RicRoc's boosting test with Tropinol-XP (sponsored)

  1. RicRoc's boosting test with Tropinol-XP (sponsored)

    Back from parts unknown. . .

    Okay, so let's cut the bs and get straight to the point. I've run TXP before, and mainly on its own, save for a few staples to keep me going strong. Here's that log if you wanna read it while you're on the crapper, letting go of all that protein you've been shoveling in your pie hole. RicRoc's OG Tropinol-XP Exegesis

    I had to take a brief break from lifting, as I think I snagged a nerve somewhere in my inner thigh or pulled a groin or strained an abdominal muscle. Still a bit tender, but nothing that's keeping me from lifting, although I think it's time to invest in a solid belt.

    I've been on TXP for about seven days now, but wanted to wait to write up the log to ensure I could see it all the way through. I know I already gave it its due, but something about running a full log always keeps me going. I wasn't able to fully see my last commitment, so I'm also making up for that.

    Blah, blah, blah, what's the deal. Since I essentially ran TXP solo last time, I'm adding some compliments to aid my journey this go-round.

    -Tropinol-XP (iForce's no-holds barred [Zeus status] test booster. If this doesn't help increase your strength, you're doing it wrong.)
    -Compound-20 (my body loves this stuff and it pairs up well with coleus, an ingredient in TXP)
    -E-Control (I know it's geared towards PCT, but it has benefits as a standalone.)

    -NRG-X's VitaMaxx (first time using them, not too bad)
    -L-Carnitine and Pantothenic acid (for acne flare-ups...helps)
    -Fish oil (was using NOW's heavy EPA version, now using iForce's)
    -coconut oil
    -iForce's Conquer (sponsored log to be added shortly)
    -iForce's Hemavol (got some samples with the TXP. Been eager to use this. Jury still out on this for me.)

    -Just grow, baby! On days I lift, I'm averaging about 3,800 calories, which is about 400 hundred calories above maintenance; depending on what system of mathematics you use. HAHA! Split is roughly 35%p, 35%c, 30%f. I know last time I ran TXP, I didn't eat as much as I should have to benefit from what it had to offer, despite seeing good increases in strength. This time, I'm throwing it all in the kitchen sink and eating that sh!t whole.

    I'm using Norton's PHAT routine and have been enjoying it these past several weeks. I'm making tweaks to it as I need to, though not many. Amazing what heavy lifting can do and my body seems to enjoy working each body part twice, given how the system splits the protocol.

    Enough for now. I won't bore you with my workout numbers today. I'll get that ish cracking tomorrow.

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  3. Ill be running this myself in the coming weeks so looking forward to seeing how you get on. Ill also be running iforce intimidate with it and erase pro so looking forward to that!

    Good luck with this!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Wilsy7 View Post
    Ill be running this myself in the coming weeks so looking forward to seeing how you get on. Ill also be running iforce intimidate with it and erase pro so looking forward to that!

    Good luck with this!

    I tried Intimidate, but I didn't respond to it as I would have liked. I have used OG Erase and have heard EP's a beast. Sounds like a great stack. Let me know when you got a log going on.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ricroc View Post


    I tried Intimidate, but I didn't respond to it as I would have liked. I have used OG Erase and have heard EP's a beast. Sounds like a great stack. Let me know when you got a log going on.
    Well the intimidate bottles come free with the tropinol XP so that was that settled lol will do! should be up within the next 4-6 weeks. Off on holidays on Tuesday for 2 weeks so will be getting back into things then starting it

  6. Day Eight of Twenty-Five:

    Solid leg workout today. I might need to add more volume, however coming out of the minor injury setback I had, I'm going to gauge this on a workout basis. I felt good today, but damn tired once I was done. I shortened my rest between sets so it made for a nice mini-circuit type routine.

    Last time on TXP, my strength responded quite favorably to my exercising. That's still the case. Nothing to report on the libido, positive disposition, or "surge" of test. This was pretty much the case last time around but given that I got stronger, I did not mind.

    BB Hack Squats: (for speed)
    -2x10x60 (warm-up)

    Really tried to go as fast as I could with strict form. Felt great. I love doing these now. Gonna have to keep these as the main quad exercise until I feel better to get back at squats. Still, I'm glad I discovered these when I did.

    Leg Extension:

    Felt great doing these today. Weight was just right to keep the muscles engaged and allow for higher reps. One minute rest between sets gave me a good sweat and nice burn.


    Getting better at these. Really learning the movement as I go. Can tell the difference in the hammies and in the lower back. It is truly a horizontal maneuver.

    Leg Curls:

    These always try me. Hammies not as pronounced or as strong as I'd like. On the last set, I kept my hips as much on the bench as I could. Gave a great burn on the hammies. Left knee always jacked up, but it's getting there. I can sense it's getting stronger, better.

    Seated Calf Raises:

    Might need to increase the weight next time around. However, I forgot to raise my toes off of some plates to get in a better stretch. Didn't realize this till I had done everything. D'oh!

    Rope Crunches: (via resistance band)

    I've been neglecting abs for some time now. Doing some work to get them to pop out for when I start to lean up in the coming weeks. Took a bit to hit the right form but I got it. Increasing weight next time I do these.

    Leg Raises:

    Yikes! Always a killer but they feel oh so good when I'm done. Will shoot for more reps during each set.

    So far, so good. Recovery is coming along. Not sore during workouts. Getting stronger. Just like TXP to me!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Wilsy7 View Post
    Well the intimidate bottles come free with the tropinol XP so that was that settled lol will do! should be up within the next 4-6 weeks. Off on holidays on Tuesday for 2 weeks so will be getting back into things then starting it
    I hear ya. I bought the same deal. It was a great deal, especially since I wanted to see what all the hubbub was regarding Intimidate. Some have responded favorably to it. Maybe stacking with EP will bring out the best.

  8. Good session for sure! Love training legs

    You working in pounds or kilos?

  9. Pounds

  10. Day Thirteen

    Been a while since I've been on here. Not like me to not update my log. But, back in the rhythm. Didn't workout as I had planned yesterday. Job interview threw my whole day off. Hopefully it will all be worth it.

    Switched up today with how I trained legs. Wanted to go heavy and high reps. It all worked out. Felt good afterwards. Gotta tweak some form here and there, but all around, I enjoyed how today went given how I freestyled it today.


    Those 200's got tricky. Man, that's a lot of weight...for me at this juncture, at least. The following sets after that were considerably light. HAHA. I was going a bit too "fast" on those last ones. I should have probably upped the rep number on the lighter sets.

    BB Hack squats:

    I tried to go up as fast as I could, which given the prior exercise, was not that fast. Still, got in a good burn. Got a bum left knee so sometimes the right quad tries to overcompensate. I need to work on that. Probably more reps with lighter weight to get things in order. Might switch up the sequencing next time around to get that going.

    Rope Crunches: (via resistance band)

    Good, good, good! Enjoyed these. Took a bit to get the right form and feeling down. Need to strengthen the core and abs. It's a start.

    Leg Raises:

    Got rough towards the end. Gonna keep doing these till I'm all Rocky IV status.

    TXP's helping me recover. I think I'm starting to benefit from some a greater positive mood and more self-assuredness. Slowly, but steady.

    Got about two weeks to go. Also, starting to drop some water, as stated on the product write-up. Leaning out just a smidge. Cardio routine, HIIT style, begins next week.

  11. Day Fourteen:

    Sluggish start to the workout. Felt tired as I got home. Needed to take a bit of a rest before attacking. I'm wondering if my pre-workout meal is holding me back some. Will have to gauge that in a few days.

    Still, once I got rolling, it was on! Had good energy from Conquer and was able to blast through some supersets. A different protocol, but my body was yearning for some changes and I wanted to push myself and get in some work in less time.

    Good workout all the way around.

    Bent-Over Rows and Pullups:
    -8x110 and 8
    -8x110 and 8
    -7x110 and 6

    Pullups got harder as the sets went on, obviously, but it hit me harder than I had imagined that it would. Got in a good burn and some nice motion on the rows.

    Rack Pulls and T-Bar rows:
    -10x100 and 10x50
    -12x100 and 12x50

    Got stronger on the rack pulls after the first set. It fried my lower back but that's a weak spot of mine. Took till the next exercise for it to ease up.

    One-Arm DB rows and Pullovers:
    -10x55 and 10x40 (three times)

    Got stretch on the rows and made sure it was all lats on the pullovers. The first set of pullovers really attacked the lower lats and I could feel my left lat stretching more, which is a weak side for me. Good sequence.

    Reverse Curls and Incline DB Curls:
    -9x50 and 10x15
    -9x50 and 10x15
    -9x50 and 8x15

    Fried City! The incline db curls really torched my biceps, especially my left on since that's my weakest arm. Got in a damn good stretch hitting the biceps this way. Reverse curls got tougher. Keep your thumb at the top of the bar really makes you work the arms and targets them just right. Gonna keep this sequence running!

    Hammer Curls and Seated BB Curls:
    -12x15 and 4x50
    -10x15 and 5x50
    -10x15 and 3x50 with 6x30 dropset

    Weak! But, it's all about form and letting the muscle do the work. In the past, I'd go heavy with nothing to show for it, save sloppy form. Now, I'm letting the biceps engage and "lift" the weight rather than just raising my arms. Felt good. Have a starting point from which to move forward.

    TXP's going well. I think 50 days is where you really feel it, though I'm not sure it's in the cards to buy another bottle. Time will tell.

  12. Wow man, totally forgot you were keeping up with this!! Nice!!! Just got back from vacation so I will be back following

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  13. Day Eighteen:

    Didn't get a chance to workout on Friday or Saturday. Spent Friday evening with some friends watching Man of Steel (not good) and afterwards, enduring them drink themselves into a fury. I held firm on only 2 beers. Well, four total if we're splitting hairs, but two were early, doused with food and the latter two, I could have sworn one was after midnight. HAHA! I got home at 2am, so, Saturday was thrown out the way. I could have gotten in some work, maybe should have, but I think I was better of just resting from lack of solid sleep.

    Back at it again and again with back. Trying something different. I like the supersetting and I feel my body is calling for it. Both in terms of intensity and to ramp up and shorten the workout time. Trying to incorporate as many compound movements as I can and keep within a 12-rep range max. My pairings might not be the best, but I did this on the fly today and I was pleased with the results.

    Bent-Over Rows and High Pulls
    -8x110 and 8x60
    -9x110 and 10x60
    -7x110 and 9x60

    I had never done high pulls before, but have been reading it's a great lift to incorporate into one's routine. I feel I got the form down just right, really letting the traps and upper back do all the lifting. 60 pounds was just right and I felt "bigger" after about the second series.

    Rack Pulls and Lat Pulldown via resistance band:
    -10x100 and 15x25
    -12x100 and 9x55
    -10x120 and 14x30
    -12x120 and 11x30

    Took a second to get the right rhythm and form for the pulldown. I like the stretch and resistance I get from the band and since I workout at home, it doubles as my "cabling" system. I tried it with my rope attachment, but didn't get the right stretch I wanted. I switched up to handles and was able to extend better and get in a better range of motion. In the coming weeks, I'll grab a rotating bar to do them straight-armed.

    Pullups and T-Bar Rows:
    -5 wide/5 chins and 10x50
    -4 wide/3 chins and 5x50
    -4 wide/4 chins and 15x35

    Needless to say I losing some strength. Maybe a taxed CNS, but my left shoulder gets weird on me when I do pullups but I'm trying to battle through it, albiet without getting stupid. The second set was not up to par with the rest. I think I should have rested more in between these sets or maybe move this series to the middle. Still, I wanted to get in pullup and chins because to me that's a good test of strength.

    Not bad, not bad, not bad. TXP's helping with the recovery, in addition to eating right and plenty and drinking plenty of water. This is another reason for going hard and heavy, to take advantage of TXP's ability to help me recover. Noticed this the first go-round with it. Just pushing myself and TXP to the limit.

    I hope I'm stupid sore tomorrow! And if not, just means good recovery.

  14. Day Nineteen:

    My goal was to switch things up and hit it hard. Today, I did just that. Arms got so tired, I could barely get through some of my sets, but, I got through them just fine. Just a touch sore from yesterday's workout, but it's an area of the back that needed work and growth. So, mission accomplished.

    Bench Press and Floor DB press:
    -9x150 and 8x35
    -8x150 and 7x35
    -7x150 and 6x35
    -6x100 and 6x25 (drop set)

    Kicked my keister just right. Chest was fried after this and I was barely able to finish the rest of my workout. This is exactly what I needed and glad I was humbled doing this.

    Incline Press and Pushups from the hip:
    -6x100 and 3 (yeah..I know)
    -10x70 and 5
    -12x70 and 5

    Had to lower the weight on the incline. Could barely get some decent numbers on the pushups. Pecs were beginning to fry by this point. Love all the excruciating pain that followed.

    Dips and floor DB press from the hip:
    -7 and 12x25
    -5 and 8x35
    -2 and 8x35

    Burnt out! I think I activated as much fiber and destroyed as much as I could. Now I really hope I'm sore tomorrow.

    TXP's keeping me geared up, prepping me for the heavy and intense workouts and aiding with my nutrition and rest. I sure could run another bottles, that's for sure!

  15. Day Twenty:

    I decided to go for superset to really tax my body and push myself harder than I have in the past several months. Today was leg day and it took a lot out of me, but I got most of what I wanted to accomplish. Legs were swoll and pumped and in fact, they're still tight some 3 hours after the fact.

    Heart was racing fast and that's that I was taking upwards of three minutes in between sets. I better damn well be sore tomorrow. And if not, then I have TXP to blame!

    Squats and Goblet squats:
    -12x125 and 8x25
    -12x125 and 8x25
    -12x125 and 8x25

    Had trouble with the last set but I willed myself, pushing my mind to tell my muscles to finish on through. As for the goblet squats, I tried to power through them with as much force as I could muster, which wasn't much, given that the high reps in squats was already tiring them out. Legs are not my strong suit, but, I killed it today. It was pain and that's the way it should be.

    Hack Squats and Jump Squats:
    -6x100 and 6x25
    -6x100 and 6x25
    -6x100 and 6x25

    I was dead after these. I should have gone lighter on the hack squats and probably will the next time I decide to run this type of sequence again. Didn't jump too high or reach down too low on the way down, but I tried to get up as much as I could to recruit as many fiber as I possibly could.


    Went for the stretch and to get the lower back some better work as well as stretch. The hammies were tightening up on me and given my bad left knee, it was really aggravating my lower back as well.

    Leg raises and incline crunches:
    -10 and 10
    -10 and 10
    -9 and 9

    Was burning on the last set. Abs really got in a good workout and I like doing them as a superset.

    I'm still sore from my chest workout and hopefully I will be so with legs. Tomorrow is arm day, but I still have yet to decide how I'm going to pair my supersets. It's fun, though.

    Will probably do this for another week and then switch it up. Gotta keep the body guessing!

  16. Trying hack squats for the first time today, never even considered them yet all these logs show people doin em!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  17. Same here. Saw that Mack411 was doing them and did a quick search on YouTube. They rock! Have fun!

  18. you are really doing this product justice!!!

    making me take a closer look at getting a bottle....

  19. I had great success the first time I ran it. I would have liked to run two bottles back-to-back. The only downside is, it does bring on some acne, as I am prone to getting some now and then even without it. No worries. Strength feels better. I think with two bottles you'll reap the benefits of the fadogia.

  20. big fan of fadogia...when i-force had fadogia on sale at nutra i bought 5 bottles, unfortunately it is long gone!!!

  21. Glad your enjoying this ill hopefully be starting mine shortly. Pretty excited


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