Conquering the gym with iForce! (sponsored)

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  1. Conquering the gym with iForce! (sponsored)

    Conquer Day 1

    Big thanks to Vaughn & the iForce crew! I've been looking forward to trying this one out, so I'm excited to get things underway!

    I may have been a little too excited.. I just got back from our family beach trip last night. Today is my first day back to work the day shift through the weekend. Normally, I'll sleep in on my first day back, just because I don't get to bed early enough. Knowing what I had waiting for me in the kitchen though, I set my alarm for 3am to hit the gym.. Bad mistake.. I didn't get enough sleep last night, & it showed in the gym this morning.

    I took 2 scoops of Conquer about 10 minutes after waking. I was feeling like a zombie. I think this is the first time in about 2 weeks that I had to get up early.. Within about 20-25 minutes, I felt the energy come on. I was looking forward to getting in there & hitting chest hard! Keeping in the back of my head that I didn't get enough sleep, I feel as though I was just going through the motions at the gym this morning. Now, almost 6 hours later, I'm sluggin...

    Wow, what a difference one cup of coffee made!! I got called out to go do some stuff outside so I left this as is. I got back & had one small cup of coffee. Talk about feeling amped now! Interesting...

    As for this morning's workout, the energy, like I said, wasn't really there. The pump was pretty nice though! I did chest, keeping it simple. I supersetted flat & incline bench, about 5x10, followed by 3x15 on the flies. When I was done, I was feeling nice & wide.

    OK, enough for today. Like I said, thanks to iForce for this opportunity! Today didn't go as expected, but it's early, & I have all the faith in the world that I WILL CONQUER the gym!!

  2. In on this . I'm about to bomb my sixth dose and head to the gym niw
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  3. get some sleep, take 2 big scoops tomorrow, and hit it hard!
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  4. Subed.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    get some sleep, take 2 big scoops tomorrow, and hit it hard!
    Roger that!


    I don't think I mentioned it in my first post, but my starting weight was 171.6.. I'm not logging a fat burner or ph, so I won't be documenting my weight unless for some reason I end up dropping or gaining a whole lot during this run.

    So, yesterday, I took Vaughn's advice & got more sleep than the previous night. I think I got about 6.5 hours... Working days, if I want to get to the gym before shift, it's a struggle to get 7 or more hours of sleep. I got up & put 2 good sized scoops into my water. By the way, this stuff tastes great!!! Not too sweet or tart. Perfect fruit punch flavor for a 1 st thing in the morning drink. Within about 20 minutes, I felt the energy start kicking in. By the time I left the house, I was feeling wide open.

    I got to the gym @ 4am & noticed it was nice & empty. LOL, not too many gym goers on Saturday mornings.. I love it that way.

    Yesterday, I hit shoulders. No PR's set, but strength seemed to be right where I left off before my vacation. I've never had strong shoulders, but they seem to respond well to the weight I do use. I worked my way up to the 55's on the db military presses & was feeling a very nice pump. By the time I was through w/ my different sets of lateral raises (front, side & rear), my delts were feeling very tight and looking nice and full!! After that, I moved onto the shrugs. I love shrugs. I usually alternate between db's one week, to bb shrugs the next. Yesterday, was db shrugs. I was feeling great all the way up to my last set, which was the 90's. I've never done more than 100's, but that's when I was on SD a couple years ago. I'll keep my weight manageable, so I don't have to sacrifice form. I hold it for a 1 count when I get it to the top. Anyway, on my last set, I got to the 8 th rep & felt something "pop" in my neck/spinal area... I immediately racked the weights & stopped..

    Yesterday at work was absolutely horrible. I popped 800mg of ibuprofen 3x yesterday & it didn't do a thing for the pain. I was unable to turn my head left or right, or lift it up. It was basically stuck in the looking down position all day long. I iced it last night when I got home & found some relief. Getting up this morning, I noticed it's a little better, so I'm happy about that. I thought for sure, it was going to be worse today... Obviously, I took the day off from the gym today. I'm hoping tomorrow it'll be ok, & I'll get in the gym & do legs. I'll put more ice on it tonight when I get home from work.


    Wow, what a difference an extra 1.5 hours of sleep makes w/ this stuff!!! I actually managed to get some extra sleep Sunday & last night and made it to the gym both yesterday & this morning w/ 2 fulls scoops of CONQUER!! The energy was unbelievable!! Yesterday was arms. I was dying to get in the gym & hit arms to feel the full pump this stuff could deliver. Oh, by the way, the neck is almost back to normal. I can turn my head from left to right again, but not fast & not hard.. So, yesterday, I absolutely demolished my arms.. The pump and vascularity was kick ass!! I got some pics w/ my phone, I'll get them up in a bit. Today, my arms are toast.. My little 3 year old girl wanted me to pick her up earlier today & it hurt like crazy!! I definitely pushed myself harder than I have in quite some time. They're still feeling pretty full.

    This morning, I knew I needed to rest my arms some more, so back was not an option. LEG day it is!! The gym was actually kind a crowded, w/ the exception of the squat rack.. Go figure, right?? lol.. I normally warm up my legs w/ extensions & curls. Both of those were being used. So, instead, I used the empty bar & did 2 sets of 30. After that, my legs were already fully pumped & a nice little vein was showing up in my quads. I decided to stick around the squat rack a while & knocked out 5x25 on the squats.. I was spent after that. Kinda funny, some older dude, w/ not much of a physique, was next to me on the smith machine doing squats. This dude was doing a pretty good amount of weight and making it look easy! I think he did around 4-5 sets of 10-12. I was impressed! Anyway, in between each set of squats, I hit a set of seated calf extensions. After all those, I hit the leg press for 3x25. All of those were w/ my legs close together for a nice quad pump. By now, my legs are shaking as I walked up to the db rack.. Foolishly, I hit 3 sets of lunges w/ 20lb db's. I got 15, 10, 8 on the reps.. Game over...

    Like I mentioned, the energy on this stuff is crazy good!! Slight jitters, but I like that. The focus & drive from Conquer is intense as well.. Yesterday, I made the mistake of having a cup of coffee w/ the wife after I got home from the gym.. I was on overdrive w/ energy! I cut the grass in the front and back yard... 2 times! I did the x-cross patterns in both yards. The wife laughed & rolled her eyes at me. This morning, when I got home, I was trying to scoop some oatmeal in my daughters mouth, & my hand was shaking.. LMAO!! I love this stuff!!!

    I will say this though. About an hour or so after I got home, I started shutting down.. I think I just taxed my CNS & body so much this morning. I haven't hit legs like that in a while. It felt great, I could have done more, but I want to be able to walk tomorrow. I ended up having to take a nap this afternoon. Now, I'm refreshed & ready to go to my boy's t-ball game!!

    Tomorrow will be an off day for me. I'll be working nights tomorrow & Thursday. If I get enough sleep at work tomorrow night, I'll hit the gym on the way home & hit back.

  8. Little late bro, have been working alot! Solid start though, will be following

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  9. Quick update :

    Incredible pump today!! Feeling swole right now. Better update later tonight.



    Great day today! As I stated a little earlier, today's workout was awesome!! Our plant is running rough, so I went home from work this morning & slept instead of going to the gym. I got enough sleep this morning to get up & spend plenty of time w/ the kids and make time for the gym before coming in tonight. I went in w/ intentions of hitting back. When I got there, some cat was on the lat pull downs, so I opted for the seated rows. I figure if there's something else I can be doing, I'm not going to bother someone else's routine & ask to work in w/ them. I hit 2 light sets of warm-ups, & then jumped in head first into the heaviness... OUCH!!! Lower back is now aching & I'm walking hunched over.. LOL!! I'm literally falling apart! I was going to give Conquer a 9/10, but I'm thinking I better reevaluate my rating... Perhaps a 1/10 for making me do things to my body that I otherwise wouldn't do!! LMAO! I'm seriously pushing myself harder than I have in a long time!! Just joking about the 1/10 rating by the way.. The pumps I'm getting are awesome! Literally, after my first warmup set, I was already feeling the blood filling up in my lats. By the time the working sets started, my back and bi's were full, and the vascularity in my arms was in full effect! Hell, I could probably get a pump off of this stuff just by watching someone else workout!! Lol.. The focus & drive it's given me is what's pushing me to the brink of injury! That's all on me. I need to tone it down & remember I'm 41 & not some spring chicken any more. Oh, don't let me forget the energy it's giving. I went in to hit back, & still had more left in the tank, so I hit a quick chest workout too! The combination pump from both chest & back was incredible! I didn't want to leave, but watching the clock, I had to split so I could go home & get ready for work tonight.

    Iforce, you guys nailed this one!!

  11. Damn bro, solid fullness!!

    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Quick update :

    Incredible pump today!! Feeling swole right now. Better update later tonight.

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  12. CONQUER DAY 12

    Each morning, I wake up, ready to go into battle.. Ready to go into the gym & CONQUER my workouts! Lol..

    Working days yesterday & today, so I took yesterday off. This morning, at about 3:15, I was tossing 2 big scoops of a most refreshing, most delicious fruit punch slam into an ice cold

    At first, I was drinking it slow &

    glass of water.

    calm. Shortly after the first couple of sips, I found myself gulping the rest of it down. It's that freaking good! Especially in ice cold water.

    Today was my first day back doing shoulders since I jacked my neck up last week. I went in a little apprehensive, but knew I had a job to do. I'm able to turn my head in both directions, all the way, but it has to be slow, and there's still a knot in my left trap below my neck.

    DB military presses was the beginning of this morning's battle. I worked my way up to the 55's for a nice, strict set of 10 reps. I fried my delts w/ laterals in all directions. Front, side, and rear. The pump was pretty funny actually. I don't normally get a whole lot of a pump in the delts, but this stuff is bringing them out nicely. After that, it was time to hit the shrugs. The exercise that damn near put me out of commission.. Instead of the db shrugs, I opted for the smith machine. I figured it would give me a more strict up & down motion. I played it safe & kept the weight a little lower, getting a real nice squeeze at the top, while holding it for a 2 count. I got 3x12 for shrugs & my traps were almost hitting my ears!! Lol. I felt like Goldberg.. haha!!

    Great endurance, focus, and energy this morning! Loving this stuff..

    Tomorrow, I'll be hitting chest.

  13. That's some sick vascularity in that pic!

    Things are looking good in here. Looks like you're experiencing the same focus effects that everyone else seems to be enjoying. Glad you're noticing a difference in your workouts.
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  14. You work night shift like me, got to love it!

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  15. I work a rotating schedule of days & nights. Every other weekend off. I like having my days off in the middle of the week.

    This morning was chest. I did various presses at all angles until I couldn't press anymore. I finished off w a bunch of cable crossovers.

  16. CONQUER DAY 20

    Sorry about the lack of updates, been hella busy. I haven't missed out on the gym much though, so that's a good thing.

    This powder continues to impress each time I take it! I've already had a hand full of guys at my gym ask what I was taking. It's funny, for all these guys, if *** doesn't have it, they've never heard of it.

    This morning, I actually woke up about 45 min late. Not late for work, but for the gym. I immediately went to the kitchen & chugged down two scoops in some ice cold water. I figured this stuff kicks in fairly quick, so by the time I got to the gym, I'd be ready to roll. I only live about 3-5 minutes from my gym, so I figured it would kick in shortly after I got a couple warm ups in. This morning was arm day. By the time I hit my working sets, I was wound up & focused like a warrior.

    The pump I had about half way through the workout was freaking awesome. Total fullness throughout the arms. My energy was way up and I was 100% focused on each set. Awesome mind/muscle connection. I didn't want to stop, but I had to go clean up for work. Here's this mornings post workout shot.


  17. Looking thick and lean in your pics man! Props to you!

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  18. Looking pumped! Keep up the good work!
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  19. CONQUER DAY 25

    This stuff continues to impress me! Here we are, 25 days into it, & the strength of this stuff still pushes me to the limit in the gym! I'm working nights tonight & tomorrow night. Well, I had planned on getting up earlier this morning (around 4:30), to get my workout in, & then nap during the day for my shift work tonight. Well, the wife decided she wanted to go out this morning for her workout. She's just recently gotten more serious about her fitness, so I'm all about supporting her & her exercise routines. I ain't gonna lie, it was nice sleeping in this morning w/ my boy cuddled up to me.. lol. I knew I'd be able to hit the gym this afternoon anyway.

    I got about a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon & knew if I took the 2 full scoops, there would be no way I'd be able to get my "rest" here at work tonight. For me, if I can get a good 3-4 hours of "rest", I'll hit the gym on my way home. So, I opted for one nicely rounded scoop. Within 20-25 minutes, I was ready to hit it! Knowing that today is everyone's chest day, I decided to start my week off hitting the guns. Over the weekend, I was able to hit shoulders & back. I spent Sat night up in Natchez, MS @ my father-in-laws camp fishing all day both Sat & Sun.. Talk about relaxing!

    The workout this afternoon was fast & furious! It was abnormally warm in the gym, so the sweat I had was ridiculous! I kept my rest periods very short and the rep range for all lifts was 10-12 reps. I love hitting bi's & tri's on the same day. The pump is crazy & it get's me all kinds of looks from others. It's like my arms literally swell up to almost double their size as what they were when I walked in! The one scoop proved to be just perfect for the pump, energy, and focus that I had in the gym today. Nobody, or nothing was going to slow me down on my quest for bigger arms today!

  20. i know exactly what u mean, after doing an arms only day, i usually need to help one of my arms grab the seatbelt since the pump is so huge.


    I've got about another day or two left in the can, but the company 'puters are going to be down for the rest of the weekend as of later tonight. I just can't stand typing more than a text message on my phone. Not enough patience.. lol..

    First off, Huge thanks to the crew/reps of Iforce Nutrition!! You guys are always very generous w/ your logging opportunities, and I'm thankful that I was one of the chosen to try out this product.

    Where do I start? This stuff rocked!!! I think this is the first preworkout I've used that had the perfect balance of stimulants in it. The energy would come on quickly, last a good while, and there was absolutely zero crash off of it. There was also no jitters involved, but the energy it gave was very intense. I made the mistake of drinking a cup of coffee about an hour or so after my dose & paid the price. That gave me full on jitters! It's like Iforce stopped just shy of going overboard on the stims. GREAT WORK!! Along w/ the high energy it gives, I also had a very intense focus each & every time I dosed this. Not once did I get sidetracked in the gym during my workouts. Even when the gym owner decided to change the XM station from Hair Nation to the Pulse! WTF!!?? Who does that?? Funny thing, it also kept me 100% concentrated in church too! My wife said I was just staring at the priest during the homily like I was in a zone or something! Lol.. Yes, honey, I was in the zone..

    The pump was incredible! Every time I hit the gym I had the most amazing pumps and vascularity! The two muscles that don't quite normally get the biggest pump, (delts & quads), also experienced blood swelling pumps! I also noticed that I maintained the pump long after I left the gym also. I've not yet tried the Hemavol, but I'm seriously considering getting another Conquer and getting a tub of Hemavol to run w/it. From what I've seen on the Hemavol, the pumps/strength of these two combined would be off the charts!

    Flavor, like everything else Iforce has put out, was great! Not too sweet, not too tart - just right. I'm a product of the 80's & I've experienced some pretty nasty tasting stuff, so all these new flavors that everyone's come out w/ is great.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what else I could say! I've tried, but I really can't find any fault w/this product. It treated me perfectly in every way. If any of you out there are looking for something different to try for your preworkout, you owe it to yourselves to give this a try.

    Excellent product Iforce!!

  22. Awesome man, glad you enjoyed! If you could if you get time, post this up in the supplement review section also

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  23. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Awesome man, glad you enjoyed! If you could if you get time, post this up in the supplement review section also

    I'll try & do that tomorrow from the home pc.

  24. review has been posted..

    Thanks again! Great stuff!

  25. Sick final review, glad the energy aspect and the pump shined for you....and of course the taste is out of this world.

    Look forward to seeing more work of yours in the future!


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