance over time as I do with many PWO's.
    -Tastes good and clean. No dyes. Mixes easiliy.
    -No fluff; just a hefty and effective dose of all ingredients.
    -I plan to buy another tub when my current PWO runs out.
    -Only downside for me is that there is no creatine monohydrate. Although in most PWO's it takes up a lot of space, it is typically the source for my creatine, so when I do condense again, I'll be taking creatine mono along side of it.

    Got a good pump today doing chest and bis. Some highlights:
    Bench 225x5x5 drop on last set 135x15
    Standing DB curls 100x10

    I have broken out on my shoulders and upper back. Will try to shower and wash with acne wash 2x day. Any other tips would be helpful. Sucks to get bacne at 32 (which is weird because I never got acne on my back or shoulders as a teenager), but I guess that may be a good sign that the D-pol is working. Still up at 180 and BF is still around 10 so that's good!!

  15. Sounds like a solid profile that pairs great with dpol. Can't believe you took condense for cardio.

  16. Yeah, I do really like the profile. Haha, yes, actually worked great for cardio! Put in some good music on the headphones and feel like I can go for miles..

  17. Alright, glad it's Friday!

    Legs went well this morning. I do miss the Condense and it's extra tingliness but felt good. The D-Pol I feel has had it's best effects in this last week and a half, I have gained a couple pounds with no rise in BF and gotten some back and shoulder acne which is no big deal. I believe I have about 2-3 days of D left so will do a final review of everything with after pics then.

    Squats 135x6 (warm up), 185x6 (warm up), 225x5x5
    Power Cleans 135x8 3 sets
    Leg Press (Machine) 250x8 3sets with calf raises in between
    Leg Extension 210x10, 190x15, 70x20 with 3 second holds
    Laying leg Curls 4 sets of 240x8
    Seated Leg Curls 4 sets 150x10 with 10 partials and staic holds till failure for each set

    Hamstrings feel gutted now lol..

    Jamming the 80's hair metal in my headphones today. Excellent music for lifting iron lol..

  18. Well, Sad day! Yesterday was my final scoop of D-Pol. Thanks again to Grambo and Purus Labs for letting me try a log!

    I feel that I did have some descent gains this month and D-Pol definitely gave me a little bit of an edge, but where this stack really shined for me was in the nitrate department. I undeniably had a positive effect on endurance and pumps. Also, the energy from Condense was very smooth and clean and without crash. The taste was good for both products and I hope to run this stack again in the future. The T-shirt is awesome too!

    Ending weight was 180.2 so I had a good 3-5 pound gain over this last month on somewhat of a maintenance diet! Measurements are close to the same but I definitely have more vascularity in my arms, especially biceps I noticed this morning, and had a good strength gain as well..

  19. Good job with the log and review. Thx.
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