Athletix Acute FX Sample

  1. Athletix Acute FX Sample

    Sorry this took so long lol.

    Thanks to JD for picking me to review.

    So for anyone who follows any logs I have done, you may remember I am no longer a big stim fan. I used to abuse the crap out of EC and 1,3 products, and my body can no longer handle it. For that reason, I spaced the caps out by 30 mins, I figured if I wasn't dead in 30 mins, I could bump it up.

    First 2 caps 60 mins before work out: Mixed in roughly 6oz water

    Taste: 5/5 I enjoy anything raspberry flavored. Not too overpowering, after taste was not bad at all.

    The stim was waking me up pretty quick, I would say within first 10 mins. Not too bad at 2 caps, felt clean.

    Last 2 caps 30mins pre: Mixed the last 2 caps in about 10oz water. Taste to me was still pleasant even watered down some. There is still one company that makes a Raspberry Lemonade product that I drool for, but Acute FX was no too far behind.

    Review of 4 caps 1 serving staggered 30 mins apart:

    Energy: 4/5 Nice, clean energy. I was nervous at first, but staggering it helped me from being to wigged out. I did notice an increase in body temp, I believe it "woke up" the Alpha T2 I used a few hours prior. No jitters, no crash.

    Focus: 3/5 This may be skewed because I didn't take the full serving at once. I may have spent more time, making sure the stim wasn't too strong, and that may have taken away from my focus. The non-stim (High Volume) had me so focused that I was cleaning my car out and almost forgot to head to gym lol. However, that was taken full scoop right off the bat, since it was non-stim.

    Pump: 3/5 I worked Chest/Tris and had a decent pump going in my tris. The non-stim seemed to outperform in the pump category.

    Overall 4/5: I think at 4 caps it's great for people like me, who don't like crazy amounts of stims. Others will probably try 5 or 6 pills lol.

    I bet the real sweet spot will be 4 caps Acute FX and 1 scoop High Volume... That's my guess

  2. Thanks for he great review Good to hear you enjoyed it
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Thanks for he great review Good to hear you enjoyed it
    Yeah I liked it. I need to step my stim game back up though lol.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Yeah I liked it. I need to step my stim game back up though lol.
    I've been on stims for a long time now, I seem to never get used to them, I never had a workout where I can say I didn't feel my pre-workout. I hate workouts without caffeine lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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