ANS Ritual & LizKing

  1. ANS Ritual & LizKing

    Props to southpaw23 for giving me the opportunity to try out ANS Ritual!

    Great product! Mixes fast – good flavor (candy green apple) – quick acting. There’s a few different preworkouts that stay in my stash for different reasons, but this might actually be the first that comes close to covering all bases for me. Great energy & focus, increased stamina, good pump, & of course, those tingles… I used 1 packet at a time, going thru all 4 days of a 531 template.

    Energy & Focus: Top notch – I didn’t feel cracked out & had plenty of endurance. A good balance of increased focus & energy.

    Pump: Got a great pump out of it. Didn’t blow me up too crazy, but very good.

    Flavor: candy green apple – pretty good. It’s not an overpowering flavor at all, which is nice. Kind of reminds me of condense in a way, but I think I like the condense flavor better

    Mixability: Awesome – shaker cup does the job with very much minimal effort

    Overall: 4.5+/5 - Ritual is a really great preworkout & I highly recommend.

  2. Your experience with Ritual mirrors my own, except I normally use two scoops fasted. If you managed to rate this highly at one scoop, I can only imagine how you'd feel on two scoops. Lol. Thanks for posting up a review Cincy!

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