Flavor: 8.9/10

The flavor of this bar is closer to a vanilla batter than actual cake batter. The outer coating is very sweet, it reminds me of the coating on yogurt covered raisins

This bar also has a very strange creamy melt in your mouth texture

Caution: These bars could become highly addictive

Texture: 9/10

The texture is soft and very chewy. I could eat these bars all day long

Profile: 8/10

These bars have more sugar than most, you'll notice it after your first bite
No sugar alcohols, whey protein isolate, 5g of fiber and 18 vitamins and minerals are the highlights of this bar

Overall Thoughts: 8.5/10

Delicious, Addictive, Great Texture and a Decent Profile. I'm excited to give the rest of their line a shot