Athletix Stim Preworkout (Acute Fx)

  1. Athletix Stim Preworkout (Acute Fx)

    So I totally forgot about the Stim review because I was so excited with how much I enjoyed the Non Stim.

    Here is a quote I posted in the promo thread

    "the stim is pretty good, ill have a review up shortly but I overslept for class on Tuesday

    Popped the caps in 8 ounces and it kicked me in the mouth and kept me focus all through lecture AND lab"

    So I am not going to give everything an arbitrary number system just because it was so long ago that I took said preworkout.

    The taste - later in the thread I said it tasted like a berry lemonade. After the preworkout's name and profile was released I found out that it is actually Raspberry Lemonade so I think I am king taste tester there.

    Focus and Energy - chemistry lecture and lab all together is like 3 hours if I am lucky, the fact that this kept me going through it all is impressive. Definitely a nice kick and the energy settles in promptly. Not only that but I actually paid attention, it was a class I already knew most of the material in so concentrating was difficult not after the boost I got from these nifty caps.

    And lastly I want to add the energy is smooth, like really really smooth. I was sitting down through all of this and I felt no jitters, no unvoluntary urges...just amplified

    And that's all I can remember I'm not going to fluff this, this is my honest opinion. Just fashionably late :P

  2. Thanks for the review!

    I figured you just forgot lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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