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  1. I know exactly how you guys feel. Sometimes ill be ready to go but for whatever reason, busy day, extra stress, i just cant get my mind and body into it and at the point no amount of Powermax will help hahaha
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  2. Push

    1x20 135lbs
    5x5 235lbs
    5x5 225lbs

    DB Shoulder Press
    5x10 65lbs

    Tricep Cable Pushdown (widegrip)
    5x10 160lbs

    DB Incline Fly
    3x10 60lbs

    Reverse Grip Lateral Shoulder Raises
    5x10 15lbs

    Single Arm Tricep Cable Pushdowns
    3x8 70lbs

    Incline Press
    3x8 205lbs
    2x20 135lbs

    Front Shoulder Raises (Barbell)
    3x15 40lbs

    Tricep Rope Cable Pulldowns
    3x10 130lbs

    So Today, I had a Mudathlon Obstacle Course Race.
    Took a double scoop and completed the race, but the end I felt like I was just getting warmed up.

    Went to lunch and drove 2 hours home, then decided it was gym time. Took another double scoop and hit the gym.

    Had amazing energy and stamina. Could have stayed at the gym the rest of the night.

    "Today was a good day" - Ice Cube.

  3. Damn dude, that's quite a day # nicely done
    Black Lion Research Rep

  4. hell yea man, i really dig your workouts, keep it up!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  5. Pull Day

    Double scoop

    Wide Grip Pull-up

    Seated Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
    3x10 160lbs

    Bent Over Row
    3x10 185lbs

    Seated Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
    3x10 160lbs

    DB Rows (lawn mowers)
    3x10 100lbs

    Face Pulls
    3x12 100lbs

    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls
    3x10 35lbs

    Standing DB curls
    3x15 35lbs

    Underhand Grip Pull-ups (legs extended)

    Had good energy and stamina energy throughout the workout. Pump was decent. Ready to hit it hard on Monday.

  6. 30 Min of HITT in the morning.


    Seated Leg Extensions
    5x20 100lbs

    3x10 225lbs
    3x5 295lbs

    Standing Calf Raises
    5x10 315lbs

    Legs Press
    5x10 300lbs

    Seated Calf Raises
    5x20 150+bodyweight

    Got to the gym late again. Kinda threw off my routine. Did a double scoop. Perked up my engery levels and my stamina was great. However there was a ton of people at the gym it was difficult to get equipment...

  7. Forgot to Post last nights here it goes.

    Push Day

    Bench press
    5x5 225lbs
    5x3 245lbs

    DB Shoulder Press
    5x10 70lbs

    Incline Press (smith)
    3x8 225lbs
    3x10 185lbs
    3x15 135lbs

    Front DB Raises
    5x10 35lbs

    Pec Dec
    3x15 200lbs

    Wide Grip Tricep Cable Extentions
    5x15 160lbs

    Took a double scoop
    Had great engery, had great stamina. Bring on Pull day.

  8. another great workout! Seems like the energy from powermax is holding strong, have you noticed that you've gotten used to it at all?
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  9. Well done sir! Are you noticing anything from a pump or focus perspective?
    Black Lion Research Rep

  10. Pump honestly seems to be hit and miss for me with this product. However it may be ralated to my diet as well. If I take in a good amount of carbs prior to lifting my pump is there. If I dip my carbs lower the pump is minimal.

    Focus has been great throughout this entire log. I'll write up a full comprehensive review when I finish my log.

    I will say that I have recommended this product to several friends to try. I recieved 2 sample packs in the mail and I have handed those out already.

  11. Good deal man, thanks for helping us spread the word! Let me know if you had any other buddies looking to try and we'll hook em up!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  12. Pull


    DB rows (lawnmowers)
    5x10 120lbs

    BB Curls
    1x10 60lbs
    1x10 50lbs
    1x10 40lbs
    1x10 30lbs
    1x10 20lbs
    No rest between sets. Did this twice

    Bent over Row
    3x10 195lbs

    DB Curls
    3x10 45lbs

    Seated Wide Grip Row
    3x10 200lbs

    DB curls and Rear Delt Fly
    DB - 30lbs
    Fly - 120lbs

    Had amazing amounts of energy. Had good pump going. If not for my time restraint I could have kept going.

  13. Legs

    Leg extensions

    Walking Lunges
    3x8 110lbs

    Leg Curls
    3x15 100lbs

    High Foot Leg Press
    5x10 450lbs

    Single Leg Hack Squats aka "god d4mnnit mother f%ckers"
    5x10 125lbs

    Double Scoop
    Good Energy, Good Pump. Doesn't seem like the product is tapering off its still running strong.

  14. Goods to hear man! I swear this powermax never loses its punch, no matter how long you've taken it. Have a good 4th!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  15. Push Day

    2x10 Pullups

    Bench Press
    5x5 335lbs
    5x10 185lbs

    Precor Shoulder Press
    5x10 35lbs

    Lower Chest Cable Flys
    4x10 70lbs

    Shoulder Shrugs
    5x10 315lbs

    Chest Dips

    Tricep Cable Extensions
    3x6 200lbs
    3-15 120lbs

    Overhead Tricep Single Arm Extensions
    3x10 40lbs

    Double Scoop
    Energy was meh, but stamina was great, good pump.

    Today was supposed to be my day off work but during my workout I got called into work a half day... kinda put a bump in my workout....

  16. Still looks like a damn good workout, even though it sucks that you had to go in to work on your day off.
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    Black Lion Research Rep

  17. yea that will def. mess up a workout, looks like you still god a good one in!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  18. Warmup

    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
    3x10 160lbs

    Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
    3x10 160lbs

    Single Arm Seated Cable Rows
    3x10 100lbs

    Front Lat Pulldowns
    3x20 120lbs

    BB Curls
    1x10 60lbs
    1x10 50lbs
    1x10 40lbs
    1x10 30lbs
    1x10 20lbs
    No rest between sets. Did this 2x

    Cable Curls
    10 wide grip 10 close grip = 1set
    3x 90lbs

    Double scoop
    Tons of energy, great stamina, focus was great. Pump was good.

  19. Final review for Performax PowerMax PreWorkout

    I would like to start by saying all information concluded below are my own opinions and experiences. In no way, was I paid, or coerced into providing a biased review for this product. This review is based on the recommended 2 scoops.

    I'd like to thank Performax and NickSox15 for the opportunity to review and log this product.

    My current phase for last 2 months has been cutting. I was given the chance to try out PowerMax. Given that its supposed to be a low-stim, high performance product, I jumped at the opportunity to test it. As we all know most preworkout supplements rely heavily on caffeine for the energy boost. That's all well and dandy but what a lot of people don't realize is that that huge spurt of caffeine energy can convert to cortisol. Cortisol triggers body fat. That's a no no for me right now.

    The ingredients are typical of most PWO's, with B Vitamins, creatine, vasodilators, and other stimulants. Another ingredient is Advantra Z. I had to look this up and found directly from the manufactures website that its a thermogenic formula that's supposed to help with energy utilization, and amino acid absorption.

    I will break this review down into a few parts here for easier reading.

    Mixability: 10/10
    Performax easily mixed with smaller and larger amounts of water than required on the label. I was impressed with the grit free texture and was easily indigestible. Being easily mixable made taking double scoops easier will less water.

    Taste: 7.5/10
    Taste was good. It was a bit like a fruit punch koolaide. It wasn't the best tasting PWO nor was it the worst.

    Pump: 7.5/10
    The pump with performax seemed to be hit or miss for me. What was noticeable was when I would eat a good large lunch and then took my performax I was getting huge pumps. If I didn't eat as much the pumps were less noticeable.

    Stamina: 10/10
    One thing that remained constant through the entire log was the stamina increase from the product. I could easily speed hours at the gym and still have the endurance to continue training. I've never gotten that from any other PWO.

    Energy: 9/10
    The energy I got from this product was different from any other PWO I have taken. First and foremost when they advertise “clean energy”, it really is. You don't get a huge blast of energy to the face right away. Instead, you get slow controlled energy release. This energy kind of sneaks up on you as your workout continues. You find yourself on set 5 with more energy than you had at set 1 and 2. This means that your able to push harder with heavier weight.

    Final thoughts;
    Overall it was a great product. I liked the fact that I didn't get a face full of energy right away and it didn't have a huge amount of caffeine to get me all stimmed out. Another great thing that I didn't mention before is that there was never an energy crash and I didn't have any issue will sleep. The only thing that was kind of a con, was that the pumps seemed to only when I ate a good meal prior. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but during my cut phase it kind of was a downer since I wasn't eating a ton of calories. I would probably try this product again through my bulk phases to see if the results change. (starts Aug 1) I feel like my workouts were more effective while running this product due mostly to the stamina increase that I got throughout the entire log. Again this is far and away the best product I have taken for increased stamina throughout my workouts.

    I have already recommended this product to a number of friends to try. Especially those whom are looking for something that doesn't hinder sleep and are looking for long lasting energy throughout their workouts. In fact, I gave away both trial packs that I had received in the mail, and gave away a few scoops from my own stash.

  20. Great final review man! Very pleased you had a good experience and really enjoyed following along. Thanks for helping us spread the word to your buddies as well! Could you throw this up on the product review section as well? Thanks again man and keep kicking ass in the gym!
    Black Lion Research Rep


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