Feel like I am overdue to make a contribution to the forums here so it's review time. Started taking 1 scoop of REM 8 before bed as directed about 2 weeks ago. It is filling the gap during my break from IForce lights out.

Sleep effects: 9.5/10

Was effective from dose #1, is better than lights out for putting me to sleep, and about a tie for making the sleep deep and having me wake up feeling well rested.
Super groggy to the point of almost falling over a few times when I woke up for the washroom in the night.

The product also claims to raise metabolism and aid weight loss. I cannot fairly rate these effects due to other supplementation and dietary changes but I can say I definitely feel leaner in the mornings than usual.

Taste: 5/10
Honestly I have never used a phenibut powder product before and from what I see in reviews bad taste is common. Mixability with the powder is an issue even when I use twice the recommended amount of water. The clumps/floaters are bitter as hell so I down it quick. IMO the effectiveness far outweighs this setback, what we really want is results not a bedtime snack.

I will update when my 40 day run is complete!