alwaysgaining's recomp recovery picture log

  1. alwaysgaining's recomp recovery picture log

    Ok the layout
    Oxy elit pro og 1aday
    One triazole cap aday
    4g sesamin oil
    10g super cissus rx aday
    Hgh power patch evry six days

    Yup once aweek picture I will try to get on ans post and chat but this is really just a self transformation picture history
    I'm letting a knee heal and so I turn my attention to my upper body and really see how far I can go
    My first goal is 4 weeks of pics that will be awesome

    In a week I will post up workout I'm trying to get to the gym 3x a week.
    Plus my job I am a yard worker in a lumber yard running and pushin lumber all day
    I need 3600 to stay 205 I plan to stay around this number . My cals as high as 4000 mayby as low as 2000
    Aday most around 3700

    Stats right now

    12% bf


  2. Week one day one

  3. I also have back pics . I'll get those

    oxy elite pro is very good not a single hunger pang tons of energy and visible changes each day in the mirror

  4. Still getting leaner I'm at 199lbs now down 5 lbs already

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