White Flood Reborn (A classic tweaked)

  1. White Flood Reborn (A classic tweaked)

    Hey guys. I would like to thank Renegade Rows for selecting me as a tester for the new White Flood. I have been using WF since '07, when the only flavor I could get was lemonade. haha I have rode with every version since and was very happy to be picked as a logger. I will try to do this product justice. I tried it for the first time last night and this morning.

    Appearance: Powder was very uniform, no clumps. It was white, with little brown speckles kinda mixed in. I am glad they are doing away with the artificial colors that are involved in so many powders. I also like the new labels for the CL products. Very subdued, not in your face like so many.

    Taste: I received the watermelon flavor. I am not the hugest fan of watermelon. haha I did happen to liken the taste to C4, which for any of you that have tried it, taste is about the best thing going for it. That being said, I always kinda liked the old WF flavors as well. I never had a problem with them. Anyway, 8.5 out of 10.

    Mixability: I have never had a problem with the way any CL product has mixed, and this is no exception. Very few granules left in the bottom.

    Focus: Outstanding focus, which is what I have come to expect. Honestly, with the redo, I kind of expected something to be missing. The focus is still there, which I appreciate the most.

    Energy: The energy once again is a hit with this product. As a nighttime lifter that gets up early to get my older boys ready for school, I can't be wiggin' out at 12, 1 in the morning. I have to be in bed between 10:30 and 11. This is great it is such a smooth and controlled energy. I also tried a scoop this morning because I was dragging *ss at work. It wakes you up during the daytime as well. The best part is there is no crash. You feel smooth, controlled energy. Very versatile product.

    I am currently at work right now. So I am going to cut this piece short and I will continue tonight after my chest workout. Thanks for following.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. glad you enjoyed it thus far
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    glad you enjoyed it thus far
    I am thrilled so far. I was slightly skeptical due to the formula change, but I really like it so far. I will be more in-depth with my initial post when I get home this evening. I couldn't post last night and barely find time at work. Even though I should probably be working haha
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  4. To finish my initial review of the product, I wanted to also highlight the pump and endurance aspect of this product:

    Endurance: Like the version before it, I just wanted to keep going. So far it has made it a bit easier to grind through some of the longer rep sets I do towards the end of my workouts. To be able to want to do more with the focus and the ability to do more because of the endurance increasing aspect is great.

    Pumps: I'll be honest. I never bought the original WF for the pumps. Most of my pumps were workout/food induced pumps. I would say with this product what it does it definitely makes you look fuller before touching a weight. The pump onset is quicker. Versus being 3 or 4 sets in a feeling real pumped, I have been feeling pumped after that first couple of sets. During my leg workout Monday I did 215 for 5 on front squats and already felt a hardness in my legs that normally takes a few sets to reach. Same thing last night when I started my Incline Dumbbell presses. I did 85 for 5 on my first set and already felt a pump in my chest. That was good.

    This evening I will try and get my full back workout posted.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  5. Had a good shoulder workout. Worked up to 60 lb db's for a set of 8 on standing db shoulder press. I did a number of sets on these because I'm having elbow troubles on both arms. I can't do any kind of raises the last couple of weeks because it makes my left arm go numb. Next I went into sets of bb shrugs working up to 315 for 6 using chalk. It's been awhile since I have approached that. Then I did seated db shrugs to get a different feel.

    So far the WF has been great. I have had no need to up my pre workout 1 scoop yet. I am tolerant to stims and for it to have just 225 mg of caffeine it says a lot about the formula for me to not have to move up to a scoop and a half yet. Definitely performing well so far. If you were like me and were skeptical they changed your beloved WF, do yourself a favor and try it. You will not be disappointed. I do not normally lift on Sat and Sun. I may go in tonight depending on the wife's mood. haha Next week I hope to be more in depth. Our computer crashed and my wife constantly needs the lap top for work and such. I am limited in the amount of time I can spend at work getting things done. We are fixing our comp this weekend and a full quad day will be posted Monday night.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  6. Wanted to post Tuesday's quad dominant workout from Tuesday. Normally I have this workout Monday night, but obviously the holiday changed that thought. The one thing I have noticed about this product is that I have not had any inclination to up the scoops so far. I honestly figured that by this point I would be on a scoop and a half. One scoop is still working very well. My schedule at work was changed this week so my workouts will be in the mornings. I actually like mornings better than late in the evening, but what can you do?

    The versatility is very good so far. I can take it in the morning and it gets me ready to go. I can take it at nighttime and still go to bed when I want to. There are not too many products that can state that. Normally it's one or the other. Anyway, here we go.

    Front Squats: 215 x 6, 225 x 4, 225 x 3, 185 x 8, and 155 Olympic style front squats 155 x 10. Decent day. I wanted a little bit more but I was very tired. I was happy with what I got. Aiming for 7 next week with 215.

    Romanian Deadlifts: I have reorganized how I handle my quad day. Normally, I do one hamstring exercise today and do a full complement of hamstring work Friday. The last 3 or 4 weeks though, I have been doing my RDL's second and I have noticed a good difference in my hamstring fullness and burst. So I will continue alternation good mornings and RDL is my second exercise until it is no longer useful.

    Barbell Hack Squats: I hate the hack squat machine. I have long legs and a short torso and the hack squat machine never feels right. When I do this exercise I do them with narrow foot placement and 35lb plates to increase my ROM. worked up to 245 my last set for 6. This exercise taxes my grip and with no chalk available I didn't try anymore weight. I did 4 sets.

    One-legged leg press: I like the individual attention this exercise provides. Plus, if you have put in any time on your legs it saves you from having to hunt down tons of 45's. haha Worked up to 3 plates each side for a set of 12 each leg. 4 sets again.

    Leg extension: A little iso work. 80 lbs. One second pause. 3 second negative. Two sets, one with 12 reps, one with 10. I was going to get in calves, but I had to get to work. I'll post today's workout tonight or tomorrow. Luckily, I keep a log of my own. haha
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  7. I apologize for not getting more posts last week. Even though we only worked 4 days, I still put in 50 hours. Needless to say, I had just enough time to lift and that's it. I wanted to post my Monday quad day and hopefully this evening post last night's workout. On a different note, I am almost out of White Flood. I treated it how I would buy it. I have been drinking it in the morning to replace my Rockstar, Monster, etc. It has been fantastic. I take another scoop at nighttime before I train. I still have not developed a tolerance to the formula. Each and every morning it carries me all the way through until I lift at night. The energy and focus are so outstanding.

    Front Squats: 215 x 5, 215 x 4, 215 x 4 w/belt, 185 x 9, 160 x 11 close stance.

    Romanian DL: 225 x 8, 235 x 6, 235 x 6.

    Barbell Hacksquat: 235 x 8, 245 x 6, 245 x 6, 205 x 11

    Single leg leg press: 2 plates each side x 13, x 13, x 11 each leg

    Leg ext: 90 x 11, 90 x 11, 90 x 10

    Wish it would have been a little bit better, but I didn't sleep very well this weekend 4-5 hours of sleep Fri, Sat, and Sun. So hopefully next week those numbers will improve.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  8. Hey guys. I am getting drilled with hours again this week. We are scheduled 60 hours this week. So I am trying the best I can to get decent workouts in and spend time with my family. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to post each evening I lift as I would like.

    Tuesday's workout:

    Chest: Incline dumbbell bench: 85 x 6, 90 x 4, 70x 8, 60 x 9.
    One arm dumbbell bench: 70 x 7, 70 x 6, 60 x 8
    Reverse grip bench: 165 x 7, 165 x 7, 155 x 8. Normally even as my third exercise, I can do about 20 lbs more each set. I had this weird thing going on where my lower palm feels bruised. I don't know if it has been from concentrating so much on reverse grip bench since my elbows kill me overhand, but it was not awesome.
    Hammer strength upper chest press: 2 plates each side x 8, 2 plates plus 5's x 6, 1 plate each side for 17.

    All in all I was thrilled with this workout due to the hours worked and everything else. White Flood Reborn is still going very strong for me. The focus I get is outstanding. Again, I thought it wasn't going to be as good as the original because it seems like re-dos never are, but this is an outstanding product.
    It's Bea, fcker. Bea Mother****ing Arthur. Dammit........lol

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep


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