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  1. Gotta love those days where you just feel strong at the gym! Once again, great workout as always!

  2. Looks like an awesome workout and those are some good deadlifts after squats! Keep up the good work brother!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by mayhem99 View Post
    Had a solid lift day
    PowerMax didnt let me down quiet the opposite today it kinda shocked me maybe it was the fact i cut my training back but for some reason it felt stronger today very nice had to stop my self hoping it will be like that the rest of the week so I can kill it on my hypertrophy days. This update is going to be short and sweet sorry brain has WAY to much going on.

    Squat 165x5 190x5 220x5
    hack squat 110x10 140x10 165x10
    leg extentions 105x13 with rest pause to 20 reps
    Dead lift 255x5 295x5 335x5
    Good mornings 50x10 70x10 90x10 Never done these so feeling them out
    Lying leg curls 75x9 rest pause sets to 20reps
    standing calf raise 180x25x4
    seated calf raise 180x25x4

    So all in all a good solid workout

    Solid Lifts my dude! Very impressive

    I'm curious to know how your lower body pump/fullness felt when taking PowerMax. I've had to take a break from deads for quite sometime, and never had the chance to use PowerMax for a solid set of deads.

    Either way looks great, looking forward to your next update.
    Former- Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  4. Hey thanks guys

    Dr. Veritas I notice a good fullness in my lats traps abs arms and just about everything after my dead lifts most the time. With PowerMax it sticks around longer and my muscles feel full way after my workout is finished. Also I have noticed that my vascularity is enhanced a good bit before I even start to lift which is odd to me but kinda cool as well.

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  5. Back hypertrophy my favorite

    So had another solid lift day I am feeling pretty good I think the reduce in over all volume is helping. I got some pictures I will try and post today give you some idea of the pump/blood flow I get from power max its pretty crazy imo. I would take some full body pictures but you all don't want to see the skinny fat guy so want to that to ya. Lift Log

    Barebell rows 135x8x3
    pull ups 10,7,6 rest paused to pick up missed reps
    t bar row 90x15 115x15 115x15
    supinated pull down 80x15x3
    seated cable row 90x20x3 (low pulley is 2x weight so actually 180)
    v bar pull down 150x20x3 ( again single high pulley weight is half )
    dumbbell press 35x12x3
    snatch grip upright row 95x15,12,10
    face pull 110x15x3 (single high pulley 1/2 weight)
    dumbbell lateral raise 10x20,20,15
    dumbbel rev fly 5x20 10x20 10x20
    snatch grip shrug 225x10x10

    Now I know you guys probably don't care to much about what the weight REALLY is coming off my cables but it makes me feel better lol.
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    Here is a good one of my forearm this is like right after.
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  7. Nice workout! Looking pretty vascular a well.

  8. got some garden hoses goin through your forarm there brother haha
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  9. Killed it on chest and arms

    Loving the PowerMax ride it kicked in really well for my workout and gave me a surprising pump in my arms. I really think the endurance I get form this stuff is where is shines that and the focus. Kinda makes me sad the tub is almost empty. Nicksox15 as promised I will be posting final reviews here and at supplement review and i will send you a link to all of them once they are up. Got a solid lift log for you guys here and going to put in some work tonight on my legs. I will post the log up before i leave to go on vacation.

    Incline dumbbell 45x12 50x12 60x10
    decline dumbbell 45x12 55x12 60x12
    Dumbbell pull over 55x15 60x15 65x12
    cable cross over 45x20 50x20 55x20 dropset 45x15
    EZ bar curl 45x12 50x12 55x12
    incline dumbbel curl 20x15 25x12 25x12
    preacher curl 80lbs cluster sets to 20reps 3 sets
    close grip over head tri extetion 55x12 55x12 55x10 (reduced weight to focus on form)
    weighted dips 15,15,12
    pushdowns 80x20 80x20 80x15 (pause and sqeeze at bottom that killed)
    superset tricept kick backs 15xfailure
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  10. Awesome man, great work in here! Who isn't a fan of pumped biceps! And the sadness of the tub being empty can be quickly rectified with the purchase of a new one

  11. Really happy its still kicking strong for you brother! And we def. appreciate the indepth log with weights and reps!

    Looking forward to your final thoughts!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
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  12. ok this has been late coming so very sorry about that friday was crazy but I got some free time today going to post my final reviews This is pretty much going to be my posted review and thoughts on PowerMax. I would like to thank every one at Perfomax for giving me the chance make this log of there awesome product really been fun.

    Final thoughts on PowerMax I will just run them down taste mixability value effect and over all

    Taste: 10/10
    I don't really have a between on taste I eight like it or I don't and I judge it a few ways in that respect. One can I drink this stuff EVERY day for how ever long the product will last me. Two is there and negatives that may be something of a downer later IE after taste. PowerMax didn't really disappoint me at all I ran this for a FULL tub any where from one to two scoops only and it tasted great on after taste not to sweet and was like koolaid to me loved it ever time.

    Mixability: 10/10
    I could poor this stuff in water give it a shack or two and boom no grip no mess nothing couldn't ask for any thing else.

    Value 9:10
    I only gave it a 9 for one reason because it took to scoops I feel a product should deliver full power in its suggested service and honestly I looked up how much this stuff list for and I will be getting more. So not a down fall in anyway.

    Effect 10/10
    Ok here is where I will put in some time. This stuff is NOT for a stim junky not even close if you like to be cracked out of you mind of what ever before you work out this will not do that for you . What PowerMax will do for you is give you a nice clean kick in the pants to get you started and hold you though a tough work out. Its got a crazy focus to it and has this ability to for me anyway to just get my in the mood to lift almost zoning me out which I love. Also I think the fact it is not stim heavy makes it better in the respect I took two scoops that it all i needed it never fell off or changed in the energy it gave me. As for pump I am not one to give credit to a pre workout for the pump I get in the gym BUT I will say that while using PowerMax my pump lasted longer and the pump was much easier to get. Another shining point I would like to make in endurance was very noticeably increased while using this product I found that I could push a good bit longer then normal and for a product with out beta alanine in it I find that curious but a nice addition.

    Over all 9/10
    Powermax by far is a product I would recommend and will be making some thing I cycle into my pre workout arsenal. Its not stim heavy which I like and its got a great deal of focus that adds to the energy it provides.

    I hope you guys like this review and I am going to get back to my vacation. I will check back in about 7 days.
    Go big Or go home!!

  13. Awesome review man! Very happy you had a good run with it and will be using it in the future! It was very fun following along with your log, you killed it!

  14. Hey back from vacation Glad you guys liked my run and my review hope to do some logging in the future for ya. Thank again for the opportunity.
    Go big Or go home!!

  15. Sounds good man, hope you had a good vacation!

  16. Great review brother! Nad we will keep you in mind for future testing.
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.
    Fitmax: Fat Burning Energizing Pre Workout!
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