Alphamine + Erase Pro Log

  1. Alphamine + Erase Pro Log

    So here it is, with some help of the people on the boards, I have decided to run a stack of Alphamine and Erase Pro. This is the first log I've written so stick with me, I'll try and put in as much stuff as I can, as well as pictures/stats/diet info/workout info and all that good stuff. My hopes are that this will kick me through the plateau I've hit while cutting and help to lean/dry me out.

    I'm going to be starting the stack tomorrow and will be dosing as the bottles say. I plan on running it for 30 days if I really like what I'm seeing I might get more and extend it.

    A little before stats and info. I am 5'6, right now 170lbs right around 13% body fat. Chest is 44in, biceps 15in, waist 30in, thighs 22in.
    I'll be following my same workout routine which is 4 days lifting and 2/3 days HIIT/Calisthenics.

    Here is a before picture for starting reference, this is me today
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    I know quality isn't the best, but it was the best I could get by myself.

  2. Subbed.
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  3. Subbed.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Good luck!

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  4. Glad you found the combo you wanted. In for this! Solid start so far.
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  5. Had a crazy busy day today, didn't have time to go to the gym. But I did start taking the stack this morning, I can't say too much energy wise or affect since its only the first day, but I do have to say that the alphamine taste delicious far better than anyone powdered supplement I've tried.

    Tomorrow is a heavy chest day so I will give an update after the gym tomorrow.

    Thanks to those that have subbed already!

  6. Day 2
    So this morning I took the alphamine and erase pro, both before breakfast. Again the taste of the alphamine is just amazing, I could drink this stuff all day long. I still didn't feel or notice much of a difference this morning, but I did take a second scoop of alphamine at around noon and I definitely felt some energy from that one.

    No real noticeable difference yet, but its only the second day so I am not to worried about it.

    Todays diet was very typical
    Oatmeal for breakfast with a banana and walnuts. Mid morning snack apple. Lunch a PBJ with ezekiel bread, organic pb and organic jam also with walnuts and an apple. Pre workout 1 scoop ISO 100 and a scoop of superdrive, post workout 1 scoop of ISO 100. Dinner will be a chicken breast and an ear of corn and yogurt for a late night snack before bed.

    I follow a DTP style workout by Kris Gethin, so todays workout started like I start every workout, a calisthenics warm up comprised of sit ups, push ups and pull ups, the combination changes everyday, but its based around those.

    My actual work out was chest and back today
    Started with Incline Dumbell Press superset with dumbell rows (same weight same reps)
    set 1 25lbs 30 reps
    set 2 30 lbs 20 reps
    set 3 35lbs 10 reps
    set 4 45lbs 5 reps
    set 5 50lbs 5 reps
    Second super set was Flat Dumbell Press and Dumbell Shrug (same weight and reps)
    set 1 70lbs 5 reps
    set 2 60lbs 5 reps
    set 3 50lbs 10 reps
    set 4 40lbs 20 reps
    set 5 30lbs 30 reps

    Thats it for today. I plan on upping the alphamine to the recommended 2 scoops in the morning 1 mid day tomorrow.

  7. I love starting the day off with my Alphamine. I usually go 1.5 scoops upon waking, but 2 is amazing.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    I love starting the day off with my Alphamine. I usually go 1.5 scoops upon waking, but 2 is amazing.
    Been off Alphamine so long, I am going to have to start at .5 scoops probably . But that is about to change real soon.

  9. Day 3
    Down to 168.5 this morning, which is 1.5 pounds since I started, but I fluxuate a lot so it could be normal or just water weight. DID take two scoops of alphamine this morning and one around noon, I felt a little but of appetite suppression today. Can someone who's taken alphamine before tell me if it takes a few days to REALLY kick in, because I was taking dopamite by MHP before and it took a few days to really start feeling it.

    Same as yesterday

    calisthenics warm up and then 20 minutes of HIIT cardio today.

  10. subbed. two of my favorite products. let's do this!

  11. Day 4
    Again this morning I took two scoops of alphamine and my erase pro before breakfast and an additional scoop of alphamine around noon. I could definitely feel more of the appetite suppression today, because I almost forgot to eat my lunch. I haven't changed my diet or workout since I started, but I am starting to feel a little more hardness in certain big muscle groups, most noticeably my pecs, quads and calfs. I am going to assume since nothing else has changed that this is due to the erase pro, at least I hope so because that would be a good sign of whats to come a couple weeks down the line.

    I cycle my diet and have been for a few weeks now. Usually friday and saturday are liquid days with one solid meal.
    Breakfast was 2 scoops of ISO 100
    Snack was 2 scoops of Combat Powder
    Lunch was PBJ just like the other days
    Pre-workout was 1 scoop of ISO 100
    Post-workout was 2 scoops of ISO 100
    Dinner will be 2 scoops of Combat Powder

    Todays Pyramid was Biceps and Triceps
    1 Superset was cable curls and behind the head tricep extensions (same reps and weight)
    Set 1 60lbs x 40 reps
    Set 2 80lbs x 30 reps
    Set 3 100lbs x 20 reps
    Set 4 120lbs x 10 reps
    Set 5 140lbs x 10 reps

    Superset 2 was wide grips barbell curls and tricep bench press (same reps and weight)
    Set 1 75lbs x 10 reps
    Set 2 65lbs x 10 reps
    Set 3 55lbs x 20 reps
    Set 4 45lbs x 30 reps
    Set 5 35lbs x 40 reps

    Ended the workout with 5 sets each 20 reps of hanging leg raises.

  12. Most people report they notice effects from EPro around 7 days, so you are right in that range. The Alphamine is also great for muscle hardening, so that may be having an effect as well.

  13. Day 5
    Just a quick update today. I am really starting to notice the appetite supression from the alphamine, it really a help when dieting. Also I'm starting to notice a little more definition in my abs, I'm hoping that the results stay up cause I'm already thinking about running this stack for a full 8 weeks instead of 4. Anyone have any input or opinion 4 weeks or 8?

  14. If you can, 8 weeks for sure. The results only get better and better, I can promise you that.

  15. Day 6
    Another short post today. Still taking 2 scoops in the mor inv with my erase pro and 1 scoop later in the day. I did 25 minutes of HIIT today, got the chance to hit the gym right after taking my 2 scoops this morning, one of the best cardio sessions I've ever had. I had energy to spare after finishing my cardio, not bloat unlike some pre workouts and I was sweating like an animal, good thermogenics. I'll be taking my second dosage pre workout from now on

  16. Ya tons of people have loved Alpha pre-workout as well. Happy to see some positive experiences with this stack so far.
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  17. Alphamine is great pre-workout. I like to add some Agmatine and Citrulline Malate for some pump.

  18. Day 7
    Today was an interesting day as I changed up my workout. Still sticking with the 2 scoops of alphamine and erase pro in the morning before breakfast. I am liking the 2 scoops in the morning, it wakes me up and is starting to surppress my morning urges for donuts and other delicious things. Also when I weighed myself this morning I was down to 167.4 which means the weight is dropping.

    Breakfast this morning was 1 scoop of ISO 100 and 3 whole eggs 2 scoops alphamine and erase pro
    Mid morning snack was 2 scoops of ISO 100
    Lunch 8oz of tuna with some hot sauce for flavor
    Pre workout 1 scoop of alphamine with a scoop about half the size of the alphamine scoop of citrulline malate
    Post workout 1 scoop of ISO 100
    Dinner 8oz chicken breast
    Late night snack before bed will be 1 scoop of combat powder and a handful of walnuts.

    I am trying out a new circuit workout, upper body today
    20 mins HIIT
    Superset Circuit
    20 pushups
    20 one arm dumbell rows (20 each arm)\
    20 military press
    20 bicep curls
    20 weighted dips
    This circuit is repeated twice
    10 mins on a bike
    Reapeat Circuit twice again, no breaks or breathers.

    So far I am really liking the alphamine & erase pro combo, excited to see what comes in the next few weeks.

  19. Day 11
    Quick update on the stack. I've been super busy in work the past few days so I didn't get a chance to post.
    I am really starting to notice results now, still following 2 scoops of alphamine and erase pro in the morning a 1 scoop of alphamine pre work out.
    My workouts are much more intense than they have been in a while, I am down from 170 day 1 to now 163 on day 11. I have been noticing more vascularity and that dry look in certain areas like my shoulders and back, my abs are a LITTLE more pronounced not much, but I know that that is the last place the fat leaves.

    As I am quickly approaching my ideal weight (155-158 range) I am curious, those that have taken these supps before, if I continued this stack for 8 weeks and on week 5 increased my calories back to maintenance if these two products would help increase my lean muscle mass while keeping bf% the same or continue the erase pro for 8 weeks, but swap the alphamine for anabeta elite at the 4 week point?

  20. I have used Alphamine during my lean bulk/recomps before to great effect. It also serves as a solid pre-workout so sometimes use it only during that time with ABE/EP. Really just depends on what you want to do. For a recomp ABE/EP/Alphamine or any combo of the three can help improve the progress you make.
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